GingerLead Reviews: Rehabilitation Harness & Support Sling

rehabilitation harness support sling gingerlead review
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2022)

The idea to come up with a support system for dogs came after a golden retriever named Ginger was suffering from hip dysplasia and a luxating patella. This led to several orthopedic surgeries and affected her mobility. A bath towel alone wasn’t enough to support Ginger and Gingerlead rear support sling was born.

Gingerlead dog support and rehabilitation harness with stay on straps is a top quality dog sling that is effective for improving the mobility of old, disabled or injured dogs that having trouble standing and walking. The sling will help your older dog walk, especially if he is suffering from degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, and other debilitating ailments that affect his mobility and balance. The product is also a great choice for dogs that are recovering from hip, back or knee injuries, a great recovery tool for post orthopedic surgery treatments, used in veterinary clinics to fasten the recovery period.

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  • A great design comprising of a padded belly sling with a leash and a handle that assists dogs with weak hind legs by supporting and balancing them ensuring mobility.
  • Ideal sizing measurements of 5” wide support pad inclusive of straps which are adjustable from 26” to 37” long. It also has shorter straps that allow the handle to be positioned just above the back of a tall dog.
  • The sling is made of top quality material, easy to use and machine washable.
  • A light padded corduroy inner fabric that maintains the Gingerlead in place, preventing bunching and slipping.
  • A great choice for old or disabled dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy or arthritis among other debilitating ailments and disabilities.
  • A great recovery tool for dogs with hip, knee or back injuries as well as use in the recovery of dogs that have undergone orthopedic surgeries.

Putting It On

Gingerlead dog support has adjustable dimensions, even though you should take note of the sizing charts before purchase. The sizing is not dependent on your dog’s weight and is determined by the adjusting dimensions and the pad width, although it can fit a wide range of dogs with different sizes.

Positioning the handle on the left side of your dog, pass the sling under your dog’s belly while holding the straps on each side of your dog. Place the free strap on the right side of your dog under the handle. The handle with the attached leash should be on top and the corduroy lining in the handle facing downwards. Then wrap the handle under and around the free strap and close its ends together, positioning the free strap inside the handle and the leash on top. You can then either attach the snap hook from the leash to your dog’s collar or a standard chest harness and finally fasten the stay on straps or just leave them as they are. Lift your dog’s back legs gently putting him in an ideal position to allow support on the back legs while moving the dog.

How to Measure

When looking at sizing, take note of the adjusting dimensions and support pad width. This should be done while you are standing upright. When adjusting dimensions, measure from where the handle of the Gingerlead rests in your hand, continuing under your dog’s belly and up the other side before getting back to where your hand is and completing the loop. Choose the tall size if it measures 37” or less.

The support pad width is measured from the front of the hind legs. If it’s male dog it should be measured from in front of the penis and all the way at the base of your dog’s chest so as to estimate the width of the support pad.You can also fold a bath towel to the various pad widths and use it to determine the best measurement for your dog.

rehabilitation harness support sling gingerlead review


  • Very comfortable.
  • Eases movement.
  • Provides a sturdy support, enhancing body support, enabling him/her to stand or walk.
  • Fastens the recovery period.
  • Effective, durable and easy to use.


  • Doesn’t work well with male dogs. Offers a challenge while urinating.
  • Short and cumbersome.


Many dogs have benefited from the support and aid of the Gingerlead dog support and it’s a great choice for your ailing dog. Gingerlead is a safe way to help your dog stand up, walk, climb stairs among other activities which he might not have been able to do. The sling not only offers support, but it develops more confidence and secure footing, resulting in your dog having a speedy recovery.

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