Litter Robot 2 vs Litter Robot 3: Differences

cat litter robot 2 vs 3
(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

Litter Robot has become an absolute must for owners of cats, and even small dogs when it comes to going to the bathroom. The very first Litter Robot broke the mold by revolutionizing litter boxes and how you clean up after your cats. But with each new model that has come out, new features come with it, making it even better than before.

Now on their third model, the original Litter Robot now looks like a prototype compared to what was to come. But just how much has changed between each model? It is expected to see a big difference as technology gets better when comparing the first generation to the newest model. But how do the Litter Robot’s 2 and 3 Open Air compare to one another?

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About the Litter Robot Company

Working on their designs since 1999, the Litter Robot company has been working to change how you deal with your cat’s waste. The founder, Brad Baxter saw how inconvenient and unhygienic a litter box was, and aimed to change that.

They have developed a way to both clean your cat’s litter box after every use, and help you save time, litter, and the quality of the air in your home. Partnering with non-profit shelters and animal rescues, and aiming to better the environment, the Litter-Robot has not only become a must in cat households but an example of how companies should be run.

Litter Robot and Cat Genie Differences

Litter Robot 2 Classic

Suitable for up to two cats, this is the closest thing to the original model of Litter Robot available. It cycles through every seven minutes and works with clumping litter and 13- gallon kitchen bags. The sensor that indicates that a cat has entered is on the step of the Litter Robot, and works for cats weighing between five and 12 pounds. You have a 90- day money-back guarantee and a warranty that lasts a year and a half.

The biggest issues with the Classic design are the narrow opening and the low weight limit for cats. The fact that it can only accommodate two cats can also be problematic for multi-cat households.

Litter Robot 2 Bubble

The Litter Robot 2 Bubble was designed to address some of the biggest issues with the 2 Classic. For this reason, many of the features are the same, with a few important changes. The Bubble name is used to indicate the larger design, allowing more room for cats to move around.

The opening to get in is still the same size, which is too narrow for many cats, but this model can now accommodate up to three cats. Cats can also be up to 15 pounds to use this Litter Robot.

Litter Robot 3 Open Air

While the 2 Classic and 2 Bubble have very little difference, the Litter Robot 3 Open Air is designed with lots of new features and design adjustments. Starting with the entryway, there is now a 15.5- inch by 10.25- inch opening. This is a major difference from the second generation’s 9 inches by 6.5 inches entryway measurements. It is so wide in fact, that you can now refill litter via the entryway if you prefer. There is also a protective shield installed and a sensor in the globe, rather than on the step.

You can accommodate up to four cats now, and even adjust the amount of time before waste is cycled out. While it was previously every seven minutes, it can now be every three, five, or seven. Your cat can also weigh up to 20 pounds now without issue.

You do not need to worry about checking your waste drawer to see how full it is, with an indicator light showing you when it is time to empty it. There is also a sleep mode for during the night and a night light for older cats who have difficulty seeing.

What About the Litter Robot 3 Connect?

There is a new model of Litter Robot out now called the Litter Robot 3 Connect. Being the newest model, it is also the most advanced, with new features that add to the already great design of the 3 Open Air. Some of the many features of the 3 Connect include:

Pinch Free Design

The 3 Connect features a safety precaution to prevent any pinching of your cat’s feet or tails. This means that if your cat is lazy to get out, or likes to hang out in their litter box, there will be no injuries to them.

Multiple Cats Compatible

While you can in theory use older models for one or two cats, the machines really aren’t designed for more than that. With the 3 Connect, your Litter Robot can handle four to five cats without issues like the waste tray filling too fast or it running out of litter.

Sleep Mode

You have the ability to activate an eight-hour sleep mode during the night to stop the unit from cycling. This will both guarantee the machine stays quiet, and help save energy to reduce your electric bill every month.


Gone are the days where you need to look in the litter box to see when it needs to be cleaned. But the Litter Robot also prevents you from having to check the waste tray as well. This is because light will indicate when the drawer is full and needs to be emptied. Otherwise, you are free to completely avoid seeing your cat’s waste.

