Can Cats Have Honey? Things To Note

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(Last Updated On: May 20, 2023)

A lot of people will use honey as a nice sweet treat, and some will use it as a medicine as well. Is honey good for sick cats? You’ll find the answer below. You may be wondering if it is okay to give to your cat. Honey isn’t considered toxic to give to cats, but it isn’t necessarily recommended either.

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Can Cats Have Honey?

The most basic answer to this is that it is your choice to give your cat honey. You’ll need to consider the possible benefits and possible risks before giving your cat honey.

Type of Honey

If you are going to give your cat honey, you should make sure it is raw honey. Raw local honey is going to be the most pure that you can find. You can usually buy some at a local outdoor market in the summer.

You could typically find it in a whole food store as well. You may be wondering, can cats eat Mānuka honey? As long as it’s not processed, it’s safer.

Once honey is processed, it can lose some of its beneficial properties. Is Mānuka honey safe for cats? Well, no cat really needs to have honey. Honey can be safe for cats, if given properly and in moderation. But there is no necessity to give your cat honey.

Even humans should only really eat raw local honey. Once honey is processed, it loses some of its antioxidants and antibacterial properties due to the heating during processing.

Possible Benefits


Some people will use honey to help with allergies. Raw honey contains pollen that can help battle allergies. It may help with your cat too. Honey can be used for cats with allergies. If your cat shows signs of allergies, you should speak with your vet about it. You should never try to diagnose your pet yourself.

Boost Immunity

Because raw honey is loaded with antibacterial ingredients, it may help boost the immunity of your cat. When giving your cat honey, you should always watch for any bad reactions.

Stomach Ache/Loss of Appetite

If your cat seems to have lost their appetite or have a stomach ache, honey may be able to help them. It can help soothe their stomach or make their cat food taste a little better. This won’t always work since cats are known for being picky eaters.

Possible Risks

Allergic Reactions

With anything that you may give to your cats, you run the risk of them having an allergic reaction. If you notice a reaction after giving your cat honey, you should seek medical attention for them immediately.

Digestive Issues

Humans can have a hard time digesting honey, and cats are no different. They have a smaller digestive system than we do, and it works faster than ours as well. Your cat may have problems digesting honey.

Sugar Content

While honey is full of natural sugars, it can be a lot of sugar for your cat. If your cat is a diabetic, honey can be very dangerous for them. The sugar in honey can cause a serious spike in their insulin levels, especially if you give them a lot of honey.

Vulnerable Cats

Along with the sugar content, there is also a lot of calories in it. All of the calories make it not very ideal for overweight cats. They can easily put on weight if you give them a lot of honey. Young cats and small kittens shouldn’t have honey either. Their digestive and immune systems are still growing and maturing.

Some honey can contain a bacteria that can be harmful in both cats and humans

Questions You May Have

What if My Cat Begs?

Cats are curious by nature. That’s why they are always around when you are doing something. They want to know about new things. It’s a good quality about cats. Sometimes it may seem like your cat is begging you for food. Your cat doesn’t need any human food, but you could let them lick a spoon with a small amount of honey.

Next you may be wondering, why does my cat like honey? Probably because it is sweet and new. But your cat may not like honey, most cats are very picky about what they eat.

What About Honey Flavored Food?

Can cats eat honey nut Cheerios? Technically, yes. But you should feed them actual cat treats instead. Cat food and treats are made specifically for a cats digestive system.

How Can I Safely Give My Cat Honey?

If you are planning on giving your cat honey, there are some safety measures you should take. You should start with a very small amount, to monitor and control any reactions.

Honey is very thick, so you should give it to your cat in a special way. You can dilute some honey with water and place it on top of their food. You could also give it to them using a small dropper as well.

What if My Cat Has a Sore Throat?

While a sore throat and cold may be cured for humans by using honey, the same can’t always be done for a cat. Cats can have a hard time swallowing honey because it is so thick.

If your cat has a sore throat, they can usually work it out on their own. Also, you can always give them wet cat food to make it easier for them to eat. You could also cuddle with them and comfort them when they are sick.


The bottom line is that your cat doesn’t actually need honey. They don’t need any food or products that are made for humans. Human foods and products aren’t made for a cat’s body or organs. If you think that your cat is sick, you should take them to a vet for a proper diagnosis. If you want to give your cat honey, you should consider speaking with your vet beforehand.

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