Can Dogs Eat Fruits? What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? [Infographic]

fruits dogs can eat
(Last Updated On: January 9, 2019)

When it comes to food and nutrition, the quote “You are what you eat” often applies to us. Indulging in unhealthy junk food too often can leave long lasting effects on our bodies. In the same way, we want to make sure that we feed our dogs healthy, wholesome foods for their health. Fruits are a common daily staple in our kitchen and before sharing some with their dogs, some dog owners might wonder “Can Dogs Eat Fruits?” “What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?” 

The short answer is simple. Yes, your dog can eat and benefit from fruits. However, a lot of attention needs to be paid to how different fruits are eaten. Be mindful that dogs cannot eat every kind of fruit as some are dangerous to their health and well being.

In this article, we cover the fruits dogs can eat as well as the ones they can’t eat. We also have an adorable infographic at the end that you can pin on Pinterest for further reference or share.

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Fruits Dogs Can Eat

Can Dogs Eat Apples? Yes!

However, the seeds are dangerous and contain cyanide so make sure you remove them first. Also, don’t feed your dog the apple core. Apples contain a lot of calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and soluble fibre. It’s full of goodness for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Apricot? Sure!

However, be sure to remove the pit! Especially if you have a small dog, the pit can cause its intestines to be blocked. Apricot pits also contain cyanide. If you ever find that your dog has accidentally consumed apricot pit, make sure you get your dog immediate medical attention as it could go into cardiac arrest or coma causing death.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? You bet!

Your dog will also enjoy the natural sweetness and benefit from the fibre. Moderation is key though. Too many oranges can mean too much sugar. Did you know that the citric acid in oranges do not affect dogs but can be a problem for some cats?

Can Dogs Eat Pear? Yes.

But remember to remove the seeds which contain cyanide. Pears are actually very healthy and nutritious for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Yes.

It is not only safe but extremely nutritious and tasty! Your dog can also eat the pineapple core which tends to be harder and not as favored by people. Pineapple enhances your dog’s digestion and contains a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and fructose​.

​Fruits Dogs Can’t Eat

Can Dogs Eat Grapes & Raisins? No.

Grapes and raisins are considered toxic and dangerous for dogs. It is not exactly known what causes the toxicity in them. However, definitely keep your dogs away from them as even a small amount have been known to be fatal. Health effects may include kidney failure.

Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Much Debated But Many Recommend Not To.

​The avocado pit can cause obstruction if ingested. It is not technically toxic. However, many sources recommend that dogs stay away from them due to potential stomach upset. Avocado leaves, seeds and bark also contain a toxic called Persin. It is also worth to note that the ASPCA lists avocados on their list of foods that are dangerous for dogs.

 ​Can Dogs Eat Apple Core? No.

As mentioned above, apple cores contain cyanide which is toxic. Similarly, plums, peaches, pears and apricot cores also contain cyanide. Dogs might suffer from dizziness, breathing difficulties, seizures, hyperventilation, shock or even coma.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries? No.

Besides intestinal obstruction, the plant and pit are toxic to dogs. ​Only the flesh can be fed to dogs. It is not considered highly poisonous but given the amount of preparation needed, the flesh of cherries are more of a treat than an everyday food.

Can Dogs Eat Currant? No.

Currants are grouped in the same category as grapes and raisins so definitely keep your dogs away. Their level of toxicity is moderate to severe and even a small amount can cause acute kidney failure.​

​We have put these important information in an infographic! Be sure to pin it to your Pinterest board and share for easy reference. 

can dogs eat fruit infographic

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The next time someone asks “Can dogs eat fruits?” or wonders what fruits can dogs eat… you’ll have this useful infographic on hand!

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