Dog Rash On Belly: Causes & Home Remedy

dog rash on belly
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

A while ago, I realized Harley was constantly scratching behind his ears, seemingly irritated with something. I checked and found an ugly, raw rash behind his ears and on his belly.

The first instinct is usually to google, isn’t it? However, there are hundreds and hundreds of creams, home remedies, food additives, medicines which end up confusing. I will share my research in this post and hope it will clear things up for you. Read on if you want to learn more about dog rash on belly, how to treat dog rash and much more.

Causes of Dog Rash

Let’s start with understanding why dog rash props up and what you can do avoid it.

Some things should just be kept a mile away:

Dogs are allergic to lot many things like Poison Ivy, Datura, Road salt etc. You might also find reddening of some areas along with swelling and sometimes even boils due to ingesting some bad stuff or dust particles or some spoilt food. Allergic rashes usually occur in some particularly painful places and are literally a pain in the ass. Anus is affected along with the area near groin, the abdomen, toes and in case of females, in the region surrounding nipples. Dog rash on groin is particularly annoying to your dog.

Your dogs would be relieved if allergy inducing stuff is kept away from them. You should also wash their kennel and give your dog a clean bath with warm water and a good shampoo. Applying a simple moisturizer to the affected area would also do wonders.

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Fungi, they cause so much trouble!

Ever present fungi may infect your dog’s skin and cause particularly ugly and voraciously coloured rashes, often in concentric rings or swathes of different colours. Your dogs may also have a peculiar smell about them. Dog rash on the belly is most often caused by these pesky fungi. These require your complete attention since they may spread and also infect other systems. You should clean the affected area with alcohol and keep it covered for a while, if the rash doesn’t lessen, you should see a Vet about that. Veterinary Doctors would most likely prescribe, oral antibiotics and anti-fungal sprays or creams.

Parasites, they just muck things up

Yep, you read right. We are talking about skin parasites who harm your dog’s skin while stealing nutrition from it. And the parasites are usually none other than the infamous trio of Mites, Fleas and Ticks. They will cause small red raised bumps on the base of the tail and along the outside of the back legs. It may also be accompanied by hair loss.

The right thing to do get topical sprays, flea shampoo or other prescription medications prescribed by a Veterinary Practitioner.
You should also have some permanent anti-flea measures about your home.

Loneliness and Pain, Life’s worst enemies:

Yes, dogs get depressed too and out of boredom and pain they repeatedly scratch or chew a particular are, never letting it heal and allowing to get infected with any microbe lying about. You can try spending more time with your pets, keeping on good music when they are alone etc., but it’s better and suggested to contact a behaviorist/therapist immediately.

Cats! Sometimes these felines just trouble their canine friends!

Yeah, if you have cats and dogs living in the same environment, there is a strong chance of your dogs getting a rash due to certain chemicals present on cats bodies. The only solution is bathing both of your pets regularly.

Don’t let the Bedbugs bite!

Certain bugs, present in your dog’s bed/rug can be regularly biting your dogs causing bumps and irritation at different areas all over the body. Cleaning their beds and spraying with mild home insecticides is a good option.

Having covered a few common causes let’s move on to what we can do avoid Dog Rash altogether and also a few household techniques to aid the treatment of these rashes.

Vitamin E Helps

Vitamin E helps a lot in keeping your dog’s skin moist, smooth. Vitamin-E can be supplemented by directly applying to the affected area or infusing it warm water and bathing your pet with it. You can also pump up your dog with Vitamin-E pills. Note: In case of pills, please consult a Vet about it’s dosage.

O.R.S All The Way

Oral Rehydration Solutions help replenish the salts balance in the canines’ bodies. You can opt for Sports drinks or Pediatric rehydrating drinks. Note: Dilute the energy drinks because they are meant for Human Athletes.

Not All Bacteria Are Bad

Gut Bacteria help keep your pet’s’ digestion healthy and thus avoid physiology related skin rashes. You can supplement your dog’s food with yogurt or give them lactobacilli or acidophilus pills which are available over the counter.
This is particularly helpful for the cute little puppies whose systems are just maturing.

Keep the fleas away!

As discussed earlier, fleas are a nuisance. But there are many easy ways to counter yeast before calling the entire cavalry. Simple borax powder keeps away fleas from your dog and also your home. Lemon juice or citric acid added to water for bathing your dog will also do wonders. It’s also helpful to give your dog, dry brewer’s yeast through food.

Best Flea and Tick Treatment

Dog Rash Home Remedy Treatment

Have a cup’a tea

Yep, you heard right. Chamomile Tea and the natural disinfectant present in it will soothe your dog’s innards. It can also be applied as a paste to the affected area for immediate relief.
Applying a paste on the abdomen will effectively keep Dog Rash on the belly away.

Another magical food material is Oatmeal. Finely ground oat meal in a tub of warm water will you make you the best dog owner ever. Just allow your dog to lie down or splash about in that tub and he/she will be truly happy.

Salt on the Table

Just as food without salt is incomplete, so are home remedies against dog rash. A good warm bath with Epsom Salt in it would give a sound thrashing to all microbes and other parasites infecting your poor dog’s skin and provide a lasting relief. Salt is an awesome natural disinfectant and Epsom salt is the best. Keep it strapped to your kit!

Here we go, we have shared with you some of the best and most effective ways to counter dog rash. These have been tested a lot and deemed safe and have had many positive reviews from pets and pet handlers as well.

Armed with these we are sure you will be able to keep your dogs happy, relieved, free of dog rash and most importantly be their best friends, because after all a friend in need, is a friend indeed. There isn’t a better way to repay their friendship, is there ?

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