Adjustable Timer

Some cats are just really slow when it comes to going to the bathroom and getting out of their litter box. They also might like to go in and out for no apparent reason. Because of this, Litter Robot allows you to choose how quickly the unit will cycle out the waste after being used. You can choose between three, seven, and 15 minutes for super lazy cats.

Automatic Nightlight

Some cats can have issues when it is dark finding their litter box and navigating getting into it. Especially older cats can also end up making more of a mess going to the bathroom if they cannot see where they need to go. The 3 Connect has an automatic nightlight to both help your cat use the bathroom and prevent you from cleaning up a mess.

Backup Battery Compatible

The Litter Robot offers a whole host of litter-robot 3 plus accessory kit, including a backup battery pack. This will give you up to 48 hours of power if the electricity in your home goes out. The 3 Connect can easily use this backup so you don’t have to worry about scooping litter when there is bad weather or an electrical issue.

App Connectivity

One of the best features of the newest litter robot is that it is compatible with an app. That means you can easily get notifications on your smart device of when there is more litter needed when the waste drawer is full, or even how often your cat is using the bathroom. This can help you schedule cleaning cycles and stay on top of any health issues your cat may be having. The app works on all smart devices that are either Android 8.0 or later, or iOS 10 or later.

Why Should You Consider Upgrading?

The Litter Robot company has announced that they will no longer be producing the older generation models like the Classic or Bubble. While you can still buy accessories and kits for the second-generation models, you can no longer purchase a new Litter Robot unless it is the 3 Open Air or the 3 Connect. If you do not currently have a Litter Robot, you will be starting with the newest models and the accessories for them.

If you have an Open Air model, you can upgrade your litter box to a connect with the use of a Connect upgrade kit. You can also purchase a Connect Base to get WIFI connectivity and access to the app. The upgrade kit is around 100 dollars, while you will be looking at over three hundred for the base. For this reason, we recommend following the instruction guide on the site and opting for the upgrade kit.

But what if you have a second-generation Litter Robot? Should you upgrade? It is really going to depend on how many cats you have and how satisfied you are with the performance of the second-generation model. For those with more than two cats, it is recommended that you upgrade to see better results and avoid having to deal with too many cats for one litter box. But if you are happy with the performance, and don’t see any issues, stick with what you have.

Just know that you cannot replace them down the road and will need to upgrade when your Litter Robot stops working. However, one of the biggest complaints from users is that the globe gets dirty when the tray is too full, making it necessary for you to open it up and check frequently to keep everything sanitary and free of feces smells. The third-generation models have indicator lights, taking this issue away completely and preventing you from having to worry.

What Are Reviews Saying?

While the Litter Robot was revolutionary when it first came out, the older models are now seen as flawed in comparison to newer models. Designers put a lot of effort into fixing issues with each iteration, but really did not fully address all issues until the third generation.

Both the 2 Classic and 2 Bubble are great compared to normal litter boxes, but many people complained that the opening was far too narrow. Not only did it make it harder for larger cats to get in and out, but also made it nearly impossible to pour litter into the opening without issue. Refilling litter was by far one of the largest complaints that people had.

Another complaint was that the globe could get dirty with urine and feces if the tray was overfilled. This was fixed in the third-generation models with an indicator light, but was a major source of problems for those who had multiple cats and a second-generation Litter Robot. Messes could be more frequent, making more work for you to have to clean up, defeating the purpose of the Litter Robot in the first place.

The Litter Robot 3 Open Air, and the 3 Connect are both incredibly highly rated and are the number one litter box in the world. You get lots of additional features, as well as the convenient indicator light and larger entryway. Overall, there are few, if any complaints about the third-generation Litter Robot models. Overall, they are by far a much better product and people are much happier with them in their homes.

Litter Robot 3 Cabinet

Final Verdict

While every model is by far better than any other litter box on the market, the Litter Robot 3 Open Air is the clear winner. With its overall design improvements, staying true to the Litter Robot goal, and being able to connect with an app, this is an option that is definitely worth the money.

If you have the Open Air model already, we do not think it is necessary to upgrade to the Connect model. But if you have a generation 2 model, it is worth considering the upgrade to the Litter Robot 3 Open Air or 3 Connect for all the additional features and better overall design. 

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