Litter Genie Hack and Organization Tips

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(Last Updated On: June 22, 2021)

The Litter Genie is a great little odor control product in which you can keep dirty cat litter until you’re ready to dispose of it. Under normal circumstances, especially with the use of grocery bags where you scoop and toss dirty litter in the trash, the odor usually seeps out. This can be unpleasant since it can end up stinking the entire house.

But, litter genie has special bags that reduce cat litter smell in your home by preventing the odor from seeping through. It also decreases the number of trips you have to make to the trash.

Comparing Litter Genie Models

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How do you know the best cat litter?

It’s in a cat’s nature to prefer litter that is odorless since they don’t like bad smells and dirty environments. The best cat litter should clump instantly. 

There are simple hacks that will make your life easier, help you keep a clean litter box and decrease any potential risks to your cat’s health which is great for your cat’s well-being. Here are some of the best litter genie hacks which will reduce making your cleaning a chore and teach you how to keep odor out as well as litter organization to make your life easier.

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How litter genie works

For the litter genie to work, you need to fit a bag into the pail. Spread the bag well to fit the inside and close the lid. Once you want to dispose of dirty waste, simply open the lid and drop in the waste. Pull the handle and the waste will drop down and close.

How to extend the life of a litter genie refill

One refill has around 12 bags and using simple hacks, you should get a month or more of use of refill. These simple hacks will extend the life of your litter genie refill for close to a year.

Hack 1

Get a rubber band/ reusable bag clip, 1 Litter Genie, 1 litter genie refill and 1-10 ordinary plastic grocery bags.

Rather than knotting as stated in the instructions by the manufacturers, apply the recycle bag clip to the Litter Genie Bag. Once your bag is full, use the built-in cutter to cut the full portion off for disposal. Tie another knot at the end of the unused portion and use the upper part until you’ve used up all the refills and have to buy more. For a firmer and more secure seal, after placing the bag clip to the bottom of the refill bag twist the bag once or twice.

Hack 2

Line the pail with a plastic shopping bag. If possible try layering multiple bags so that once one is full the other is ready for use. With this hack, you don’t need to leave the bags overlapping the pail edges when the litter box is closed.

Hack 3

Also, you can opt to place a litter genie bag inside the grocery bags and once it’s full, remove the bag clip to allow used litter to fall into the grocery bags. Dispose of the full grocery bag. Then tie back the clip onto the genie bag and place it inside a new grocery bag. 

Other litter box hacks

A 10-pound litter bag can last about one month for one cat and you can clean the box at least once a week. Don’t just dump the whole bag in the box; instead, put a big pile across the middle of the box. Leave around four inches to allow your cats to dig and bury their waste. Once your cat uses the box, you can scoop and reshape this pile.

litter box organizer

How many litter boxes do you need?

Cats are territorial and while they are playful around people and other cats, they prefer their own private spaces. The best way to maintain high levels of cleanliness is by having one litter box per cat and an extra one. If you have multiple cats in your household (Read if your cats can share a litter box), you’ll need more than one litter genie to avoid cases where your cat needs to use the box but there’s none are available.

Remember that your cat’s health is paramount and him holding in any waste can cause serious health issues. 

Litter genie maintenance

Cats are clean creatures and this is evident from how frequently they clean themselves every day. They love a clean environment, especially where they ease themselves since the litter box serves as a bathroom. 

They also have a high sense of smell since their noses are 14 times stronger than human noses and dirty litter irritates them. When your cat is finished with its business, scoop the litter box and clean it out once each week. By scooping and cleaning the box, lessens the mess buildup and odor. A clean litter box is also important for maintaining a healthy cat. 

How to DIY litter genie

As you can see, this litter disposal pail is a great product to have. Litter genie is an awesome product that is very efficient since it can keep the smell inside without affecting your surroundings. But, its hefty price can be a little bit discouraging and awkward to clean since you can’t take it apart. You will also have to cough some extra coins to buy refill lids. In case you already have one litter genie but are short on money and would like to have an extra one, you can make your own.

diy litter genie measure litter scoop and jug opening

Litter genies can be bought but you could also make your own. If you are going the DIY style, you’ll need waste bags and a glass half-gallon jug with a lid. Check the circumference of the jug and ensure that it’s wide enough for the litter scoop. The lip of the jug should not be narrower than the jug itself. Place the waste bags in the jug to test if you can pull it out of the jug.

If you are looking to save yourself from those embarrassing moments from bad odor, litter genie will not just block that stink but you can also use the above litter box hacks to make cleaning up easier and protect your cat’s health.


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