Catlink vs Litter Robot Comparison

catlink vs litter robot
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Nobody likes to have to empty the litter box. The odors can be overpowering and it’s such a hassle, especially when it’s a regular chore. This is where self-cleaning litter boxes really come in handy and I haven’t looked back since!

Both Catlink and Litter-Robot 4 are popular brands and do the job well. However, what are their essential differences, and how should you choose between them?

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Catlink VS Litter-Robot At A Glance

Let’s compare them quickly to give you a brief idea of where both stand. First, you should know that Litter-Robot only has one setting whereas you get 3 to choose from with the Catlink. The Catlink has a unique screwless design and is priced cheaper. With Litter-Robot, you can expect the best in automatic litter box tech! But you can also expect to pay for it!

Side By Side Comparison

Size of the Litter Box

One of the most important aspects cat owners consider before getting a new litter box is the size. Compared to a regular litter box, the Catlink and the Litter-Robot are significantly way bigger than the norm. 

Regardless, the size between the two is notably different. Starting with the Litter-Robot, it is 29.5 inches tall. It has a length of 27 inches and a width of 24.25 inches. 

On the other hand, the Catlink stands at 27.95 inches off the ground. From left to right as well as front to back, it is an equal 23.6 inches.

From the numbers above, it shows that the Litter-Robot is clearly the bigger of the two. A larger litter box would be more advantageous for a larger cat, but it would also be more difficult to accommodate space-wise. 

Design of the Litter Box

Many people consider aesthetics as the primary trait to look out for. Fortunately, the Catlink and the Litter-Robot are relatively aesthetically pleasing models. 

Compared to regular litter boxes, the Catlink and the Litter-Robot definitely look different. The two would be comparable to what a cat expects a spaceship to look like. While the Catlink looks like a sci-fi pod of some sort, the Litter-Robot looks way more modern with its construction design of a globe supported by a sleek platform.  

Looking at the construction, both are made of plastic and appear to be durable – a good sign for long-lasting products. 

As mentioned, the Litter-Robot may look more modern than the Catlink, but the two still exude a pretty modern and minimalist vibe that would surely match the interior of a modern home.

Litter Robot Walmart

Litter Types Allowed

For something that the cat actually uses, considering the litter options between the Catlink and the Litter-Robot is incredibly important. There are a variety of different litter types and they all have different traits, uses, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Unfortunately, both Catlink and Litter-Robot require clumping litter. Clumping litter is necessary for both of these litter boxes to function normally, particularly for its self-cleaning feature. 

Perhaps the advantage goes to the Catlink as larger models of the Catlink are able to accommodate mixed litter due to their detachable filters. However, if you already prefer using clumping litter to begin with, then it’s going to be fine one way or another.

Self-Cleaning Feature

Perhaps the most characteristic feature available of these two litter boxes is that they are both self-cleaning litter boxes. For someone in the market for a good self-cleaning litter box, this is the feature that you would probably pay attention to the most. Thus, it is important to understand how the two work. 

Firstly, the Catlink gets you to choose among three different modes: Auto, Manual, and Empty modes. Manual mode requires you to press a button to begin the cleaning process. On the other hand, Auto mode automatically begins the cleaning process three minutes after your cat enters the litter box. Once the timer has reached zero, the Catlink initiates the cleaning process. Lastly, the Empty mode basically empties the litter box, ready for a new batch of litter. 

On the other hand, the Litter-Robot operates very similarly. Equipped with sensors, the Litter-Robot is able to detect when the cat enters – just like the Catlink. A key difference is that instead of being stuck with the three minutes in the Catlink’s Auto mode, the Litter-Robot allows you to choose between three, seven, and fifteen minutes before cleanup. 

Mobile App Feature

In the era of smart technology, modern appliances and devices are almost expected to have some degree of mobile app for remote control. Fortunately, both Catlink and Litter-Robot do indeed have mobile apps. As long as the litter boxes are within range of a strong and reliable Wifi connection, the user will be able to manipulate and change settings from somewhere else.

Unfortunately, the Litter-Robot takes the lead because app compatibility is not available in all models of the Catlink – only the larger models. 

Catlink Litter Box vs Litter Robot Final Verdict

If you really like more features and an app, go for the Litter-Robot. The tradeoff here is that it’s much larger, so you need to have the space for it. I’ve never regretted it, though! If you want something smaller and don’t care about it not having an app, then Catlink will do!

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