Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness Review: Instructions, Sizing, Video

kurgo tru fit smart harness dog
(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart is a very well-designed, comfortable and functional dog harness that will make it very easy to walk your dog. It is made with plastic release buckles that can easily be removed making it very efficient. It works by slipping it over your dog’s head then you clip the quick release buckles that are in the midsection of the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness. It restrains and maintains your dog easily in the front seat of your car and this helps avoidance of distracted driving. It is very effective to your dog as it will get rid of pulling and choking that you experience with other Harnesses.

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The harness is very important to you as a pet owner as you get to choose your own preference for the leash attachment position. One is you use the dog’s age in basing the attachment position and the other is the experience level of your dog walking on a leash.


  • No pull D Ring located on the chest an important feature for your dog if it pulls and resists during walks
  • Easily adjustable options that allow a customizable fit for your dog
  • An extra small harness fit for your small dogs
  • Medium sized harness
  • Large sized harness
  • Extra large harness
  • Quick release buckles important in helping you release your dog very easily
  • A seat belt compatible harness very useful in restraining your dog while driving
  • Five adjustable points that will ensure a perfect fit for your dog

Recommended Accessories:

Quantum Leash:

This is a versatile dog harness that will convert into six different styles (6 in 1 leash as commonly known). You can use a quantum leash for different purposes for example walking, hiking or running with your dog. The style of the Quantum Leash can easily be changed depending on the type of activity you are doing. It can be a hands-free leash that will help you do various activities like shopping at your favorite supermarket or jogging at your favorite trail with the company of your dog. Another quick change and it becomes a double dog walker. The Quantum Leash has a floating handle that will be comfortable in all situations. It is also easy to tether. The Quantum Leash is available in regular and reflective nylon.

Back Bay Leash:

This is a strong, colorful braided rope leash that is perfect for walking around with your dog. The Back Bay Leash core which is colorful and braided is made of recycled fabric that gives an extra touch to your leash. It is lightly designed giving it an easy feel and can be carried without much effort.

kurgo tru fit smart harness dog


  • The Kurgo Tru Fit is a very good fit for your dog and it is easily adjustable.
  • Very comfortable such that even if your dog is highly active, it will not cause sores or a rash as it does not apply pressure anywhere on the body of your dog.
  • The additional clip that comes with the harness is very important to you as it can be used with a seatbelt to keep your dog very secure.
  • Not only does it keep your dogs safe but can also be used on cats and pigs.
  • The loop that is located on the top of the harness is very important to you as it allows you correct any action by the dog without causing pain.
  • If your dog is notorious for escaping traditional harness, then this is a perfect model for
  • If you have a large breed dog that loves chewing through their harness, then this will be great for your needs because even when it gets wet the model remains at the correct adjustment point.


  • Poor quality of buckles the reason being they are made from cheap plastic materials.
  • The harness is a bit thinner than some other models on the market.
  • The harness is not designed for intense activity.
  • There is no much padding on the chest and underside.
  • There is inaccuracy in sizing sometimes.


Overall Kurgo Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness is a must have for your dog. The quality of the harness is very good and the idea that it is adjustable makes it better. Even though there are several cons the pros outweigh the cons in so many ways. For the dogs that are learning to walk on the leash, it is very advisable your buy Kurgo Fit Smart Dog Harness as it will make the process so easy for both you and the dog. The easiness of driving anywhere with your pet is also another reason you should buy this harness. Lastly the Kurgo Fit Smart Dog harness grows with your dog a very good future that reduces your expenses of buying harnesses as the dog keeps growing. Read here for more dog harness for running.

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