Cat or Kitten Winking: What Does It Mean Exactly?

Felines are highly independent animals which differentiate them from the dogs. Even though they are small, cats are capable of defending themselves from much bigger attackers; they are predators, they hunt both for food and for fun, they are great at hiding and running and are great animals.

But what about communication between humans and cats? Everybody knows that purring means that a feline is at ease, even though it can mean numerous other things. Did you ever think about the facial expressions of your feline? What does it mean if your kitty blinks one eye at you? Both eyes? Today we will talk about the kitten winking and the true meaning behind it.

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What Does My Cat Winking Mean? Do Felines Wink Intentionally?


Felines communicate with their meowing, purring and body language. People often say that felines are “reserved” because they aren’t affectionate as much as dogs, but that’s not the truth. Every animal is different, and you won’t find two felines that are completely alike. Even though every kitty is different, when they wink at you, they all mean the same thing – they love you.

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Direct Eye Contact

Direct eye contact in the animal kingdom is a little more complex form of communication. When two felines meet, they will often avoid eye contact. For them, an eye contact is a way of challenging or threatening another. When a feline wants to show that she is calm and friendly toward another feline, there won’t be direct eye contact between them, and that is because it doesn’t want the other feline to flee or to provoke her into the aggressive state. So what does it mean when felines look at each other or at you, blink, and then break eye contact?

Slow Wink

If a kitty is not feeling threatened by you or another feline, it will make direct eye contact, a slow blink and then it may look away. When this occurs, that means that your feline is not feeling fearful of or threatened by you. Also, when your feline slowly winks at you, this usually means that it is receptive and ready for even more interaction between the two of you. You will notice this by doing these next steps:

– Slowly extend your finger towards the feline
– Wait for a moment, if she’s interested she will come and sniff it
– If it starts rubbing her head and face on your finger, she is ready for more petting

If there’s no wink, refrain from approaching it since she may feel threatened and could most likely flee. Even if it blinks it may not necessarily mean that it is ready for any physical contact with you, it’s still a good indicator though that everything is alright.

What About Kittens Doing A Slow Blink?

Well your kitten is just a baby feline so if it winks at you, it still means the same thing as when an older feline does it. In the wild, big cats such as lions who live in larger groups use blinking as a “tool” to show other cats that everything is under control and that they are relaxed, contempt, and happy. Even though your kitten is much smaller than a full-grown lion, they are more alike than you think.

When your kitten winks at you or if she looks at you with its eyes half closed, it means that your kitten loves you! Many owners mistake it as a sign that their kitten is sleepy, while in reality, they are trying to show you that they are completely at peace while you are near them. Kittens are more playful, adventurous, brave, and affectionate than older felines which mean that they will want to spend their time with you and other kitties.

If you have a kitten, go ahead and observe its behavior when around you and other family members. You will notice that your kitten is slowly blinking while looking at you and that is the best sign a feline can show you they are contempt, happy and relaxed with there environment.

IMPORTANT: if your kitty has any problem with keeping her eyes open or if you notice any discharge around the eyes, there is a chance that your pet might have an eye infection and you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

You might ask yourself if felines wink intentionally and the answer is that they are almost always doing it with the full intention of showing you that they are calm, relaxed and that you can advance with your petting intentions. Everyone who has a feline knows that receiving attention from it is not something that happens that often as compared with dogs. Felines are selective, but once they fall in love with you, they won’t be able to live without you.

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