Dyson vs. Hoover: Comparing The Latest Models

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

I’ve seen tons of commercials detailing the Dyson and Hoover vacuumbrands. It looks like they work great, especially on pet hair, but which one works better? Vacuums can cost a lot of money, and if yours doesn’t work well or breaks down, it’s just not worth it! So let’s take a look in this vacuum throw-down!

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Hoover vs Dyson: Brand Comparison

How do their vacuum cleaners compare?

Firstly, Hoover boasts a range of products far bigger than Dyson’s. They offer a variety of models that include both bagged and bagless features. On the other hand, Dyson have a selection of more specific vacuums and mainly specializes in bagless cleaners.

Dyson is all about engineering masterpieces that are easy to use while being light and balanced.

They take great pride in creating something that’s meant just for you, whether you’re looking for something cordless, an upright model, a barrel type, or even more accessories for your vacuuming needs. Dyson’s Cyclone cleaning technology is perfect for power and pet hair as those small accessories help you get into those tough corners.

They even create fans and heaters now too, and if they work as great as the vacuums, it might be something to consider.

Hoover is definitely more well-known for their floor cleaning products, providing not only vacuums, but hard floor and carpet cleaners too. They take pride in keeping your floor clean with the best products, including cordless options, upright, canisters, sticks, or even hand vacuums.

Just like Dyson, they especially love their bagless vacuums, and work hard not only to make your vacuum work well, but also store well. The Windtunnel cleaning technology is unique to Hoover and perfect for those of you who have allergies and need to keep your house clean. With great features on both vacuums, it really depends on what you need in your home and how much you can spend.

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In this post, I’ll try to compare 2 Dyson models with 2 Hoover models.​

Dyson DC40 Review

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Dyson’s Cyclone technology is an important part of their top notch vacuums. With a vacuum that works on all floor types to clean up your home in a jiff, you won’t need to run out to get another vacuum again anytime soon.

One of my favorite Dyson vacuums, this one is super powerful as its self adjusting cleaner head is really effective. Both lightweight with its powerful Ball technology,  this vacuum doesn’t lose suction as you’re using it.

I also love that you can empty it easily and in a hygienic manner with just a simple click.

Product Features:

  • The vacuum is self-adjusting, meaning you don’t have to switch dials to move across floors
  • Ball technology makes it easier to steer in all directions
  • If you drop it, don’t worry; it’s extremely durable
  • Washable filter for allergens
  • High reach wand which has an instant release feature
  • Cable length: 7.5 , Capacity: 1.6L, Dimensions: H106.4 x W31 x D36.4cm, Weight: 6.7kg

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  • It’s small, sleek, and quick and easy to put together
  • The ball system allows an increased amount of control
  • It is very lightweight but doens’t lack in its effectiveness and power. It picks up everything on the carpet
  • The added tools work very well for many users



  • The cord is pretty short and may need to be moved
  • The hose is really tight out of the box

Dyson DC40 Animal Review

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I can’t imagine not having my pets, but I can definitely imagine a life in which I don’t go around picking up pet hair everywhere!

The Dyson Animal is pretty much like the regular DC, except this version will use its Radial Root Cyclone technology for the elimination of pet hair.

Featuring a powerful mini turbine head that performs well in cleaning sofas, upholstery, small corners, I also love the filter that helps with allergens.

Product Features:

  • There are washable, lifetime filers to get allergens (like pet dander) and expel cleaner air
  • A combination tool is included with bristles for dusting
  • The ball technology makes it easy to get into corners
  • Comes with a crevice tool, high reaching wand, stair tool
  • Easy to empty and clean with just a simple click
  • Weight: 14.8 pounds, Dimensions: 12.2 x 13.8 x 42.1 inches,

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  • Considered to be the best vacuum for its size
  • The suction is strong and the vacuum is efficient
  • The bin holds just as much as other vacuums, and it’s easy to maneuver
  • Really easy to maneuver and reach tight spots (especially corners where pet hair tends to collect)
  • Comes with really handy tools to reach spots that you never thought would be easy to reach! (Crevice tool, high reaching wand, stair tool, combination tools)
  • Known to never lose suction!



