Hagen Dogit Drinking Fountain Review: Instructions, Parts – Fresh & Clear!

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2019)

We know how important it is for our furry friends to drink enough water during the day because it helps them stay hydrated and helps their kidneys function. So, if you have been looking for a way to encourage your dog to drink more water and stay hydrated, then you will absolutely love this device. Check this out for more dog drinking fountains!

The Hagen Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Fountain is very practical and the water is always clean. Thus, helping your dog or cat drink more water during the day.

About Hagen

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Hagen Dogit Fresh and Clear Fountain is a great product for all dog owners concerned about their pet’s daily water intake. It is designed in a way that helps the water stay clean all the time. It features multi-stage filtration that collects debris, hair, food and sediment so your dog always gets fresh clean water.

Some dogs may refuse to drink water that gets dirty, which can happen when you are away from home. With this fountain, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The fountain provides cool filtered water that your dog will like drinking.
Another amazing feature of this fountain is that it is suitable for multiple dogs as well as for cats. All your furry pets can enjoy the fresh water this brand provides. The fountain features an elevated design with a slightly tilted angle. Both small and large dogs can drink from the fountain.


  • Multi-stage filtration collects food, hair, debris and sediment, ensuring the water is always fresh and clean
  • Activated carbon absorbs water impurities
  • Delivers cool, fresh water
  • Holds up to 200 ounces of water

How it Works

The Hagen Dogit Fresh and Clear Fountain can hold up to 200 ounces of water. So it provides fresh and clean water for a significant amount of time.
This is great for houses with multiple dogs because you won’t have to worry that your dogs will get dehydrated while you are away.
Using this fountain is very easy: fill it with water and place somewhere your dogs can reach anytime.
The filter cartridge is replaceable and it is recommended that you replace it once a month if you have a single dog, or once a week if you have multiple dogs. It may be best if you buy another set right away because you do need to replace it frequently.
Cleaning this fountain is easy as well. Simply remove the top and use soap to clean it. Afterwards, all you have to do is wash it and it will be ready for use again.
The pump is quiet when operated. However, when most of the water is gone, it will produce a gurgling sound so that you will know when to refill the fountain.
Not all dogs will like this fountain at first – it may take a few days for them to get used to it. But, it will be useful to remove other sources of water to help them start using the fountain. Once that’s done, they will love it in no time.

the hagen fountain


It is important to know a few things about using this drinking fountain.
First of all, always unplug the fountain when you are putting on or taking off parts. Or when the equipment is being installed or maintained. You must also pull on the main electrical plug when inserting, or remove the pump from the water.
Additionally, you must not use the fountain for other purposes other than what it is intended for. It has been designed for use with fresh water and is suitable for use in water temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. Don’t install the fountain somewhere where it will be exposed to temperatures below freezing.


  • Delivers fresh cool water
  • Self-cleaning, multi-stage filtration removes water impurities
  • Holds up to 200 ounces of water
  • Suitable for multiple dogs
  • Suitable for cats as well so you don’t have to buy another fountain if you have both animals
  • Suitable for both small and large breed dogs
  • Suitable for dogs with joint problems


  • Your dog may take a while to get used to itthe kitty is staring at the fountain
  • The filter cartridge does have to be replaced often

If your dog isn’t drinking enough water currently, you could benefit from buying this drinking fountain. Once your dog or dogs are used to drinking from this fountain, they will love it and drink more fresh water than before. They can then enjoy numerous health benefits. It’s an amazing product for all dog owners and will definitely benefit both you and your dog in the long run.

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