Top 7 Best Dog Bike Baskets: Rear Mounted and More for Your Bicycle

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

So you like biking, and you love your dog. You’ve been trying to mix these two for ages but haven’t had much success and (possibly) put yourself and your dog in danger. Here’s the good news: you can actually put them together through the use of dog bike baskets, and there are a lot of choices out there.

Safety Tips To Help Your Dog Ride Safely

Keep your dog from jumping

Take particular care if your dog is the hyper sort, because they might jump out of the basket and hurt themselves. You can also get hurt if they run in front of your bike, so make sure that you can attach their collar to a harness in the basket.

Tuck them in safely

Bikes have a lot of moving parts that can hurt your dog, so make sure that their fur, feet, tail, or other body parts are not in the way of these bike parts.

Secure the basket

You wouldn’t want the dog basket to come undone during a crucial moment of your bike ride and accidentally harm your dog, so make sure to securely fasten that basket before you go.

Protect them from the weather

Protect your dog from the sun or rain by purchasing a bike basket that also has a hood that can cover and protect them from the elements. This is going to keep them safe and healthy, and most likely happier too.

Feed and hydrate them

This is especially important if you’re going on a relatively long distance ride with your dog. Make sure that they are well-fed and hydrate them to keep them from getting uneasy during your trip.

Best Dog Bike Baskets To Try

DoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket

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This dog basket can be multi-purposed for other uses like as a travel dog bed, dog carrier, and pet car seat. Its maximum capacity of this pet basket is for pets up to 7 kg. It has a mesh dome cover to protect your pet from the weather and is made of a polyester material. The inside is also made of nylon and is water-resistant.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Water-resistant interior
– Multi-purpose
– Mesh cover
– Durable material
– Carrying strap is attachable in a variety of ways

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Keep In Mind:
– Not collapsible
– A bit pricey
– May be difficult to assemble for some


Walky Basket Dog Bike Carrier

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This dog basket has a leash that you can attach your dog’s collar to as well as a mesh cover top to keep them protected from the elements. It can also be conveniently removed from your bike with the quick release buckles. However, the mounting device is recommended to be professionally installed.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Short leash attached to bottom
– Mesh cover
– Mesh pockets for food and water
– Quick release buckles

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Keep In Mind:
– Low weight support
– Basket can sometimes sag under weight

Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

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This dog basket is made from 2 kinds of form reinforced by a plywood base. A safety strap makes sure that your dog is secure inside the bicycle seat and the cover can be removed to be washed in the machine. It can carry up to 24 lb.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Machine washable cover
– Made from foam and plywood
– 3 point safety strap

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Keep In Mind:
– Sides are not very sturdy

Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

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This dog bike basket is made from synthetic rattan materials that are not only secure, weatherproof, and durable, but stylish as well. It is lined with faux sheepskin to keep your dog comfortable during the bike ride and the lining can be removed for washing.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Stylish
– Durable
– Comfortable
– Lining can be washed
– Leash attached to bottom

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Keep In Mind:
– Leash sometimes does not hold well
– Basket support is not sturdy
– Low weight support


Pettom Foldable Pet Bike Basket Carrier

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This dog carrier can accommodate dogs up to 10lb and has a stabilizer bar apart from the adjustable straps to keep the carrier secure when you attach it to your bike. It also has a pocket to hold a water bottle and some front pockets to store some food. A leash clasp is included to keep your pet secure. The padding that lines the carrier can also be removed for cleaning.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Stabilizer bar & adjustable straps
– Pockets
– Leash clasp
– Washable lining

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Keep In Mind:
– No instructions included
– Does not attach securely
– Sways and swings around

Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

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This bike basket has a support bar, as well as an inner leash clip to keep the basket and your dog secure. It has a rain cover that you can attach when it rains to keep your dog dry. It has several pockets that you can use for storage. The material is a durable microfiber which you can wipe clean.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Support bar
– Leash clip
– Rain cover
– Pockets
– Durable material that can be cleaned

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Keep In Mind:
– Unstable weight support

Pet Gear

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This product has an internal tether that you can attach your dog’s collar to as well as a fleece pad to ensure their comfort. This comes with a universal bike attachment that should work for most bikes. It is made from a nylon material and sturdy sides and floor.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Sturdy nylon material
– Internal tether
– Fleece pad
– Universal bike attachment

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Keep In Mind:
– Sags under weight
– Hook is made of plastic

What to Consider Before Buying:


You’re going to want to look for a basket in which your dog will be comfortable in. Choose a basket fit for your dog’s size. Most baskets are made for small to medium breeds. Larger dogs would need something bigger than a basket, like a bike trailer.

Apart from the size, choose a basket that is made from comfortable materials. There are those available made from or lined with soft materials to provide your dog with utmost comfort.

Weight Limits

Most baskets have a certain weight that they can carry, and you have to check on that capacity first before you buy a basket for your dog. The weight capacity also has something to do with the material that the baskets are made of, so determine what is needed depending on the size and weight of your dog.

Safety & Security

Make sure that the basket will be secure once you fasten it to your bike. Test this before and after you put your dog in the basket. Take note that any shift in balance made by your dog will affect the overall balance of the bike.

Most dog baskets should come with a harness to keep your dog safe in the basket so they don’t accidentally fall out or impulsively jump out from the basket, but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that the basket you’re buying has this feature.


If you’re not looking to bring your dog with you anywhere on your bike, then you may want to consider whether or not the basket can be removed and how easy it would be. This feature is especially useful if you’re going to leave your dog at home from time to time.

How to Train Your Dog to Ride in the Basket

Ease into it

Having your dog ride your bike in a basket is going to be a new experience for them, so make sure to accustom them to being in the basket first. Afterwards, get them used to being in the basket while it’s on the bike. Then you can take it slow on the bike and walk it with your dog in it. Only when they’re comfortable and you’re sure that they won’t unwittingly cause any accidents can you take them out for a ride with you.

Anticipate any problems

Sidewalks, bumps, traffic, the occasional squirrel… think of the possibilities that could happen on a bike ride with your dog. Then try to get them used to it. You can take them for a test ride specifically designed to help them get used to the bumps and the environments that you’re going to bike in. Most of these problems can cause your dog to get anxious, so make sure to comfort them throughout.

Reward them

Make sure your dog knows how to behave on your ride by rewarding them with treats whenever they don’t get scared or anxious. By rewarding them, they associate behaving or staying calm with a reward, so store up on those treats during your test rides.


Always remember to keep your dog and yourself safe from any potential dangers when you bring them on a bike ride with you. You can reduce your worries by choosing a dog bike basket that you can rely on, with the combination of comfort and security for your dog. And don’t forget to help them get accustomed to it first so you can both have a more enjoyable ride.

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