  • Doesn’t have a retractable cord
  • Try to empty the canister outside as people who are new to it or unfamiliar might accidentally scatter dust/dirt

Hoover Windtunnel Review

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We’ve gone over the Dyson, but what about Hoover? Well, Hoover is also a strong cleaner, sporting light 16.5 pound vacuums to make it easy to use.

The exclusive Windtunnel technology lifts up dirt and goes deep down to clean up your carpet, hardwoods, and any other flooring. Boasting its exclusive Windtunnel technology that claims to never lose suction,  this vacuum also comes with washable filters along with HEPA filters.

Product Features:

  • 5 position carpet height adjustment to clean all types of flooring easily
  • The cord rewinds at up to 25 feet with a pedal to rewind it easily
  • An extension wand, crevice tool, and air powered hand tool cleans up any surface easily

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  • Lasts a long while; one reviewer said it worked for over 9 years
  • It picks up dirt across all surfaces, including couches, very well
  • It’s not only a powerful vacuum, but actually a quiet one
  • Works great on any carpet
  • Picks up pet hair really well



  • The hand tool doesn’t suck any better than the vacuum
  • Emptying the canister can be dirty and a hassle
  • The cord is a little short in my personal opinion

Is the Hoover Better Than the Dyson?

Sadly, I can’t really make that decision for you. Both of these vacuums brands are well known, popular, effective and make great options for your home. If you want some specifics, they tie in many categories, including suction and tools included.

Hoover has a larger range of vacuums, but they both have bagless models that’ll make your life easier. Dyson does hold up over the long term a little better while Hoover is more cost effective. No matter which vacuum you pick, they’ll clean your carpet and home in no time.

It all depends on what you need for your home and which features matter more.

Some Points To Consider

​For the prices, we can say that both have competitive and affordable prices as well.

There are more qualities to consider before concluding which makes the best vacuum. Aside from the factors that are already enumerated above, we also have to take a look at the surface, the feature it offer, where it is used best, its price and battery life.

To begin with, it is really important to know what kind of exterior it will be used with. Hoover brand vacuums can be easily used with just about everything — the floors, rugs on the different areas of the house and the carpets.

They can also be used smoothly for furnitures that are low. While the Dyson brand vacuums can be easily transformed as a hand tool for cleaning. This is best used to clean for small and narrow spaces and exteriors. We all know that both brands are very competitive and safe to say, easy to use. Both does not have cords to plug, light in weight and very easy to clean. But the Hoover brands have wider vacuum mouths so the cleaning of the floor is covered more faster and easily.

Now, because both brands do not have cords, they both operate with batteries. Thus, making the battery life a vital part of your decision making with the Best Vacuum title.

The Hoover brands have 3 hours for charging period and 15 to 20 minutes of usage time, as per majority of user reviews. They also have this feature called “Max Power Mode” that gives way to six minutes of full functionality — intense power and suctioning.

On the other hand, Dyson brands can be used for 20 minutes and can be charged for 3.5 hours. When it comes to other accessories or cleaning tools that are attached in the vacuum, using the Dyson brands might be a little more advantageous. Their vacuums offers more tools for cleaning detailed surfaces and very narrow spaces. They also have ports that can be use for charging.

While the Hoover brands does not have any extra tools attached to them, they do have some extra features like a battery meter that indicates how much more of the battery you can use. They also have a handle that can be easily adjusted or recline when cleaning low surfaces.

If you need extra guidance on finding the right vacuum for you, take a look at our depth guide of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair 


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    I’m glad I bought myself a Dyson and its been extremely reliable, From my personal experience they do last longer then a usual vacuum and they have such good suction and are really efficient.

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