How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

how often should you wash your dog
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

It’s completely normal to us humans to shower every day. But How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?Sure, they run around in the rain and get wet at times, but sometimes we as pet owners need to tolerate a little mess to keep our pets clean and happy. The only problem is that many of us might not know when it’s time to break out the soap and water.

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how often should you wash your dog

General Bathing Guidelines

How often should I bathe my dog? For the most part, it’s ok to bathe your dog as often as you’d like, within reason. In general, once a month with dog shampoo is usually the best if you find that your dog smells or if you want to check over their fur for any problems.

Bathing and brushing are some of the best ways after all to check for missing hair or skin problems. You can even bathe your dog as often as once a week if you find necessary.

In that case, you should try a shampoo with moisturizer to prevent drying your dog’s skin. However, vets recommend not to exceed more than once a week unless you are specifically instructed to.

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Bathing might also become more necessary for your dog if they have fleas. A bath once a week is recommended, even if you might be treating your dog with oral parasite control products. You can use specific products recommended by your vet in this case, such as shampoos to prevent oils from being stripped from your dog. Some owners disagree on bathing once a week or once a month. If you do wash your dog more often, use the time to look over their health and make sure they are in good condition. Check their teeth, look in their ears, go over their fur, and look for weight loss. Hopefully they don’t struggle with you during this important part of their care. Read about what to do if you see a rash on your dog’s belly.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Dog owners go about bathing their dogs differently depending on their dog’s needs. Some say that once a week is best, others might tell you they can get away with only once a month. With these conflicting opinions, how are you supposed to know when you should help your dog clean up? Here are five factors that will help you decide.

Indoor or Outdoor?

It does make a difference whether your dog generally sleeps and lives inside the house or outside. If they’re in your bed or with you a lot, you might want to wash them more often to keep you and your bed as fresh and clean. It’ll help keep your couch and furniture clean too, if you let them up hop up.

What Breed is Your Dog?

The type of hair your dog has impacts how often they need to be washed. Breeds like Shelties, Collies, and Labs have harsh-textured coats, so you don’t need to wash them more than once a month. This type of hair will repel dirt more often. Maltese, Yorkies, Afghans, and Shitzus don’t have undercoats though and require a once a week bath from you.

Certain breeds actually need to be bathed more often to help keep your hair in good condition, to manage all the dreadful tangles and get rid of extra oils. Some dogs that suffer from allergies and have rashes might even need more baths to stay clean and to help any wounds or scabs heal.

Is Anyone Allergic?

Many people are unfortunately allergic to a pet in the household. If this is true for someone in your home, then you really should try to bathe your pet and clean them as much as once a week. Bathing will help get rid of the dander in their fur that makes you sneeze while keeping them clean and pretty.

What Kind of Activities Does Your Dog Do?

For the most part, dogs do get dirty. They play around outside, they sniff other dogs, they roll around in grass, and they mess around. That’s just what dogs do. Giving them regular baths will combat the dirt that inevitably accumulates. Do be aware of dry skin though, and maybe look for shampoos that will help with this problem.

Does Your Dog Have Itchy or Dry Skin?

Humans absorb allergens through our mouths and noses, but dogs actually absorb them through their skin. That’s why they can sometimes experience itchiness and dry skin a little more often than us! If you bathe them often, you can help prevent this.

Making Baths Fun and Easy

If bath time for your dog is usually a big hassle, then try these tips:

  • Start young! If your puppy can get used to baths from a young and early age, the battle won’t be half as bad.
  • Remember to brush through your dog’s hair before the actual bath. This gets rid of loose hair and bad tangles. If your dog’s hair is wet, it’s actually harder to comb through and might hurt. You want to keep the bath experience comfortable and soothing.
  • Use non slip materials in the bath to soothe your dog’s concerns about slipping over!
  • Be sure to avoid getting any shampoo on your dog’s face. You can also use a washcloth on its face for comfort and some luxury pampering.

How regularly you should wash your dog depends on a number of factors. Try and stay within a month for any dog in your care. They may not always need it often, although I’m sure they’ll thank you for feeling clean and groomed. Just be sure to use the proper products for your dog, and ask your vet if you’re a little unsure.

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