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canidae cat food reviews
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

As a fellow pet-owner, I understand how hard it can be to select the right food for your furry companion. Some of our canine friends are picky, some have sensitive stomachs, and sometimes you just want to treat them to something extra-special. There are so many brands of cat food available (read my full guide on all the top rated cat food brands) that it can be difficult to choose a product. This article will focus on Canidae cat food, a premium cat food that has products for you even if you’re working within a tight budget!

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An Introduction to the Canidae Brand

​The Canidae Brand has several different products available to choose from. These include the following lines: Canidae Grain Free PURE, Canidae Life Stages, and Equidae. In addition, a new, low-cost line — Canidae Under the Sun — is soon to be released. Each line of product has wet food, dry food, and treats available. The company focusses on using real, recognizable ingredients in their cat food, and ensuring that your cat receives all the nutrition necessary to live a healthy life.

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​Who Makes Canidae Cat Food?

John Gordon and Scott Whipple are the co-founders of Canidae Natural Pet Food Company, and although the company has been around for over 20 years now, they still maintain a small company size. They have aimed to fill a specific niche in the pet food industry: they serve those consumers who frequent specialty pet food stores and who are in the market for specialty diet food for their pets. Canidae supports family-owned businesses as much as possible. The company has their own facility in Brownwood Texas, and produces their pet food in small batches to maintain quality. The company really does use whole ingredients for their food (instead of wheat and corn fillers), showing that they truly care about animal wellness.

​Canidae Dry Cat Food

​About this Product

​Canidae Life Stages Dry Cat Food is a product geared at customers with multiple cat companions. Since it has the appropriate nutrient balance for cats at any age, it allows owners to purchase a single bag of food, even if they have kittens, middle-aged, and senior cats all living together. It aims to make mealtimes easier on owners, reducing the stress of measuring out multiple foods and ensuring the correct food finds its way to the cat it is supposed to!

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  • This formula contains probiotics, which will support gut health and digestion in your cat. In addition, it contains appropriate ratios of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which will help your cat’s skin and hair health.
  • For the quality of this cat food, it is considered well-priced by most customers.
  • Some even reported an improved demeanor in their cats after feeding them this cat food, and a significant improvement in the appearance of their coats.
  • This cat food is also good for cats with sensitive stomachs.



  • Some cats who are particularly picky may turn their noses up at this line of cat food. In addition, several customers reported that sometime in 2013, the company seems to have changed the formula and shape of this food, and their cats would no longer eat it.


This product contains chicken meal, lamb meal, fish meal, and turkey meal, delivering a high protein content in its formula. In addition, it contains other nutrient-dense ingredients such as brown rice, cranberries, and peas. Canidae Life Stages Dry Cat Food is made with ingredients that are free of antibiotics, wheat and soy fillers, hormones, and artificial flavours and colours.

​Canidae Grain Free

​About this Product

​Canidae Grain Free Pure Cat Food caters to pets with especially sensitive constitutions or who are picky eaters. It contains only 7-10 whole ingredients, and the focus is on having a great taste. This cat food is marketed to owners who are concerned about their cats receiving optimal nutrition without the adverse effects that grains can have on the digestive tracts of some cats.

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  • Customers with cats with very sensitive digestions who had suffered gut trauma in the past found that this was the only food that allowed their cats to remain healthy.
  • Other customers found that the appearance of their cats’ coats improved significantly when they were on this diet.
  • Some cats who are very ill may also be allergic to grain, and switching to this cat formula could potentially add years to their life.



  • Even though this food is marketed as being super tasty, many cats may still avoid eating the food due to its taste. This is something to be aware of if you are considering trying out this food, and it may not depend simply on whether your cat is a picky eater; non-picky cats were also averse to eating this food.


There are different formulas available, but each is made with either fresh meat or fish, as well as other whole ingredients that include sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, and chickpeas. This formula is grain-free and, in particular, does not include any grain, wheat, or soy.

Customer Reviews

Lynn commented that while it was inconvenient that she was unable to purchase Canidae brand cat food from wholesale pet stores, she was easily able to order the food online for a reasonable price.

Another reviewer from the United States reported that her two feral rescue cats — both of whom had significant digestive health issues — were healthiest when eating Canidae cat food. Even though many customers reported that their cats were not keen on eating this more nutrient-dense food, but Sunho K. got around this problem by mixing it in with a regular bag of cat food. Her cats were able to enjoy their food, while still getting the extra nutrient value that Canidae offers.


This review has focussed on two lines of Canidae cat food brand, giving you highlights of their pros and cons, as well as the ingredients they include. Hopefully this review has helped you make a decision about what cat food you may choose to support your pet’s best health, and has reduced the amount of time you will need to spend researching this issue!

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  • JJ says:

    I use the wet grain free high protein. It does not contain carageenin, like other companies, known to cause IBS in cats. My senior cats like this food. They do very well on it.

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