How To Get A Cat Out of A Tree?

my cat is up on tree
(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

As cats are adventurous creatures, they’re bound to get lost or stuck somewhere once or twice. Often times, this “somewhere” is up a tree. This, although common, is highly unfortunate for us as pet owners. Not only is it troublesome, but it’s also a matter of safety – both yours and your cat’s. How can you get your cat down from a tree? Do you really need to call the fire department? Let’s see.

feline is high up on the tree

Coaxing Technique

Coaxing your cat down should be your first plan of action. It can take a bit of time and patience, though, so come prepared with plenty of both. Additionally, it can be beneficial to bring a bag of your cat’s favorite treats or a favorite toy. This isn’t the time for discpline though!

Determine your cat’s location

If you can’t see your cat, you’ll want to start by deciphering where he or she is in the tree. Are they up high? Are they relatively low to the ground? This is a factor that you need to consider before you begin trying to coax your cat to the ground.

Put the dogs away

If you have any dogs, be sure to put them in the house or otherwise ensure that they aren’t within the same area that the cat is. If your neighbors have dogs and you know them well enough, consider asking them if they can bring their dogs inside to avoid your cat being spooked away or discouraged by barking.

Bring out the treats

For cats with an appetite, the next step is to bust out the trusty cat treats. Shake the bag around and make a lot of noise with it to try and catch your cat’s attention. You could also try bringing your cat’s food dish outside with you and noisily dumping treats or food into the dish. If you can see your cat, let her watch you do all of this. Or, you could leave a dish of food on the ground by the tree.

If your cat is more interested in toys, bring out a toy that he or she likes. Swing, wave, and wiggle it around if your cat can see you. If it’s a quiet toy and you can’t see your cat, try using a toy that makes noise such as a ball with a bell or a mouse with a squeaker in it.

Sometimes, laser pointers work where traditional cat toys fail. Most cats, regardless of their age or preferences, are attracted to laser pointers. You might be able to coax your cat down using one.

Give your cat time

Sometimes, the loving relationship you have with your cat goes out the window and instincts take over.

When this happens, your cat may be too fearful of everything -including you- to come down. So, try giving your cat some time to come down on its own. If it’s stuck because it is scared and not because, for some reason, it is physically unable to come down, your cat might make his way down without coaxing.

Helping The Cat Get Out of The Tree

Climb up and bring the cat down

Okay – this isn’t the safest option, but it is worth mentioning seeing as many people just automatically try to climb the tree and rescue their beloved. While it can be done, it must be done carefully.

You need to keep in mind that your cat is probably scared and as such, prone to scratching and biting. You may want to wear a pair of gloves. You should also make sure that your ladder is secure and does not wobble; consider having someone hold it while you climb. Don’t attempt to climb the tree if your cat is halfway up a 12 foot pine.

When grabbing your cat, be gentle and hold him or her securely. You wouldn’t want any accidents happening on your descent to the ground.

Build a ramp for your cat

No, we don’t mean that you should build a ramp in your shop. All we mean is that if a cat is fearful of large drops, resting something long against the tree trunk can be encouraging. Use a ladder or a long plank of wood to make a bridge for the cat to use.

Send up a carrier

If you don’t want to climb up and get your cat or wait for her to come down, you could try sending their carrier up to them instead. Attach their carrier securely to a strong piece of rope and, without hitting anyone, toss the end of rope with the carrier over the branch on which the cat is stuck. Then, wait and see if the cat climbs into its carrier.

Now that you know how to safely get your cat out of a tree, you can effectively attempt a rescue mission should you find yourself in this situation.

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