EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness Review

ezydog trail ready convert big dog harness
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

When you go out for a hike with your dog, it’s important to have a good harness around it to keep it safe. There are all kinds of harnesses out there, though and a seemingly infinite amount of options to choose from. When you’re making your choice, consider the EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Harness, so both you and your dog can enjoy your day out.

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About this Product

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When it comes to practicality, EzyDog is one of the best harnesses out there. It’s made of durable materials that are meant to fit comfortably without pinching your pooch when you’re out hiking. If you have an active lifestyle with your dog, this harness can handle all sorts of weather without straining it. It’s great that it looks wonderful too, with its utilitarian and practical design.
Since it distributes the load across both the chest and the sides, it won’t strain your dog’s neck. It helps that it’s made of soft cotton lining for comfort too and with a vented section towards the back, it will keep your dog cool even during warmer days. Whether your dog needs an XX-small size or an XX-large, you will be able to use the EzyDog harness to keep it safe at all times. Have fun outside without worrying too much about your dog’s safety with a harness like this.


• Durable polyester outer shell to withstand the outdoors and keep your dog warm
• Soft cotton lining for comfort
• Includes a fully adjustable chest strap that won’t chafe the legs
• Rust-proof welded D-ring that won’t break
• Soft touch handle to provide extra security
• Easy to put on – all you have to do is place it over your dog’s head and buckle
• Only has one buckle to mess with
• Lightweight for any sized dog

Fitting Instructions

ezydog trail ready convert big dog harness

Before you buy any sort of harness, it’s important to get the fitting right. If the harness is too big, it can easily slip off when you’re out hiking. You don’t want it to be too small either though, since it does need to fit. When you’re picking out the proper size for this trail-ready harness, first measure your dog’s girth. This is the area behind the front legs and around its body. If the measurement is close to the end of the size range, try going up a size.

To fit the harness on your dog once you receive the proper size, first loosen the chest Velcro strap and place the harness on your dog. For the best results, first adjust the chest strap so the harness fits behind the front legs. Finally, clip the girth strap for a snug fit that feels right. You may also want to keep the chest strap a little loose, just so that the girth strap doesn’t pull on the hind legs. If you’re worried the straps are too tight, try to fit two fingers in between them and the dog and loosen the straps if you’re unable to.


• High-quality, durable construction from reflexive material
• Can be used with or without a leash
• Able to attach a leash to the collar or the ring on the back
• Easy to put on and take off and is very streamlined
• Does not need to be adjusted once you put it on
• Includes a reflective strip on the front for night runs
• Very easy to reach the clip or handle if you need extra safety
• Two Velcro strips allow for many different patch combinations
• Includes the option to purchase saddlebags that can be attached to the side

ezydog parts chart


• When you first get it, it’s often stiff and difficult to adjust
• Only includes red, blue and grey as color options
• There are no storage pockets ordinarily
• Can cause some dogs to itch
• If your dog has a smaller neck, it’s possible they could back up to get out of it
• The handle is oriented sideways, so it’s awkward to pick up your dog

There are many types of harnesses available for your dog. Lots of them advertise comfort and practicality, but the EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Harness is just a step above the rest. Sporting a sleek and stylish design, this harness looks great without pinching your dog or compromising their safety.
You’ll love it too, with the simple slip on and off, but be aware that color options are limited and it does not include any storage pockets. If you’re looking for something durable and for any type of weather, this harness might be your best option.

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