Bully Max Review: Side Effects, Before and After

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Of course, good nutrition is the number one and most crucial way of keeping your dog strong and healthy. There is no way your dog will grow strong and develop muscle mass without a proper nutrition and attention. But unlike popular belief, nutrition can sometimes just not be enough. So if you want your dogs to achieve that rock-solid foundation you’ve been thinking of, you might want to try a combination of a healthy, balanced diet and the right, healthy muscle building supplements.

Because even if you’re using the best dog brand out there, truth is there is no dog food that can deliver the complete 100% of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids a dog needs to maintain strength, muscle mass and health.

Think about it – when you feed a dog the same thing every day, even the smallest nutrient deficiency can compound over time and can compromise a dog’s health.

Does Bully Max really work?

One of the most popular muscle building supplements for dogs of this kind, on the market today, are the Bully Max ones. They promise not only to keep your dog looking and feeling good and strong while building more muscle mass, but maintain their health and wellbeing. Keep reading for our Bully Max review and find out what it is, how it works, what the recommended dosage is, and what the benefits and possible side effects are.

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About Bully Max

bully max review

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Basically, Bully Max is a k9 muscle building supplement that keeps your dog healthy. It’s a premium supplement taken as an addition to the dog’s everyday regular diet, that can be used with any K9 (all breeds) over 7 weeks old. The Bully Max supplements are scientifically prepared and approved by vets to attain the dog’s robust growth in muscle mass and size.

Recommended Dosage

The supplements come in the form of ‘pills’ that are mixed with the dog’s food, but they are available also in the form of chewable flavored tablets that are given to dogs like a treat. The preferable part of the day to feed your dog with Bully Max is in the morning by giving it 1 tablet with their first meal of the day, and then 1 tablet at night. Dogs will get great results with 1 tablet per day, but you can give them 2 per day for maximum results.

Here is a little safe dosage cheat-sheet to follow depending on your dog’s weight and health situation:

  • Dogs under 10 pounds should get half a tablet a day
  • Dogs over 10 pounds in weight get 1 or 2 tablets a day
  • Sick or pregnant dogs under 10 pounds should get 1 tablet a day
  • Sick or pregnant dogs over 10 pounds should get 2 tablets a day

How The Bully Max Supplements Work

The essential ingredients, vitamins and minerals in the supplements help in building muscle, they help with muscle recovery and with maintaining a good working immune system that will fight off infections. Besides the key ingredients, all Bully Max supplements come with amino acids, Omega 6 and Omega3 acids and minerals. Also, Bully Max supplements don’t contain any Creatine or Steroids and are free from trans-fat, sucrose, corn syrup and other artificial flavors and chemical preservatives.

Bully Max supplements contain no unsafe ingredients whatsoever. They are ideally balanced and, among other more obvious and key benefits, will increase the dog’s appetite and will sharpen their vision. They are very well known to prevent skin problems like dry skin, and to nourish the dog’s bones, which is crucial for robust growths.

List Of Benefits

Yes, this is what it promises to do, and that’s great. But the next logical question is – Does bully max really work? And if it does work, how exactly?

There’s a really long list of benefits with the Bully Max supplements, of course starting with the most important and basic facts that they work great with size building, muscle development and health development. Which are the primary reason dog owners have been buying it.

Most of the benefits start showing in the early stage of the supplement intake and a before and after difference is easy to make. Here’s a longer list of the benefits of using Bully Max:

  • Better muscle development
  • Raise dog’s immune system to fight infections
  • Accelerate recovery time
  • Better endurance for all dogs
  • Much better strength and overall health
  • Improved vision
  • Better metabolism
  • Better bone growth
  • Better coat and skin health – less shedding and more shine
  • Bone nourishment
  • Better oxygen delivery

Bully Max Side Effects

This is probably the best part – when’s the last time you’ve heard of anything that brings you or your dog so many crucial benefits and no side effects? Well that’s exactly the best part (after the benefits) about the Bully Max supplements is that they have zero negative side effects! They are formulated by veterinarians and meet all FDA and AAFCO standards for safety and quality, and have never shown any negative effects on dog’s looks, strength and health.


Not all dog owners are pro-supplements, just like not all people are. Of course, it depends on taste and opinion. But if you were looking for the right supplements for your dog, Bully Max is a great choice with the never-ending list of benefits and no side effects.

Now you basically know pretty much all you need to know about the perks and different benefits of using the Bully Max benefits. The only question you need to ask next is – Where can I buy Bully Max supplements? Also have you tried Bully max? If yes I would love to here about it in the comments below.

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