Just How Long Can Cats Go Without Water? For 3 Days?

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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2021)

Food and water are one of the absolute necessities for both humans and animals. Drinking water is necessary to maintain a good health and to replace those fluids lost when urinating or sweating. Since felines do all these functions, it is essential that they are provided with access to safe drinking water at all times.

Felines are animals that came from desert climates so they can last for some time without water. Also, wild feral cats often get their necessary water intake from their prey.
That is why they can last longer in the wild. This is why household felines can last longer without water compared to other pets in your home.
It is also your responsibility to provide your cat’s basic needs such as food and water. No one wants to put their pets or any other animal in agony by denying them of these basic necessities.
But what if your kitty has one day stopped eating or drinking water? Changes in the feeding habits of your pets cause major concern and worry. Loss of appetite is one sign that there is something wrong with your pet.

How Much Water Intake Is Enough

The more food your kitty consumes and the higher calorie intake, the more metabolic waste is produced. This mean that it also needs more water to replace lost fluids to maintain a healthy body temperature.
Full grown cats need to drink the same amount of water as the amount of food that they consume. Canned food can contain up to 80% water while dry food only contains 7 to 12 percent water. If you regularly feed your kitty dry food, you will also need to provide more water.

How Long Without Food

The right amount of food and the right amount of nutrition should be provided if you want your cat to live long.
On average, cats can survive for up to 10 to 15 days without consuming food, if it is drinking water. Once this period of time has already passed, you will encounter problems such as kidney failure from hunger. Kidney failure would then lead to even worse scenarios.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Water

How Long Can Cats Go Without Water? A cat can survive for up to two weeks with water alone. We cannot say the same if there is no water intake.

Regularly drinking water contributes to the functioning of the cells in your pet’s body and it is absolutely necessary, even more than food.

Without any water intake, your feline can only survive a maximum of four days. If it is eating moist or wet food, then it can last longer than average since these contain water in them.

Environment and Weather

Low water intake in hot or tropical places can cause dehydration. There is already a healthy amount of fluid lost in sweating but it is not being replaced through water intake.

A more active pet also means there is more fluid lost in the feline’s body. Vomiting due to other illnesses can also cause fluid loss in your pet.

Health and Old Age

The age and health condition of your cat also contributes to the duration it can last without food or water. Healthy felines without diseases and younger kittens can definitely survive longer without water than felines of old age and who are riddled with certain conditions.

For felines with health issues, lack of water intake and dehydration will only worsen their condition.


What to Do If Your Feline Is Not Drinking Water

What should you do if your kitty is not drinking any water? If it is avoiding any intake of water or you notice that the water from the water bowl is still the same amount as before, you can try to give it water based treats. These are nutritious treats with a lot of water content in them and are generally appealing.

You can also try changing the sources of water your pet is drinking from. There are felines who love tap water while there are also those who prefer drinking bottled water.

Also, if you have been using a water bowl all this time then you can also try using a water fountain for a change. We have reviewed a number of automatic water dispensers, so take a look at our selection of the best cat water fountains and dog fountains too!

Another thing you can do to help your pet drink water is to give it canned tuna and then add some water into it. This is one thing felines love to eat. The water will not only provide hydration for your pet it will also give nutrients to the body.

If this does not work, then you definitely need to take your pet to see the vet.


It is important to give your cat access to water at all times. Do not let your pets’ water bowl stay empty for a long time. Cats need food and water to survive and they won’t survive for long if they are starved and dehydrated.


When an organ becomes dehydrated, it takes away energy from other parts of the cat’s body. Continuous dehydration will lead to the bloodstream becoming less fluid and organs drying up and shutting down. Dehydration could be fatal to your pet.

Monitor your cat’s water intake to see if it avoids drinking water regularly. Make sure that once you see signs of dehydration in your pet to provide it ample amount of water and to schedule a check up with the veterinarian if deemed necessary.


  • Martha says:

    I just got a new Houes cat and it is hiding for two days I have water and food set out for it what can I do to get it to come out of hiding

  • Anna Pacatang says:

    My kitty stayed under the bed for 2 weeks when I first got her. So, I slid her food and drinking water under the bed, along with the litter box. She would eat, drink and use the litter box several times a day. Eventually, I brought the food and water out in plain view and talked gently, praising kitty for a good job, as she ate and drank. Now, she has the run off the house.

  • Gloria Groom says:

    I don’t know what to do. I have been giving food to a cat when it comes into my garden. I knew it was not taken when owner left. It has never come near be ever. I have now to leave the country perminately and have been told cut down on food till not feeding at all. Sometimes it doesn’t come to the garden for 3 days,
    Maybe someone else is feeding it I can’t
    Find out. It’s about 14. I am really upset. Any advice, thanks Gloria

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