7 Best High Fiber Cat Foods: For Diarrhea or Constipation

best high fiber cat food brands
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Alright, my cat food has chicken, some vegetables, and… fiber? When I was picking out a cat food, I started wondering why my cat would need fiber in her diet at all. She seemed perfectly healthy with her current cat food, but when I looked up some of these high fiber cat food reviews, I had to wonder what the health benefit was.

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Reasons To Feed High Fiber Cat Food

Too much excess fibre can cause problems in cats, but if you’re careful, some fiber can really help them. First off, look for “dietary fiber.” This is the type of fiber that works best for your cat. Make sure not to go for cheap fiber sources like corn or woodchips since that can cause more damage.

Your vet will often recommend to put your cat on a high fiber diet. It’s something you should check with your vet on your cat’s regular visits. There are a few well known, prescription high fiber cat food brands made Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, Iams Veterinary and Purina. You can also get some non-prescription high fiber diets online or in pet supply stores.

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How Does Fiber Help Your Cat?

Fiber actually isn’t an essential part of the cat diet. For a cat in the wild, there’s no need to consume more fiber. Cats really only need meat, but fiber can be a big help to your guy or gal too.

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​Function of Fiber

Fiber may not be essential, but it can add a lot to your cat’s health. It is meant to increase bulk and water in the intestines to increase transit time of food through the digestive tract or slow it down depending on your pet’s current issues. To put it simply, diarrhoea and constipation are no match. Bacteria are also combated by fiber, which slows down the growth of any harmful strains. The colon sees some benefit too as it is cleaned out and the cells begin to recover at a faster rate.

​Weight Management

More fiber in the diet can actually prevent obesity and overweight cats. Instead of your cat going back for seconds and meowing at you for food, your cat will feel fuller. The increase in fiber adds bulk and makes for a more satisfying meal and less calories as a result.

​Diarrhea, Constipation, and Diabetes

Fiber treats two separate and very different problems by either adding or absorbing moisture. The binding properties help your cat clean up their system. Diabetes Mellitus is benefitted by fiber too. This common metabolic disease may not disappear entirely, and in the end fats and meats are important too, but fiber certainly helps.


Getting the right type of fiber can help with weight problems, diarrhoea, and constipation, but when you buy, make sure all the ingredients are to your liking. If your dry food has more than 3% fiber, be a little suspicious. Wet food is generally a better source of fiber and possibly better for your cat, so it might be something to consider.

High Fiber Food For Your Cat: My Top 7 Picks

Now for what you’ve been waiting for: the best foods out there for high fiber. From a large list on Amazon and in the store, I found the brands that your cat will think are “paw”-some.

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

There’s nothing worse than finding little “surprises” all over your house in the forms of hairballs. Fiber doesn’t only help with digestion, but also with those pesky hairballs too. Without including anything artificial, this delicious food is packed with great nutrients so your kitty will be scratching for more.

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  • Helps maintain a healthy weight while reducing the amount of hairballs
  • Coats are much shinier and cats tend to shed less
  • A cat with chronic throw up issues was able to become healthy again with this food



  • It is a corn product, which might not work for all cats
  • The new recipe has been questioned as actually making cats worse


The best thing when reading up on ingredients is seeing things like chicken at number one. Right after that follows some whole grain wheat perfect for your cat’s fiber needs. Corn and pork fat are added on too, along with all those great vitamins.

Iams Proactive Health Adult Digestive Care Formula

Iams is popular for both dogs and cats, and with zero fillers, I can see why! This food is perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs, especially older and adult cats that still need high-quality proteins and fiber. A healthy weight and metabolism will make your cat feel “purr”-fect.

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  • Underweight, overweight, and average cats keep healthy weights with this food
  • Sensitive stomachs do well on this food
  • Consistent vomiting is solved for multiple cats on this food



  • Some people don’t really like the ingredients
  • The size of the kibble isn’t actually different


Chicken by-product meal is the first on the list here, with corn meal and chicken right after for fiber and protein needs. Beets and corn compose a majority of the fiber, with added vitamins to promote overall health.

Purina One Cat Indoor Advantage

Purina: yet another popular brand. These guys make the perfect cat food for your indoor cat, with real turkey at the first ingredient and 100% nutrition. No fillers and tons of protein will give your cat everything they need to be healthy in your home.

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  • A woman who tried the product said it tasted like “meat cereal” rather than cardboard like other brands
  • Occasional tear stains are now solved with this food
  • The food works great to extend the amount of food you serve



  • The amount of food in one bag doesn’t last long for more cats
  • People say it’s better to use it as a filler rather than a nutritional food


This food contains 10% less calories to help support healthy weight, using real turkey instead of chicken, and including brewer’s rice for fiber. Corn gluten meal and poultry by-product add to the fiber and protein content to round out your cat’s diet.

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive

Purina Pro Plan comes in a variety of flavors all meant to make sure your cat eats well without getting bored in the process! This sensitive food works great for adult and ageing cats, using the most easily digestible fiber to nourish skin too. Balanced nutrition just got a whole lot easier!

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  • The lamb flavor has a higher meat to fat ratio with better ingredients
  • Cats with UTIs are able to recover and be healthier on this food
  • It’s a cheaper alternative to other high quality cat foods



  • Cats can actually gain weight on this food if you feed it consistently
  • Some cats just plain don’t like the food itself


Including 40% protein and easily digestible rice and oatmeal, Purina Pro has lamb as the first ingredient. Fibers like brewers rice and corn gluten meal follow after, with some dried eggs thrown in too. There might only be 40% protein, but the gentle fiber and high-quality proteins more than make up for it.

ROYAL CANIN Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response

Royal Canin makes great dog food as you might know, but they make great cat food too. This food includes fibers that help your cat defecate properly and without pain. Intestinal health is improved and good gut flora is restored with just a simple food to help your little friend feel better.


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  • Constipation is solved easily thanks to this food for all kinds of cats
  • The food works right away, even for severely constipated cats
  • This can be substituted for traumatizing medication or procedures



  • Sometimes it works better when it’s combined with wet food
  • The food may be popular, but it is more pricey (but worth it!)


Brewers rice and chicken by-product meal add together to give your cat the proper fiber to fix both diarrhoea and constipation. No matter what the problem is, this veterinary approved food will do wonders. There is a lot of corn in this food, however, which you may be cautious about.


High fiber cat food reviews tell you everything you need to know about cat food options! It’s tough figuring out which brand is best, although I’ve done all the work for you. Whether your cat needs something for diarrhoea, constipation, hairballs, or just something for a sensitive stomach, these foods have all the answers. High-quality ingredients and fiber will have your guy or gal feeling great again.

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