HoneyGuaridan A25 Feeder: My Full Review

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)

The Honey Guardian Feeder answers a lot of the questions pet owners have when they leave their little ones at home. You no longer need to worry about feeding your dog or cat when you’re not home on time. Set this self-dispensing dog feeder to go off in flexible portions for up to 6 times a day. Portion control is great for overweight pets, or just pets that are all alone when you’re gone! So if you’re working all day, you just forget, or you can’t afford to run home all the time, a feeder like this will let you feed your pet with ease. No more begging and barking for food when it’s all right there!

honeyguaridan pet feeder review

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     Extremely flexible meal portions: you can send out 1/32 cup or as many as 7 cups

     Can be used for dogs and cats alike

     Record your voice to call your pets to their meal

     Built in infrared detection prevents the food from locking within the mechanism

     Fit any sort of food inside, as long as it isn’t too large

     Only requires 4 D batteries; low power usage

     Can be scheduled for up to 6 meals a day


     You can set both the amount of food and the number of times each day it’s delivered

     Very straightforward; easy to set up within a few minutes

     Holds enough food for a week at least, maybe more

     Your messy cats can’t get the food everywhere

     Very easy to program feedings in

     Great customer service if you experience any issues


     You can’t turn off the audio cue if you decide not to use it and record over it

     It’s actually somewhat difficult to put the batteries in

     Integrated bowl is difficult to separate for cleaning

     Doesn’t always drop the food when you’re away

Best Suited For

    This feeder is great for both dog and cat owners who are looking for something for their pet when they’re not home to feed them. Use it to help overweight pets with portion control, or to provide pets with some comfort when you’re not home. You have to be careful to get the right size of kibble, but after that, you can be sure that the food will stay safe, your pet won’t make a mess, and they’ll be well-fed for when you come home. If you’re someone technologically challenged like me, this feeder is even easy to use, once you get the batteries in of course! Eliminate begging or crying for food with a simple feeder like this and watch your furry friend run up to it instead of you!

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