The Ultimate Best Cat Muzzle Guide: Grooming and More!

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Cats are usually calm and peaceful pets and they rarely bother anyone with violence. But they do tend to exhibit aggressive behavior such as scratching and clawing when placed in situations that they perceive as dangerous (i.e. getting injected at the vet).

This is where a cat muzzle for biting is helpful in protecting owners, vets and your furniture from harm.

What You Should Know About Cat Muzzles

They are designed for grooming are commonly used to protect vets or groomers from being clawed by cats and this often happens when they’re in pain or while receiving treatment. There are also commercially produced ones that you can use at home to temporarily calm your kitty down, when they’re being aggressive due to pain or an upsetting incident.

Granted, putting anything on a cat is very difficult because they’re good at clawing stuff off their face. It’s better to get ones that cover the eyes and the mouth.

What You Should Consider

As with any purchase, price and quality are king. But getting one for your kitty is a pretty simple process. Just remember:

  • That they come in different sizes and makes,
  • Some are adjustable and some aren’t
  • The more effective ones can cover both the eyes and the mouth. This is a great feature for feline groomers or when you want to prevent your pet from biting at your furniture.

If you take these points and your unique situation into consideration while shopping for one, you should be able to find the perfect fit for your feline friend.

The Ideal Cat Muzzle For Biting and Grooming?

Look for the following features:

  • A visible hole on the nose area to ensure oxygen flow. Just make sure that your feline’s nostrils are visible through the hole
  • The most comfortable material is the machine washable nylon
  • Again, ones that cover the eyes seem to work well so it’s advisable to go with that one.

4 Best Cat Muzzles To Try

Guardian Gear Nylon

Check price and more details here

This is one of the most ideal cat muzzles on the market for pet owners and groomers alike. Made from nylon with velcro straps, it can fit felines from 7lbs to over 12lbs.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Thanks to the adjustable straps and the durable materials, it’ll be really difficult for your pet to remove
– It covers the mouth AND the eyes, which makes it a soothing option
– Prevents your pet from pawing or escaping during grooming

Keep In Mind:
– Your feline may not be crazy about being rendered temporarily blind
– This usually works great on domesticated pets, to it’s better to try a stronger one when bathing or grooming strays or wilder pets

Feline Grooming Bag with Muzzle

Check price and more details here

This company has gone ahead and taken a different approach, by introducing a bag that makes it easy to handle your pet by accommodating all the problem areas in the body. The bag comes with two zippers at the front for front paw access and three zippers at the back for the hind legs and tail section. It’s made from heavy duty polyester with mesh detail which makes it ideal for trouble free bathtime. A good cat muzzle for meowing.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The mesh like material on the inside makes it easy to bath and dry kitty with the bag on
– It can fit large sizes
– Ideal for cat nail clipping and other grooming routines

Keep In Mind:
– Its claws may get stuck into the mesh like material on the inside which can get irritating for both of you.
– On the downside, the muzzle part of this contraption tends to move around a lot which makes it frustrating

PetEdge Soft Restraint

Check price and more details here

I’ll admit this is a pretty stylish one. I love the purple color which I think is very calming to the animals. But other than the aesthetic appeal of it this is a fairly decent product. The unique design makes it easy to put on and it won’t obstruct your pet’s field of vision.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The unique plastic design prevents any biting and makes it easy to groom or medicate pesky pets
– It comes with adjustable velcro straps so the neck section doesn’t strangle bigger kitties and they make sure that it doesn’t come off

Keep In Mind:
– The unfamiliar clam shape design can take some time to manoeuvre
– If you’re on a budget then this may be pricey for you
– This cat muzzle with eye holes doesn’t hide the eyes
– The plastic material may also be no match for bigger cats as they might be able to shake it off.

Downtown Pets Grooming 12 Pack

Check price and more details here

Now this is a great deal if you have more than one pet. Instead of buying duplicate cat muzzle for meowing, you can just buy this set and get value for your money. These are made from durable materials and constructed with traditional features like adjustable straps.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The variety of sizes provides great value for money
– They’re made from durable nylon which is scratch resistant to a degree

Keep In Mind:
– The clips are quite weak and the adjustable straps don’t fit around larger pets
– Not ideal for really wild or large sizes


We hope this cat muzzle for biting guide has helped you to pick out the most ideal option. They’re also great for grooming. Although you may not be comfortable with using these in the beginning, remember that it’s only temporary. And we’ve picked out the top ones and laid out the pros and cons so you can make your choice. In the end, you’ll both get to enjoy the benefits of grooming and treatment that muzzles allow you to experience. Read my auto litter box and ceramic pet fountain guide

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