Catty Stacks Review: Eco Friendly, Modular Houses

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Cats are strange little creatures. If you have spent some time in the same household with a cat, you have probably noticed that they choose the most unusual things to play with and bizarre places to sleep. You can’t change that, that’s the way they are.

They are small, agile, quick, and stealthy, they can do almost anything. You won’t be able to stop your cat from sleeping on your clothes or your furniture. Things tend to get messy every spring when they start losing their hair. Luckily, now you can get your cat a brilliant piece of ‘cathitecture’ featuring a bridge connection where he will love to spend his time. You are probably wondering what am I blabbering about so allow me to explain.

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What Are Catty Stacks?

You have probably already seen wooden cat houses and massive scratch posts. Some of you probably own something like that. Wooden houses are robust, they take up too much space, and you need to change the tapestry every now and then. All of that is time and money consuming, and most people don’t want to go through that, so they just let their cats sleep and play wherever they want. Did you ever wonder is there an easier, cheaper way to solve your cat’s house problem? Well, there is.

Ordering wooden cat houses online usually cost a fortune. A huge portion of that price goes to cover shipping fees because wooden cat houses are almost always heavy. These are cheaper, lighter, and I dare to say the better alternative to wooden cat houses. But listen to this now; they are made out of cardboard. We all know that cats are little claw machines ready to claw up everything in their way. Especially when they get playful. Now you are probably wondering how can stacked pieces of cardboard be strong, stable and sturdy enough to support the weight of a cat, so let me explain how.

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How Stable and Sturdy Are They?

Since cats are known to push over things accidentally and on purpose, you are probably wondering will these cardboard boxes be stable enough for your cat. To answer that question, yes, they are amazingly stable if you know how to stack them correctly.

The boxes have their top and bottom side. If you stack them correctly on their bottom and top side, they will remain in place. However, if you stack them on their sides the boxes will probably come apart. You will be able to figure out which side is supposed to go up/down because there are small holes near the edges. Side panels have larger holes in the center.

When stacking them, you will have to keep in mind that the height of the stack does not exceed 1 more than the number of horizontal boxes. To explain, if you decide to stack four boxes in height, there should be minimum three boxes placed at the base. Oh, and if you’re wondering they robust enough to support the weight of a cat, the answer is yes. They are made out of double-walled, heavy-duty Corrugated Ultraboard. Each box can support the weight of up to 40 pounds which is more than enough for not one but two cats.

I’m Worried My Cat Will Scratch it

Most of the time cats choose not to scratch them. However, kittens and extremely playful cats sometimes decide to scratch. There’s nothing you can do except be thankful that they are not scratching your furniture or shoes!


My Review: New Model With Bridge

Check price and more details here

Description and Features:
This is not just any kind of normal stacks, these are actually connected with a bridge! This is a brand new and further improved design that has a bridge connecting two boxes. These boxes are also made out of highly durable Corrugated Ultraboard which means that your cat will be able to sleep in them without any fear of breaking them. Because these boxes are connected with a bridge, you will have various options for stacking them and connecting them. Your cat won’t believe what’s happening. This new model with the bridge is easy to assemble and easy to clean. It is sturdy and stable, so you don’t have to worry about your cat destroying it in a matter of a week.

Why I Love It:
– Fun to assemble
– Light in weight
– Stable and comfortable
– Connected with a bridge
– Great if you have more than one cat
– Buy a couple of these, and your cat will have a tower
– Cats absolutely love them


Everybody knows that cats are fascinated with strange things and that they love boxes. So, is there a better way to cheer up your cat than Catty Stacks? I believe not. Now, your cat can have a place to call his own. I guarantee your cat will love spending his play time in these unique modular boxes and jumping across the bridge. And what’s even more important, your furniture will stay hair-free and scratch-free. Definitely a good investment in my opinion! Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

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