Cat Won’t Use Litter Robot: How To Get Your Cat To Use The Litter-Robot

Cat Won’t Use Litter-Robot? Let’s Know Why
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

The litter robot is shaped uniquely, which might make your cat feel uncertain when using it—especially since it will automatically clean itself. If your cat won’t use the Litter Robot and you’re scratching your head, here are a few things to make the transition a little easier for them. So, why is my cat not using the litter box? Read on to find out.

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Why Cat Won’t Use Litter Robot?

Your Cat is Scared

You’ve probably already guessed it. Your cat is scared by the unfamiliarity of a new self-cleaning litter box. Plus, the sounds Litter-Robot produces (or any other automatic boxes) only add to your cat’s fear. Don’t think you can just get rid of its old box so easily.

How Do You Acclimate A Cat To The Litter Robot?

Before you start, ensure that you pick the right litter type for your cat. The fact is, some felines prefer clumping litter while other cats prefer non-clumping litter. To make their transition go smoother, add just a little bit of their old litter to the Litter Robot so they can feel comforted by a familiar scent. Here are more tips:

When You First Start to Use The Litter Robot, Keep It Off

Your cat might be startled if the little robot begins working when they try to jump in. Granted, this should not ever happen since it detects when your cat is inside, so it will never activate while your cat is using it, but the noise of it moving might still make it scary for your cat.

Start with your litter robot turned off, then. Give them a little bit of time to adjust and become familiar with the new shape and appearance of their little box. And keep it unplugged for a little while as they start using it—just plug it back in for a single clean cycle after your kitten uses it. As you give your cat time to adjust, you should be able to plug it in normally and let it work.

Keep The Robot on Semi-Automatic Mode To Acclimate Your Cat Slowly

While your cat is still adjusting to the new robot, you can only plug it in when they use it. Once they start using it, you should start with the semi-automatic option.

Basically, the semi-automatic setting means that it will clean on a regular schedule, but not necessarily directly after each clean. This will give your cat the time to see it work without startling them. If you keep the litter robot off until your cat is comfortable, it will help.

Black cat lying on a carpet floor

Take It Slow During The Transition

Give your furry friend plenty of time and know that the whole process isn’t going to take a day. You might be tempted to just grab the old regular litter box and completely replace it, but hold on a minute. Instead, you should take it slow when training your cat to use a new litter box for the first time. Realize your cat is frightened and not feeling comfortable. Always introduce your cat slowly and be patient. Leave the old little box there for a little while. Completely removing it might result in you cleaning up accidents around the house.

But you can still entice your cat to use the new robot by adding a scoop of the old litter to the new one. You can also let the waste accumulate in your old box to motivate your cat to try something new.


Maybe you can try moving the box later if you want to redecorate, but for now, you should keep your litter robot right next to where you had the original box. Your cat knows where they’re supposed to go to use their box already, and that’s where they feel safe. Don’t mix it up on them now with a new box.

Use Treats To Entice Your Cat To Use The Automatic Litter Box

As you’re getting your pet used to their new little box, one of the best things you can do is to entice them with catnip or treats. Place those treats on the step of the robot or right around it so that your cat associates rewards with the robot and feel more comfortable using this new and strange gadget!

Don’t stop there either! Pay attention to when your cat begins to use their litter robot. This is when you place treats, play sessions, and some cuddles to reinforce their using it.

Incognito Robot

Okay, so this is a little bit of a more involved solution. If you’re still having trouble getting your kitty to check out their new litter robot, you can hide it in the box it comes in to convince them that it’s just a normal box.

Just place it back in the box and cut a hole in the box where the entry and exit passages are, and cut a hole for the waste drawer too. You can get rid of the box when they get a little more used to it.

Cat lying outside a litter robot

Sit Near When Your Cat Wants to Use The Robot

You can let your kitty try to acclimate on their own, but you can also sit right next to them while they get used to the litter robot. Just being there will help them realize that it isn’t scary or strange. As they get used to it, you can let them start to use it alone.

Take It Step By Step and Adjust Patiently

It’s normal for your cat to get scared. Your cat needs assurance from you and needs time to get used to the new object at home. However, the good news is that a smooth transition is completely possible.

We recommend that you allow your cat some time, and know that cats adapt ultimately! Make sure your cat is comfortable and reward them with treats. Some cats are slow to adapt as they prefer how safe and secure they used to feel in their old box. But you don’t have to worry. When your cat won’t use Litter-Robot, it’s not the end of the story. Most cats gradually get comfortable using it and you just need to reassure them more.

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