Leo’s Loo Too VS Litter Robot

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(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

If you’re searching for automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, you’d have come across two bigger brands by now. They are Leo’s Loo Too (launched end of 2021) and Litter Robot, which has been around longer. Both are very well-received by the cat owner community, and obviously, they’re both more high-end brands in the market.

If you’re tossing up between these two brands, keep reading our comparison as we pit them against each other in a few categories.

Leo’s Loo Too was just released in the last quarter of 2021 yet, it is the talk of the town in every cat owner community and forums online. Leo’s Loo Too was such a big hit to both cat owners and their furry felines! Today, we are putting it side by side with another popular automatic self-cleaning cat litter box, the Litter Robot.

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Design Elements


Leo Loo’s Too- Simplistic, yet elegant. The Leo loo too offers four colors to select from to match your home decor. The small opening does make it a bit more difficult to add new litter to the drum, but using a scoop or pouring litter from a jug remedies this.

LR – Its unique design makes it stand out from other litter box robots with its sleek and futuristic shape. The taller opening makes it easy to refill the drum with clean litter, especially if pouring from a jug.

Phone App

Leo Loo’s Too- The app is easy to use and can connect to Google or Alexa, allowing you to control the litter box with your voice as well. You can adjust when the robot sifts the drum, or turn it off completely if you have skittish kitties and manually tell it when to sift. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also review your cat’s activities and use of the litter box.

LR – Equipped with usage insights, controllable timer delay settings, and reminders, the litter robot takes away the guesswork just like the Loo Too. The app is user-friendly and downloadable for iOS and Android devices.


Leo Loo’s Too- The unit notifies you when the waste drawer is full and needs dumping. Pull out the drawer, remove the old liner and waste, add a new one and close it. Deep cleaning of the unit is also easy thanks to its straightforward design, making it a breeze to disassemble and reassemble.

LR – Cleaning the waste drawer in this litter box is easy as well, as the app also notifies you when it’s time to empty the waste tray. Deep cleaning the unit is a bit more complicated though. The unit has a more complicated design, making disassembly and reassembly a bit more tedious.

Material Composition

Leo Loo’s Too- Comprised of high-quality materials, the litter robot is durable and long-lasting (with proper maintenance and care).

The litter robot is also comprised of strong and durable materials making it capable of lasting, and good for homes with multiple cats. These boxes have shown incredible longevity compared to other models and brands.

Space Requirements

Leo Loo’s Too- It is compact enough to fit within your home without occupying too much space. It is 24 x 22 x 27.6 inches and can be moved around easily when lifted from the bottom.

Litter Robot- The litter robot is quite large, but fits in spaces easily all the same. It stands at 24.25″ x 29.5” x 27″ making it one of the largest robot litter boxes on the market.

Interior Size

Leo Loo’s Too- Is perfect for average-sized cats, but can get cramped for larger cats. The entrance is 9.1” in diameter.

LR – The entrance is spacious at 10.25″ x 15.25″, ensuring that it is easy for your fur baby to get through. The drum itself is also spacious for average and larger-sized cats.

Safety Features

The Loo Too has a triple-layer protection system: a radar system that scans and forms an internal protective wall, weight sensors that detect when your cat is inside, and an anti-pinch sensor on top of the waste drawer. It also has programmable UV technology in the waste drawer that disinfects and kills 99 percent of germs, viruses, and parasites, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

The litter robot does have sensors to detect when your cat is inside and finishes, but it is quite lacking in other features in comparison.


Leo Loo’s Too- This robot litter box comes in at $600, pretty pricey compared to the typical robot litter boxes on the market, but the price is justifiable with all the features that are included with the unit.

Litter Robot- Priced at $450, it is cheaper than Leo Loo’s Too. But it also doesn’t have as many features as the Loo Two, but still as efficient as its competitor. The latest Litter Robot 4 is priced at $649 and definitely has more features. We will do an update of this soon.

Noise Levels

Leo Loo’s Too- This litter bot is quiet, coming in at almost 30 decibels. It is quiet enough that you probably notice the noise, and your cats might not either.

LR – Reviews have mentioned the noise being a bit loud and akin to a buzzing as the drum turns to sift the litter and waste.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to decide between these popular self-cleaning boxes. After all, there is a reason why they’re so well loved! They’re also both on par in terms of durability and pricing as one of the more costly models on the market. If you have the budget for it, go for Leo’s Loo Too, and you won’t regret all the extra features it comes with. If you want a reasonably easy-to-use and dependable automated litter box, you’ll be very happy with Litter Robot (check price here).

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