Helping Your Disabled Dog Walk

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2021)

Just like with people, some pets due to different issues, can have difficulties walking and might need to use some form of a mobility harness. Read for more information about dog wheelchairs.

The most often times when a dog might need a mobility harness is after surgery because it had joint problems or maybe because it developed a sever case of arthritis. Usually it’s older dogs that will need this form of an assistance in order to be able to walk and climb stair normally.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is finding a harness that will suit your dog and it’s problems. Nowadays there are so many different types out there. Go through them with me in order to figure out which one will suit your dog’s needs best.

Why Can My Dog Barely Walk?

Dog Harnesses

There are so many different types of harnesses nowadays to choose from, the one you’ve already probably heard about is the sling used to support a dog’s front/back pair of legs. The best part about using a harness is that dog’s can actually climb up and down stairs again.

The bad part is that your dog will not be fully remote by itself again and won’t be able to do everything on its own, since it will need some of your help when walking, climbing stairs and standing up. Some dogs with pain in their joints will find it too hard to climb stairs, but using a dog harness will soothe the pain and your dog can climb with just some of your support.


In the occasions when a dog harness can’t really help, some dogs might even need a wheelchair when running and/or playing. Most commonly it’s handicapped, disabled or elderly dogs that will need the assistance of a wheelchair. They’re a bit better than dog harnesses, since dogs don’t need your support to move around freely. The way they ease your dog from its pain in the joints is by supporting them with the wheels. This way your dog will feel better, because it will not put as much pressure on its joints as it would without the use of a wheelchair.

Wrist Wraps

It’s the smallest form of assistance that a dog can get for pain in the joints. It’s similar solution to the one that humans use. You use a special form of wrap to secure the joint and tighten the muscles, so your dog can walk and move around freely. Of course, it’s not as efficient as the other solutions, but it will sure support your dog’s bones when it comes to temporary problems. If your dog has some permanent problem, I’d advise you to try some of the other solutions, like getting a wheelchair or a dog harness.

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