Cat Dragging Butt

The cat is scooting, anal scooting or butt dragging are all different terms for the same cat behavior – cat dragging butt across the floor or carpet. This behavior may look funny and entertaining at first, but it’s a sign of something bigger and is a cause of concern for all cat owners. When your cat is doing this, she is not trying to be funny or annoy you, but in this way, she is trying to decrease the itching or the pressure she feels in her behind. Every change in your pet’s behavior is a sign that something could be wrong and you should pay attention to it and try to see what’s wrong and what you can do to help.

Why do they do that?

Cat dragging is somewhat rare in cats, but when it happens, it’s always a sign of some irritation or soreness around the anal region. Behaving this way is their attempt to relieve the soreness or discomfort they feel in their anal region. When your cat drags its behind on the floor, she is trying to relieve some itchiness that could be on the surface of her body, or somewhere in her inside. It could be a sign of a simple lack of fibers in their food, itching cling-on – a lump of cat hair curled in a knot that’s causing the itchiness, or, in worst cases, a sign of rectal cancer.

What causes it?

There are various things why your cat might be dragging her butt over the floor. Some might be serious, and some might be harmless. So, here are some things that might make your cat drag her behind on your favorite carpet.

  • Lack of fiber in their diet – if your cat eats too little fiber she might get constipated. Her stool will become too hard, and her butt will be irritated after pooping. Best thing to do is to contact your vet and to change their diet.
  • Irritated Anal Gland – if you notice that your cat is often licking her bottom or if she’s scooting, chances are her anal glands are irritated or excessively full, infected or she might have rectal cancer.
  • Diarrhea – your cat might have diarrhea for many different reasons. Diarrhea can irritate her bottom, and she might seek relief in scooting.
  • Dingleberries – Dingleberries are little pieces of poop that get stuck in your cat’s hair. This especially happens with long-haired cats. If this is the case with your cat, you should trim the hairs around your cat’s bottom to prevent this from happening.

What should you do?

The most important thing is not to panic. Don’t assume the worst. Just because you once saw your kitty drag her bottom on the living room floor doesn’t mean that she has cancer. Also, don’t panic and take her to vet the same minute you see this. Veterinarians often have to deal with more serious problems with other animals and taking away their time just because your kitty had an itchy bottom is not a good thing to do. Keep track of her pooping habits and check her stool when cleaning the litterbox. If this behavior keeps repeating after several days, contact your vet and schedule a meeting. Cats can do this kind of thing for no reason at all, so it is important not to panic. Even once you realize that your cat is repeating this kind of behavior, stay calm. This condition is usually caused by really simple problems which can be solved with simple solutions such as antibiotics, change of diet, and hair trimming.


Butt dragging could be a one-time funny little gimmick that your cat does without any special meaning. However, if your cat does this gimmick a little too often, it might not be a gimmick. The best thing you can do is to contact your vet and schedule a meeting.

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