10 of the Best Chew Toys For Puppies: My Reviews for Safe Teething

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Puppies are adorable, fluffy, and lovable, right? They’re also playful too. And as soon as you get that pup, you might notice chewed slippers or furniture. Puppies need toys to chew on for their teeth and for entertainment, and with these chew toys for puppies, your furniture will hopefully be safe! I’ll also recommend some safe chew toys for puppies in this article.

Best Tough Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

Best Chew Toys For Puppies

There are lots of safe chew toys for puppies out there. I’ve picked out the best so you don’t have to wade through the sea of puppy products!

Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy

This Nylabone toy is perfect for teething, and is designed specifically for nondestructive chewing habits. The raised bristles even clean teeth during chewing while great colors keep your pup busy. Read my Nylabone review here.

Why It’s So Popular:– The three different chewing areas keep dogs entertained- The design keeps dogs interested- Makes enough noise to catch your dog’s attention

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– The plastic is hard for some puppies- Not bendable; no give

kong puppy toy


KONG is known for their entertaining toys that help your dog chew safely. This toy lets your pup chew to try and find the treats within. It even bounces for fun, and is perfect for things like separation anxiety too. Read my Kong toy review here. One of the best safe chew toys for puppies!

Why It’s So Popular:– Perfect for freezing- Keeps pups entertained for a long time- Great for extending feeding time

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Too small for larger dogs

Pupteck Tough Dog Puppy Rope Giraffe Toy Cotton Dental Teaser Chew Toys

This cute, full color giraffe is bigger than a normal rope toy, and easier to chew on. The soft cotton is both durable and non-toxic. It can be used on all sizes of dogs for clean and healthy gums.

Why It’s So Popular:– Can clean up in the washer easily- Entertaining for all sizes and ages of dogs- Well made for all types of dogs

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Enthusiastic chewers shred it up quickly- May not be as durable as other toys

EXPAWLORER Cotton Dental Teaser

This cotton teaser is made for all types and sizes of dogs to keep them occupied. The rope design massages your dog’s gums to help with teething and cleaning with every chew.

Why It’s So Popular:– Great entertaining design- Very safe for chewing dogs- Lasts fairly long for smaller dogs

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– The rope frays eventually

Puppy Chew Teething Dental Set

Four items are included in this dental set, all of which are meant to be safe for pups to chew! It cleans teeth and massages the gums to relieve pain while being a great shape to chew, toss, and fetch.

Why It’s So Popular:– Great for the price- Perfect size for a puppy- Durable and higher quality than expected

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– You’ll need to retie the knots on the end sometimes- Some people are concerned about the colors used to dye the ropes- Puppies can still shred the ropes over time

Lobeve Variety Pack

You get 10 assorted toys with this variety pack, so you can be sure your puppy will remain interested! They’re perfect for small and medium dogs, and can even be cleaned easily.

Why It’s So Popular:– Fairly durable over time- Quality is actually quite high- Large pieces, so your dog won’t choke

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Some toys do break easily

Jakpak Chew Toys

Jakpak makes completely non-toxic toys with a design meant to fit exactly in your dog’s mouth. They’re comfortable to hold and great for gums, especially for small to medium-sized dogs.

Why It’s So Popular:– Great if you put treats inside- Tug of war and chewing are easy to play- Even heavy chewers don’t obliterate it

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:– Comes with a strong rubber smell- Not recommended for larger dogs- The rope frays eventually

What To Look Out For:

Puppies teethe too, and just like babies, they need to chew to relieve some of the pressure that comes from new teeth coming in. What kinds of toys can help the most?


Any puppy teething toy has to be firm and durable so they’ll last through some constant battery. The toy should have some give too though, so your dog doesn’t hurt their gums and stays interested.

Not Breakable

No toy should be fragile enough to shatter into pieces that the puppy could possibly ingest. Lots of dogs need surgery or even die just because they swallowed a piece of something that got stuck.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Puppies will eat anything small enough for them! When they’re playing, watch them just to be sure, and make sure there are no small pieces.

Size of Your Dog

Obviously, different dogs can play with different toys effectively. A Shih Tzu Chihuahua can handle a much smaller toy than a Irish Wolfhound Lab.


Yes! Dogs need toys that taste good, or else they’ll get bored. This is why toys stuffed with treats are especially popular.

Shape and Texture

There are all kinds of toys out there, so try out a few different ones to see which one your dog prefers the most. There are different ways to stop gum pain, and another toy may just work better.

Tips On How To Prevent Chewing Snobbery

You get this great toy and- what?! Your dog is still chewing on your things rather than their toy! It’s important to pick a good teething toy to avoid this exact situation.

Rotate Toys

Help your puppy stay interested and excited for their toys by switching them in and out. If your puppy doesn’t see a toy for a week, they’ll be just as excited as if it’s brand new! Take unsafe or broken toys out of the rotation though.

Puppy Work

Give your pup an interesting toy that makes them think a little. Treat toys are best for this since your furry friend has to work for that reward.

Cool Toys

Sure, you want cool, awesome toys, but you also want cool, cold toys. Inflamed gums that are teething are painful, so putting the toy in the freezer provides some relief. It also makes chewing a lot more fun!


I know how difficult it can be to find the best Chew Toys For Puppies. But I’ve got the top picks right here for you. Help your dog with their teething while protecting your furniture, just by getting them a little something to play with! With a great toy, your puppy will be entertained for hours!

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