Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter

Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter
(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

Usually when you have a cat, you need to go to the store when their litter is low, pick out the litter, go home and clean out your previous litter box, and refill it with the new litter. Cat owners know how much effort the whole process can be—bending down to clean the box, possibly scrubbing, and replacing the entire liner and litter.

If you’re tired of cleaning litter boxes, you might be curious about the Kitty Poo Club. Kitty Poo Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers not only a disposable litter box—meaning a litter box that you can just throw out each month instead of eating—but also some litter for your cat to use for the month.

Essentially, with monthly shipments of all of your cat’s bathroom needs, the Kitty Poo Club promises that you don’t really need to struggle with litter box cleaning or cat litter buying anymore.

The real question is how well the Kitty Poo Club really works, which is what we tested to find out.

What You Get with Kitty Poo Club

When you sign up for a subscription for the Kitty Poo Club, you get a disposable litter box every month. Throw it out instead of replacing the box, or actually, recycle that box, since every disposable box is made from recyclable materials.

You will also receive a different litter formula, since they have three types of litter that you might receive. These litters are not made with a clay formula like many litters you may have encountered. Instead, you’ll have one of two silica formulas, either the fine-grain or the large-grain type, and an organic soy litter.

If you choose, you can also add cat treats and other little accessories with your order every month, but that’s extra.

The Litter Types

You may wonder about the difference here between the litters. Well, the large-grained litter includes litter about the size of the average hail pellet, which is made to be more comfortable on your cat’s paws. The beads are also meant to absorb more moisture to control liquids and the odor in the box for the next month.

Next, we have the fine-grained litter. This is a sandier litter, as you might expect, and works the same as the thicker litter to dehydrate urine and feces to control the smell of the box for the month.

Then you have the soy-based clumping litter, which is something that you’ll have to scoop regularly to make sure that it stays clean and odor-free. You can also request clay litter specifically when you make your order, which will clump and use activated charcoal for odor control. Just know that you will still have to scoop this little type as well, but if you have more than one cat, this might be a better option to keep your litter box working right.

Kitty Poo Club Subscription

If you do want to test out the subscription process yourself, you’ll start on the Kitty Poo Club site. All you need is to answer a few questions about your household and what kinds of products that you want in your first box. From there, you only need to complete your order to get started. The entire process is easy to customize, and will even ask you how many cats you have.

Now, do know that when you make your subscription, you do not need to sign up for a monthly subscription right away. You can get only a month’s worth of supplies if you would prefer to just start off slow or test out the box before you really commit.

Your order should be shipped quickly, but do remember that the more cats you have, the less amount of time your order will last. For example, if you have two cats, you might only expect a monthly box to last about two weeks.

Getting Started

The box may take around a week to get to you. When it does, you’ll notice a predictable weight to the box that comes from the litter, but it shouldn’t be any heavier than your usual package of litter would normally be.

The whole box will be packaged flat, so you’ll just need to pop up the sides of the box and fit the box into the lid. It may look a little bit like your average cardboard box with some kind of theme and cute illustrations, but these boxes are made well to avoid any leakage. That’s due to the stabilizing rails that take a little bit of effort to slip on, but they do keep the box rigid and sturdy. Once you have the box set up, you can pull open the scored entrance area to give your cat a doorway to step through.

Ultimately, it’s a fairly big box—19 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 10 inches tall. You can also choose the optimal dome that will increase the height of the walls to 15 inches. This means that larger cats shouldn’t have an issue even with this type of box.

You’ll just pour your litter in from here. This is when we noticed all the dust from the silica gel cat litter, regardless of whether it was fine-grained or not. We would recommend that you take a step back when you pour these litters, since they’ll leave a huge cloud of dust. This made it annoying to scoop the litter later.

Our Cats’ Thoughts

Whether your cat enjoys your Kitty Poo Club disposable litter box is really up to them—you know how picky some cats can be.

You can help them get used to the litter by going through a transition process, but our cats were a little put off by the high walls. They used the box, although they’re all smaller cats. Cats that are larger may dislike the size of the box, which might feel a little too cozy.

They did use it though, and the silica gel litter absorbed liquid quickly. I only had to scoot it around here and there to make sure the litter was redistributed. The clay litter clumped fairly well too, and scooping was never much of an issue.

Odor Control

Ultimately, we didn’t really think that the odor control was the best selling point when it came to the Kitty Poo Club litter. You’re not supposed to need to scoop this litter constantly, but if you don’t, it really can’t contain multiple weeks worth of urine.

It’s not that it smells bad necessarily, and it really does absorb moisture to minimize odors, but you may need another type of litter if you’re noticing that your cat is a little smelly.

The Actual Box

This is a cardboard box more or less, so we were admittedly concerned about how it would hold up against liquid and cats going in and out.

That was one of the best things about the Kitty Poo Club litter: it really does stay dry, even if it may smell. Your cat won’t be stepping on wet litter when they go to use the box, at least not for a few weeks. The actual box contains the liquid and the litter well too, preventing any urine from ever getting through the box.

However, even Kitty Poo Club litter is still litter, meaning that it will still track from your cat’s paws and onto the floor. There’s not a lot of tracking, but you will still need to go around and clean up your box every now and again.

Discarding the Box

Once you’re done with your monthly box, it’s easy to just fold up the box and to throw it all out with the litter still inside. By this point, we noticed that the litter had started to discolor, smelled, and would need a change. We had to be careful not to spill the litter, and had to be careful about the litter falling out of the sides as we walked it to the trash.

The Subscription

When you sign up for a monthly subscription, you’re really only spending a little over $20 for your box and litter, although with more than one cat, the price will double to around $45 to make sure that you have enough litter. This does make it a little more expensive than your traditional options, although it might be worth it if you simply hate cleaning.

You might get Kitty Poo Club for a month and decide that it’s just not the right solution for you and your cats though. If this does happen, it’s easy to go in and cancel your subscription by signing into your account. All of the options were easy to use, including the option to change your delivery to every three weeks if you need it more often for multiple cats.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately, the question is whether Kitty Poo Club is worth it. It might be worth it for you and your specific cat if you find that your cat can hold out with the same box for the whole month.

Even so, you’ll still need to perform daily maintenance on your box to remove solids or stir the silica litter, and will likely notice an odor by the end of your trial.

All of this might be worth it though if you want the added level of convenience that comes with not having to replace a whole litter box—and with not having to think about the actual litter every month since it gets shipped right to your door. The customer experience is great too with all the custom selections and shipping notifications.

That being said, we could also see how people might not want Kitty Poo Club, since it’s not too different than your usual litter box experience. You’ll still need to scoop, the litter is still dusty, and you are paying a higher price. You will never need to change the box though, which might be more than worth it after a lifetime of cleaning out boxes. 

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