Dyson Animal Vacuum Review: How Well Does It Fare?

You and I both know that vacuuming our dog or cat’s hair can be such a big hassle. It tends to get stuck in the cleaner head or clog up the entire vacuum. The Dyson one of the most well known vacuum brands that really needs no introduction. I personally am a huge fan (yes, I know there's almost a cult-like movement with it but I can attest to why I love it so much). I hope this review on the Dyson Animal range will give you an insight on whether it will be suitable for you and why fans like me adore it so much. 

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Things You'd Want In A Vacuum Cleaner (For Us Pet Owners)


Although many vacuums have attachments that you can buy separately, some do already come with one specially designed to pick up pet hair. This simple attachment is usually a rotating brush that works on furniture. Trust me, once you try one, you'd wonder why you didn't have one earlier!


If your pet sheds a lot, you’ll want one with a big enough bin so you’ll have to clean it out less often. No one likes to spend half of their time cleaning just emptying out the vacuum.

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Multiple Floor Capability

This is a great feature to look out for so that you can use your vacuum all over your house. If you have different types of floor in your home, you might want to find a vacuum that automatically changes its’ cleaner head to the type of floor you are cleaning.

Hose Length

The longer the hose, the more you can reach. It’s good to have a longer hose for when you are vacuuming furniture, such as: the couch, chairs and your bed.

Dyson Animal Vacuum Range Reviews

Dyson DC50 Compact Animal Upright Vacuum

The Dyson DC50 Compact Animal Upright has the most advanced technology from Dyson; which says a lot since they are always trying to come up with better ways to clean. This vacuum doesn’t use bags, so you don’t have to worry about constantly changing one. It can clean on any kind of floor and doesn’t lose suction when switching floor types. The two tier radial cyclones pick up smaller dirt particles, making your floor cleaner than ever. The cyclone technology also spins the dirt, dust and pet hair from the air, preventing clogs from happening.

best dyson animal vacuum reviews


  • Weighs less than twelve pounds
  • Durable
  • Five year warranty on parts and labor
  • Automatically switches for different floor types
  • Has a more advanced cleaner head technology


  • Has a smaller bin than other models
  • The maximum reach is lower

Best Suited For?

This model is best suited for someone who wants a lightweight vacuum that is specially made to clean pet hair. Read more reviews + more info here

Dyson DC65

This model uses a radial root cyclone technology to clean. It also can be used on multiple floors and the cleaner head self adjusts. It has a powerful motor and is easy to maneuver around your house. The cleaner head is specially designed to clean up pet hair easily. Its reconfigured brush bar also boasts 25% more power which means the bristles go deeper into your carpet, getting out more dirt with half the effort.



  • Five year warranty
  • Good for pet hair
  • Extremely powerful
  • Durable and great for multiple surfaces
  • Some people say that it has the 'best all around pick-up' of the entire Dyson range!


  • No room to store the attachments on the vacuum
  • Can be difficult to extend the hose

Best Suited For?

This model is great for someone who wants a durable upright vacuum that can easily pick up pet hair. Read more reviews + more info here

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy

This model is great for people with allergies and pets. The cinetic tips rotate to stop dust from clogging the vacuum and there are no filters to clean. The storage bin is easy to clean out. The handle easily extends to a longer hose. It includes a turbine tool to help pick up pet hair.



  • Won the 2016 JD Power Vacuum Satisfaction Study Award
  • The brush has multiple angles
  • There is a tool for vacuuming your mattress
  • Reach under tool for getting under tight spaces


  • Weighs around twenty pounds
  • Instructions can be a little difficult to understand

Best Suited For?

This model is a good choice for anyone that has pets and allergies as well. Read more reviews + more info here

Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free

This model’s brush bar works seventy five percent better than the Dyson V6 Cord-free.It includes multiple tools and has twenty minutes of continous suction off of one charge. The cleaner head has deeper bristles to clean the carpet better.

dyson dc59


  • Cordless - my favorite! No hassle!
  • Durable
  • Comes with multiple tools including a mini motorized tool to help remove pet hair easily
  • 75% more brush power


  • Only twenty minutes of cleaning time but it's ok if you don't have a huge house to clean
  • Smaller capacity

Best Suited For?

This model is best suited for someone who only has to vacuum smaller areas and wants a cordless vacuum. Read more reviews + more info here

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal has advanced cleaner head technology that can also dust hard floors. This model is filter free, so no worrying about constantly changing and cleaning filters.The bin is easy to clean out. The cinetic science makes this a great choice for a home with dogs and other pets.


  • No filters
  • Can be used on multiple floors
  • Advanced cleaner head that helps to remove even very fine dust
  • Captures dust that usually clogs other vacuums


  • It is heavier and bulkier
  • The canister is small

Best Suited For?

Someone who would like a vacuum that is durable and has no filters. Read more reviews + more info here

Dyson DC44 Animal

The Dyson DC44 Animal is a cordless vacuum that has a motor that is three times faster than other models. Can be used on multiple floor types. Includes a mini motorized tool that removes pet hair easily. It has a detachable wand and comes with a six month warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Includes special tools
  • Motor is three times faster


  • Small capacity
  • Twenty minutes of vacuuming
  • Takes five hours to charge

Best Suited For: People who want a lightweight, fuss free cordless vacuum that is still very powerful & efficient at sucking up pet hair. Read more reviews + more info here


If you are looking for an easier way to pick up pet hair in your home, a Dyson vacuum would be a great idea to consider. Make sure that you research the model you are considering so that you can make sure it meets all of your needs, Dyson offers many different models with different features to appeal to every customer. Are you a Dyson fan? Which is your favorite model?

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