How Dog Poop Scoopers Are Saving Our Environment

Do you ever stop and think about how much poop dogs generate each year? Where does it all go? How many plastic bags are being used every day for scooping that poop? Where does it end up? What effect does that plastic waste and poop have on our environment? Well, let me tell you something, all of that hurts our planet. Read our post on pooper scoopers.

30 or 40 years ago, plastic bags weren’t as common as today and people didn’t bother to clean up after their dogs. However, things have changed, and in some states as well as some countries it is mandatory to clean up after your dog. Today, most people are using standard plastic bags to clean up after their dogs. While putting a plastic bag over your hand and picking up a dog poop from the ground and placing it in a garbage qualifies as cleaning after your dog, it doesn’t do much for our Mother Nature.

Just because you put your dog’s poop in a plastic bag doesn’t mean you have done a good deed. That plastic bag will sooner or later end up in a landfill where it will stay. Plastic is not degradable. It can’t just simply disappear. Even though you’ve cleaned up the poop, you have made even more damage long term.

Today there are 83 million dogs and 90 million cats in the United States alone. Those numbers are huge. How much waste do you think is generated every year? You probably can’t even imagine, so let me help you. Dogs in the United States produce almost 11 million tons of excrement annually. Do you know how much that is? It is enough to fill up 4, 000 trucks. That is a line of trucks stretching from Seattle all the way to Boston with trailers full of poop. Add cat litter to the equation, and you will have enough pet waste to cover over 5, 000 football fields with poop. And I mean 10 feet deep cover of poop.

As you can see, pet waste is not something we as a society can sweep under the rug or look the other way. We can’t say that our pets poop is an environmental threat as big as nuclear waste or carbon pollution, but it still is a threat. Imagine worst thing that can happen to you if somebody leaves a poop on the sidewalk. You’re probably thinking about how your day would be ruined if you were to step in it. However, smell and mess aren’t the only things you should worry about. Dog poop can harbor a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Let’s talk about what YOU, as a dog owner, can do to step out of that big group of people who don’t pick up after their dogs or use plastic bags which are polluting even more. If you don’t scoop your dog’s poop, it will eventually end up in the ground where bacteria and viruses can end up in underground waters. This way you are also polluting the earth. Despite popular opinion, dog poop is not great for compost or degradation. Especially cat poop. Cat litter usually contains a lot of toxins, and you should never put it in compost tanks. However, dog poop is somewhat acceptable when it comes to composting, but many experts argue that it is not smart doing that because of the numerous parasites and viruses dog poop can contain.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself a scooper that doesn’t require plastic bag in order to scoop up poop. This way you can deposit your dog’s poop directly in designated area without adding another plastic bag to overfilled landfill. Using scoopers is easier than crouching down and picking your dog’s poop with your hands. After that, you just have to wash off the scooper, and you are good to go. Another thing you can do is to buy biodegradable plastic bags. This way you can pick up your dog’s poop and throw it away in a plastic bag and know that you didn’t pollute.

Probably the best thing you can do is to use a poop scooper to throw a poop in a toilet and flush it. This way poop won’t end up on a ground where parasites and bacteria can multiply, and there won’t be any additional waste such as plastic polluting the environment. Flushing is probably the best thing you can do as well as using the biodegradable plastic bags.

Now that you know about the dangers of leaving a dog poop lying all over the ground or even picking it up with a plastic bag wrapped around your hand, are you ready to continue your old practices? We live in a world where everyone is conscious enough that they know that some things need to be changed, that we need to change our ways, but they never do. We always think that if we stop doing something bad, Mother Nature won’t even notice it. And that is why we continue with our destructive behavior. Don’t be like that. You matter. All of us matter.

You might think that what you do has no impact on the Mother Nature. Whether you are polluting or trying to save it. Some people see that battle as a battle against a windmill. Why would you stop using convenient plastic bags if no one else will? Well, sooner or later we will have to. We can’t go around destroying the environment as much as we wish to. So, go out there, get yourself a biodegradable plastic bags for your dog’s poop and get yourself a scooper. Forget about using the standard plastic bags and don’t leave your dog’s poop in the middle of the park. Everything we do matters.

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