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In today’s society, it seems like they try to mix different species and breeds to make hybrids. It is very common in different breeds of dogs especially. One of the most adorable cross breeds is the Husky and Corgi mix. You might also hear them referred to as a Horgi or Siborgi. This adorable dog makes a great pet for any family.

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The Corgi and Husky

Both the Corgi and the Husky are known as working dogs, so they naturally would have quite active offspring. You can choose from two types of Corgis when breeding a Siborgi. You can use a purebred Cardigan or Pembroke Welch Corgi with a purebred Siberian Husky to make a Corgi Husky mix. You can also breed a Corgi Husky mix with one of the purebred Corgis to produce a Corgi Husky mix.

Both Huskies and Corgis like to be part of a pack and family. So they will look to you to be their leader. This is one of the many qualities that would make a Corgi Husky mix a great addition to your family. Since both breeds are working dogs, they will need you to show your dominance and train them properly. They also won’t like to be locked away or cooped up for too long as they are active breeds. Once trained, they become great, lovable and loyal dogs.

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Overall, these dogs are quite adorable and make a great addition to any family. In most cases, a Siborgi will resemble a Corgi in weight and size. There are some that resemble the Husky side of them more. A Corgi Husky mix can weigh between twenty and fifty pounds typically. One of the interesting things about this cross breed is that the puppies can take after either the mother or the father.

The fur of a Horgi can either be the colors of a Corgi or of a Husky. There can even be a resemblance of both parents in a puppy. Most Corgi Husky puppies will have white markings, which they can get from both parents. Horgis have short and stout legs like the Corgi, but a solid body like a Husky. Their fur type can also be like a Husky or a Corgi. It is difficult to tell how a Corgi Husky mix puppy will look like until they are born.

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These dogs are very active dogs, and will need to receive adequate exercise. They are also very gentle and loving dogs. They can be great with kids and other animals as long as this is exposed early enough in their life. They can be very alert dogs, which can be a great trait in a family dog. These dogs can be fairly simple to train as well. They are typically very outgoing, like their Husky parent.

If you plan on buying a Corgi Husky puppy, you will want to get it as young as you possibly can. It would be a good idea to make sure they get plenty of exercise since both of its parent breeds are working dogs. You can also get the puppy used to children, other animals, and people. Once they have had enough socialization, these dogs will be some of the happiest and most loyal dogs you’ve ever seen.

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Grooming and Taking Care of a Horgi

Depending on whether they have the coat of a Corgi or a Husky, these dogs can shed quite a bit. You should brush your Horgi’s coat at least once a week, if not more. If it is shedding season for them, you might want to consider brushing it every other day, or daily. This can help to get rid of excess fur buildup. It can also help to keep the fur from spreading all over your house. If you’ve never had a dog that sheds a lot, the amount of shedding may overwhelm you at times.

Just like with any other breed of dog, your dog may experience health issues at some point. A good thing about cross breeding is that the offspring has a chance of not getting illnesses that their parent breeds might be prone to.

Most Siborgies are expected to live over a decade, sometimes even fifteen years. You should be careful of where your dog jumps off of, because of their short legs. Their short legs can also cause back problems because of their sturdy body.

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You should try to keep your Horgi on a diet because both the Husky and Corgi breeds are well known to gain weight quite easily. If your Horgi becomes overweight, it can cause serious back and leg issues. Their short legs aren’t built to hold too much weight. As with any other breed, you will want to take your dog in for regular check ups to make sure there isn’t anything wrong with them.


Finding a Siborgi

If you are looking for a breeder to find a Horgi, you may want to ask them to have genetic testing done on both the mother and father. This will help you decide if you would like a puppy from them. It can also show you if there is any chance of your dog acquiring a specific illness from one or both of its parents. You may also want to meet the parent dogs because sometimes Siberian Huskies can have personality and behavioral issues, and you don’t want there to be a chance that it can be passed down to your puppy.

Breeders can be very hard to find when it comes to cross breeds such as the Horgi. You should try and perform research and make sure they are trustworthy before purchasing your new puppy. You can also expect to pay a little more for this breed because it is often considered to be bred for fun. There is no actual reason for this cross breed, other than that they are adorable.

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