Homdox Water Fountain: My Honest Review

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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)
As modern-day consumers, we’re picky when it comes to the kind of water we put into our system. We opt for filters and purifiers to ensure that it’s clean and healthy to drink.
When you think about it, it makes sense to filter our pet’s water in the same way that we filter ours. Unclean public water could be as harmful to their health as it is to the human body, right?
Surprisingly, most pet owners don’t monitor the water that their pet drinks. They often allow their pets to drink from anywhere and anything that carries water. 
Consider for a moment the type of water that your pets are drinking and the effect it could have on their health. Obviously drinking from the hose pipe or toilet seat is not the healthiest option. One would do well to train their pets to drink from a clean and reliable source.
That’s why we find it so important to review the top water fountains for cats and dogs, as we can help you to find the perfect solution to giving your cat or dog clean and healthy water. One such fountain that ticks all these boxes is the Homdox.

About Homdox

Homdox is very passionate about creating premium quality products at accessible prices. It’s designed to make clean water accessible to animals. It echoes the brand’s promise to put the customer first, in this case, your pet.

Features and Benefits

Thanks to this water fountain, your pet will never be without clean and healthy water. This compact sized fountain is made from a sturdy ABS plastic material (not the unhealthy BPA kind). It is made as a water storage tank to keep water clean for longer periods of time.
It’s automatic and electric with a waterfall that releases the right amount of water to quench thirst without being wasteful.
You can refill it multiple times with the same filter. Although you’ll have to change filters every now and then to make sure that it stays clean.
This fountain comes with multiple layers of filtration from a pre-filter sponge to a pre-carbon filter and a charcoal filter. All are replaceable and available for sale separately.
The fountain also features an LED light so that your pet can access and drink from it at night. It can hold up to 1.8 liters of water and is the perfect size for serving required quantities of healthy water.
It’s suitable for both dogs and cats, and maintenance on this is very easy.
You can easily take it apart and clean it in about 5 minutes and put it back together again. Use a tiny brush with soft bristles to get into the little nooks and crannies. Make sure that no debris get left behind. The package comes with the water fountain, an AC adapter, instruction manual and a charcoal filter and sponge filter.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • I love that it’s mobile, easy to carry and clean and refill
  • This is a quiet fountain, and the only noise you’ll hear coming out of it is the tranquil trickle of water when your pet is drinking
  • It’s easy to clean, all you have to do is disassemble it, thoroughly clean with water and a small brush and put it back together again
  • It illuminates the water with a soft blue light at night, so your pet can easily access clean water no mater what time of day it is
  • The design. This is actually decent to look at, and one can proudly place it anywhere without cramping your home décor
  • It’s really easy and simple to assemble, and the instruction manual is easy to understand!
  • Great for picky drinkers who prefer to drink from running water
  • Good customer service from this brand

Keep In Mind:

  • As a small unit, it struggles to cater for multiple pets, and a bigger option should perhaps be developed for this purpose
  • It only comes with one filter, which means that you’ll have to purchase another one when it comes time to replace the one it comes with
  • It has a small reservoir tank which requires constant refilling, every day or so depending on your pet’s consumption
  • It would help if they would provide the type of filters that go with this fountain in their product listing, so that you know which ones to purchase when the original ones need replacing

More Tips for Using

  • Place it in a visible area in your kitchen or close to your bedroom. That way it’ll be in your face and you won’t forget to refill it and you’ll be able to easily notice when a malfunction happens
  • Get more than one if you have multiple pets
  • To clean, flush it under a running tap and brush away debris and dirt with a brush
  • The amount of water you pour into this will determine the water flow, so you might want to fill it up to match your pet’s drinking habits and avoid overfilling it unnecessarily


Give your pet the best and invest in a Homdox pet water fountain. Today. Not only will your pet enjoy its practical design and the refreshing water, they’ll appreciate the unique LED lights that help them drink at night. You’ll love the stylish design which can complement any space. Here’s to keeping your pets hydrated with healthy H2O!

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