Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder: My Review about the App, SetUp, Amazon and More

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Feeding your pet is, in theory, a fairly simple task. However, what happens when you can’t physically be there to provide the food? How can you actually control your pet’s food portions when you’re not there? Or maybe you’re worried about not being able to see them actually eat the food you’ve left for them.

These are all questions which owners may ask themselves, and they are indeed concerning for any animal lover. That’s the reason for which I’ll introduce a potential fix, a smart product designed as a reliable solution for pet owners, meaning that feeding time can go back to being a piece of cake!


Feed and Go is the ultimate tool for feeding your pet, mostly because of its unique ability to send you real time notifications of when your pet has been fed, in addition to being controlled through the internet from any computer, mobile or other portable device, including iOS, Android and Windows. This means that you are now able to control your pet’s feeding or medicine schedule.

Let’s say that you have a cat which is prone to eating the dog’s food. Although it may not seem like a problem, some cat owners will empathize which the facts that dogs, even despite their size, can be easily intimidated by a cat. Because Feed and Go recognizes this as being a potential problem, the product features a special locking mechanism which makes it cat proof.


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Additionally, if you’re the proud owner of a big dog or cat, you can feed your pet up to 6 meals per day, including dry or even wet food. Internet connectivity gives you the option to log in whenever you want to click the “Feed Now” option, just in case you’ve forgotten one of their meals.

Another feature which you will like is the fact that the feeding trays are removable, meaning that you can make sure that they are thoroughly washed and bacteria-free. If you don’t want to do that by hand, no issue, since the trays are dishwasher safe.

In terms of dimensions and size, the Feed and Go device is 20.47”D x 16.14” W x 2.76” H, and it weighs 6.5 lb., meaning that it’s easy to transport and move around, should you wish to do so. On the other hand, if you’re worried about the product being moved around by your pet, you can rest easy, as the Feed and Go features 4 rubber bottom feet which keep it from moving around and creating an undesired mess.

If you’re already impressed, this last feature will just be the cherry on the cake, as Feed and Go has a built in webcam, so you can check on your fluffy pet whenever you need to. All in all, what Feed and Go will do for you is provide you with peace of mind that your dog or cat is still being fed and cared for, despite you not physically being there.

Setting Up

In regards to the setting up part, you will need a couple of things: a computer or mobile device, internet service, an AC outlet, a wireless internet router, and obviously the main unit of Feed and Go.

In order to actually open the unit, you have conveniently placed buttons (in the front part of the feeder) which need to be pressed simultaneously. Then you will need to plug in the Feed and Go cord into the main power jack (which is placed at the back of your device), and then plug the power plug into the AC outlet we mentioned earlier. After that’s all done and dusted, you will just need to connect the router to the Feed and Go, and the instructions will get you to the end of this quest.

Also, if your internet connection is like me (tends to have a mind of its own), there is no need to worry, because once your schedule has been set it’s stored into the memory of your feeder so everything will still go to plan.

About The App

In terms of the application, you can login to your Feed and Go account from any portable device or computer in order to do one of the following:

  • Change feeding schedule
  • Watch your pet via webcam
  • See your pet’s feeding history
  • Manage your account
  • Set one of the 3 feeding options


This wouldn’t be the great product I believe it is without having a couple of options for you. More specifically, with Feed and Go you can choose between the following three:

One-Off Feed: If for example you’ve realized that you’ve forgotten about a meal, you can login right that moment and click the “Feed Now” option.

One-Time Feed: This option allows you to only provide one feeding, and then no more food will be dispensed. You can also schedule these one-time feeds by clicking on the Schedule menu.

Regular Feeding Schedule: This is pretty self-explanatory, meaning that you can schedule feedings according to the number of times you want your pet to be fed daily (you can set up 16 different time and date schedules).

Pros and Cons

– Feeds up to 6 meals per day
– Suitable for both wet and dry food
– Feeder can be remotely controlled from work or anywhere else
– 6 second voice personal recording makes it easy for your pet to know where to go
– Customizable feeding times and schedules

– You need Internet service to connect the feeder
– Doesn’t have a battery backup in case of a power cut
– No extra trays can be purchased separately

Recommended For

All in all, this is a highly interesting product. If your pet is struggling with its weight, or if your pet has a health problem (diabetes), you may considerably benefit from having this device. Also, if you tend to travel a lot, or you are unable to keep a constant eye out for pets that eat until they vomit, you can now limit portions, all for the safety of your beloved animal. Check out more details here!

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