KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Small, Medium and Large

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2019)

There is nothing pleasant than to keep your dog in a playful and happy mood. Now it is easy with the Kong Extreme. It is one of the world’s strongest rubber dog toys made from an ultra-strong non-toxic rubber formula used worldwide. It has the same hollow centre and can be used as a lively toy to keep your dog entertained. The toy is designed for all types of dogs and is available in a variety of sizes so you can find the one that is right for your dog. Also read my round up on popular toys for your pup to chew on to its heart’s content!

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The sizes are:

Small: Length – 7cm

Medium: Length – 9cm

Large: Length – 11cm

Extra Large: Length – 13cm

KONG Extreme Dog Toys, Small, Medium and Large

Some Good Features include:

  • Great for focusing your dog’s attention and chewing instincts
  • Provides great physical and mental stimulation
  • Can be stuffed with treats, pastes and other goodies
  • Made from thick non-toxic rubber compound and completely harmless
  • Features a convenient cavity that you can stuff with food and treats


Here is good video about “6 Creative Ways To Use A KONG Extreme Dog Toy


Keep your dog healthy, happy and occupied with the Extreme KONG Dog Toy. It will help them to escape from boredom and anxiety and relieve stress. Do you own a very active and enthusiastic dog? No problem. The Kong Extreme can stand up even the craziest and loveliest ones. Make this nice toy more thrilling and interesting by filling it with some tasty pastes and reward more cheerful moments and second to your beloved one.

Did you like it? You will be surprised at its price: Check the current price here, you get a real present to your dog and an excellent toy for entertainment.

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