All Pine Litter Box: Review and How To Use It

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(Last Updated On: November 26, 2020)

A feline pine litter box is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional litter boxes. It is a self-cleaning uniquely designed litter box that needs very little maintenance and litter expenditures. We also have a full review of the top self-cleaning litter boxes on the market!

It works by separating the pellets from the sawdust by having a top litter box that has holes designed to sift out the sawdust. The used sawdust will then fall to the bottom box while the remaining good pellets remain on the top box where your cat will do their business.

How Does It Work?

How it works is that it has two trays: an upper and a lower one. You put the pellets on the top tray and when your cat pees in it, the sawdust falls down to the lower one. It’s a really cost effective mechanism since you only have to throw away the sawdust from the lower tray and keep the unaffected pellets in the upper tray.

Another perk is that your cat won’t be walking on the sawdust, which means that the chances of tracking are way less than the usual litter box.

Of course, the system is not fully self-cleaning as you would still have to clean up the solid wastes and clean up the box every now and then. The sawdust can be used for several things like compost, mulch, or just thrown away.

Quick Benefits At A Glance

Sifted Sawdust

Sure, you might have to help it along by stirring it occasionally, but the sawdust from the top box automatically gets sifted through the holes on the bottom of the top box straight down to the bottom box.

Pellet Saving

You don’t have to spend so much on pellets anymore, because you won’t have to throw the good ones out along with the sawdust. The mechanism separates them already and so you can save up on pellets. You just have to keep on adding more pellets every time you take out the sawdust.


You barely even have to change out this litter box. Because of the automatic separation system, you only have to clean it with minimal maintenance and just adding pellets instead of throwing out everything and changing it practically every time.

Reduces Tracking

Because your cat goes on the top box and doesn’t touch the sawdust on the bottom box, they will not be tracking stinky sawdust everywhere they walk afterwards.

Clean Look

It provides a really neat look because the fresh pellets are practically all that is visible. The dirty sawdust is hidden in the bottom box. Plus, the pine scent really reduces the stink of your cat’s litter box!

Why People Love It:

Apart from the numerous benefits of the pine litter box, cat owners also love it because of the minimal maintenance required.

All it takes is a little sifting of the top box every once in a while, a once a day removal of the saw dust and the poop, a weekly wash of the box and a monthly fresh change of pellets.

It comes at a really low cost, and you can even make your own at home. It’s really efficient and easy to make.

Because pine is a good form of deodorizer, it drastically reduces the odors that can come from your kitty’s litter box. This does not mean that the box will be completely odor free, especially not if you leave it out for quite a while. But it does a great job of lessening the odor that comes from your cat’s litter box.

The sawdust from this kind of litter can also be used as compost and mulch, which means that it is also environmentally friendly. Even if you don’t want to use it as such, it is biodegradable and will reduce waste just as much. Pellets are literally not wasted since you don’t have to throw the still good ones out with the sawdust.

How To Make A DIY All Pine Box:

You’ll Need:

  • 2 litter box pans of the same perimeter, one of them shallower than the other
  • 11/64 bit and a drill
  • A pen and a ruler


If you are going to use an old litter pad, make sure to disinfect it first before proceeding with any of the steps.

Flip the top pan over. Then, you are going to space six 3½ inch squares on it using a pencil. For each square, draw a ¼ inch spaced grid. Drill a hole right were the lines intersect.


This is going to be quite a daunting task as you’re going to aim for perfection, but remember that you don’t need the holes to be perfect, just as long as there are enough. More holes, the better. The holes will be where your sawdust will get sifted, so it’s really important to have enough of these holes.

Keep a vacuum close as the debris from drilling will be quite a lot.


Put the pans on top of each other, then fill the top one with Feline pine or store brand pine litter. Add pellets to the bottom pan for the urine to be absorbed.

Scoop out the poop first whenever you’re cleaning this litter box. Then proceed to sift the sawdust by stirring the pellets on the top pan. This way, the sawdust will get sifted down to the bottom pan and the remaining good pellets will remain at the top.

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