Cat Restraint Bag Review: Top 5 To Buy

comfort bag for kitten
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

As a proud cat owner you’ve probably already experienced a situation when you needed to keep your cat still in order (to give it medication) and you just gave up after 3 hours of trying. Well now you can say goodbye to those long struggles, because this is exactly what cat restraint bags (or cat comfort sacks) are made for.

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What is it?

A cat sack will be of huge help next time when you need to give your cat medication, trim your cat’s nails or force-feed a non-eating kitty, it will keep your cat restrained safely, without harming him. Basically, if you’ve never heard of cat sacks before, they’re simple zipper devices that have room for your cat’s legs and a hold for his head.

Most of the cat comfort bags are made of thick canvas. Usually, it will come with a hook at the neck opening that will allow you to secure the sack around your cat’s neck. There is a big zipper at the bottom and smaller holes placed near your cat’s legs, closed also with a zipper or with velcro fasteners.

Why Use a Cat Restraint Sack?

Regardless the reason, cats just hate holding still. This makes it nearly impossible to give them medication, brush their teeth or trim their nails. And it turns out that the more you try, the more force you apply, the harder your cat will struggle. By using a simple device like this, you will not only save time and energy by avoiding all the endless struggles, but you’ll also make sure that none of you gets harmed in the process by your cat’s sharp claws and teeth.

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A cat sacl will allow you to safely restrain all (or some) of your cat’s legs. Once your cat is fully restrained, his legs will be kept in safely, and only his head will stick out of a hole. But if you do need some of your cat’s legs, let’s say for grooming, you can always unzip the small holes on the sides, and let one or more of your cat’s leg out.

How to Use It?

In order to place your cat in one, start by hanging it from his neck and by fastening the hole for the head tight enough so he can’t pull a leg through it. Just be careful not to fasten it too tight and strangle your cat. You can check this by sliding your finger between the bag and your cat’s neck, there should be just enough space for your finger to slide.

Next, turn your cat around, place him upside down and hold him on his back while closing up the main, long zipper passing by your cat’s belly. Just be careful not to catch any fur with the zipper.

One other way to restrain your cat is by first putting down the sack, placing your cat at the middle (so the main zipper will cross his back instead of belly), pulling the sides around him, putting his tail in gently and finally by ending the process by fastening the hole for the neck.

Top 5 Feline Restraint Bags To Try

Cat In The Bag Comfort Carrier

Check price and more details here

This cozy comfort carrier is really roomy and available in 3 different sizes. It is made of tightly woven, breathable 100% cotton, that manages to resist all scratching and snags. It comes with a velcro-adjustable collar, which makes it suitable for all neck sizes and a handle placed on the back of the bag that can be used as a shoulder-strap or a seat belt pass-through. This is a wide design that will keep your cat safe while allowing him to stretch, sit, stand and move in any position.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’ really soft, made of 100% cotton
– Really comfortable for the cat
– Comes in 3 different sizes
– Velcro adjustable collar
– Handle on the back can be used as a shoulder-strap or a seat belt pass-through
– Easy to use
– Zipper works great

Keep In Mind:
– Large size
– Some cats just don’t like it
– Some cats can even figure out how to walk while in it

The Cat Sack


Check price and more details here

This is a blue nylon bag, that features a quick-close collar, a two-way main zipper for front or rear access, an additional underside zipper for easier rear leg access, and two zippered front paw openings. It also comes with a quick close zipper flap and pull-tab that provide for quick, fur-free application. It’s available in two sizes – medium and large.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Very easy to use
– Zippers work great
– Comes in 2 different sizes
– Really well made

Keep In Mind:
– The size guides are not so good, so if you think your cat is medium, you better get the large one.

Downtown Pet Supply

Check price and more details here

This also comes in two sizes – Large and Medium. It’s made of 100% heavy-duty black polyester, with large rubber mesh inserts to let water in and drain out when used for bathing. It comes with two front zippers for the front paws and three rear zippers.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Comes in two different sizes
– Very well made
– Great for all situations
– Really good for bathing your cat
– Comes with a free muzzle included

Keep In Mind:
– Gets some time to learn how to use it
– Cats claws get stuck in the mesh

Top Performance

Check price and more details here

This is simply the perfect tool when it comes to bathing and grooming cats. It’s constructed of heavy-duty black polyester with large rubber mesh inserts to let water in and out when bathing. It comes with a velcro collar at the head opening, that provides a secure fit. The three rear zippers allow access to rear paws and hindquarters. It also comes with two carrying handles and a convenient hanging hook.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Comes in 3 sizes
– Amazing for trimming and bathing cats
– Rubber mesh lets water in and out
– Velcro collar at the head opening for secure fit
– Comes with two carrying handles
– Comes with a hanging hook
– Good for carrying

Keep In Mind:
– Velcro neck strap doesn’t stay closed
– Cats with long fur might get their fur caught in the zippers
– Size labeling is not good, so if you need a small one, purchase the medium one


Believe me, investing in a cat restraint bag is so worth it. You will always find something to use it for – when trimming your cat’s nails, giving your cat medication or even force-feeding a small non-eating kitty. It’s unbelievable how much help it will be, and how much time, energy and stress you’ll save by using it.

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