Le Bistro Feeder For Cats and Dogs: My Full Review

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)

Do you want to go on a holiday and do not know who to leave your dog for feeding? Free yourself from any worries and keep calm. Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Control takes all of the guesswork out of feeding your pet. I’ve done a in depth round up of all the top pet feeders you can get on the market (read https://petsho.com/automatic-pet-feeder/).but I’ll talk about this Aspen one specifically today.

It holds a decent amount of food and automatically delivers portion-controlled sizes to your pets whenever you choose Fill the hopper, press a button, and forget about feeding your dog manually. The transparent hopper lets you keep an eye on food levels, and the feeder bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. It comes in 2 sizes – 30 cups or 18 cups.

aspen pet automatic feeder

Here are the Key Benefits of this Feeder:

  • Programmable feeder delivers food on schedule
  • You control portion size
  • Simple to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Built in meal counter
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Large LDC screen
  • 3 simple buttons take you through the process
  • Conveniently transparent for monitoring food levels at a glance
  • Removable bowl so you can clean it easily
  • Well designed so it stands stable and doesn’t get knocked over easily by your pet
  • Designed so that you can refill it easily from the top

This automatic pet feeder comes in a programmable digital clock, food bin and feeding bowl to feed your pet on the time fixed by you every day. It means that you can set the time, check the availability of the food and finally you can wash it very easily. It is very simple to program the time, quantity and frequency of meal following the instructions.

You can program up to 3 different sized meals every 24 hours. Some default settings are breakfast (at 6am), lunch (at 12pm) and dinner (at 6pm).

This is a crazy convenient product both for you and your pet. Be sure that your pet will be well fed at proper time and amount.

Click here for the current price and more details

Some pets take some extra time to get used to their new auto feeder so here are some tips you can take into consideration:

  1. Place the new automatic feeder beside your pet’s usual food bowl. However, don’t turn it on (some pets might get easily scared!)
  2. Place food into the food bowl of the automatic feeder. Again, don’t turn it on. Just allow your pet to get used to eating from the bowl of the feeder.
  3. Another way you can do this is to put the food in your pet’s usual food bowl, and put its usual food bowl in the bowl of the automatic feeder. Then, after some time, take out your pet’s usual food bowl.

Overall, be patient! Some pets can take a few days, some can take a few weeks! You can also help your pet feel more comfortable using it by placing little treats in it now and again – positive reinforcements!

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