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Litter robot cabinet
(Last Updated On: October 13, 2022)

Litter boxes are nothing fancy or over the top, it’s just a fact of life. However, a cat’s litter box can be a pain if it isn’t managed properly. Without the proper maintenance, they stink up your house and be a miserable part of cat ownership. Fortunately, technology has come to the aid of us cat owners once again.

You’ve probably already heard of the Litter Robot that helps you take care of your cat’s litter box. They take care of most of the work for you and move relatively quietly. You’ll hardly notice it and it keeps your house from getting smelly. If you already have one, then you know just how handy they can truly be.

But what happens if you don’t necessarily have the space for one?

What if I told you there were cabinets specifically designed for holding your litter robot? You don’t have to get them custom built and they already exist in several stylish designs – all you have to do is find them and bring one home.

They can come as a shelf or just a simple box, but they do wonders to open up storage and keep you from feeling like you have to find space for your cat’s litter box.

One of the top litter robot cabinets is the Litter Robot 3 Storage Cabinet. It comes in multiple shades, is made to fit perfectly around the litter robot, and helps provide more storage for your house.

It’s the cabinet that I highly recommend you consider if you’re looking for an easy way to hide your litter box and keep the room in your house.

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What is the Litter Robot 3 Storage Cabinet?

If you are really unfamiliar with what the Litter Robot 3 Storage Cabinet is, then this is a good place to start. At its most basic description, the Litter Robot cabinet is a simple enclosure that provides new storage and space for your house where there once wasn’t. For small apartments or people that don’t have much space readily available to them, this adds an extra platform above your cat’s litter box for more storage without taking away space from your cat.

cat atop enclosure

While the Litter Robot enclosure is simple and rather basic, it adds a nice bit of space and style to your home. If you don’t end up using the platform for extra storage, then your cat will certainly take to it. If you do need the extra space, then nothing was lost.

The cabinet comes in a nice brown and is made from bamboo in an environment-friendly manner so you don’t have to worry.

One thing that’s great about the Litter Robot 3 storage cabinet above other typical storage cabinets is that it won’t hinder the function of your automatic litter. The machine may stop or not work properly if you place other objects too close to it, but this cabinet is made specifically to prevent any unwanted problems from arising.


Since the reason we’re talking about this Litter Robot enclosure at all is to save space, then we should mention the dimensions. The cabinet is built to fit around the Litter Robot brand automatic litter machines, so if you have one of those, you can rest assured that your litter box will fit. If you have another brand or just want to be sure, then you can use the dimensions below to measure.

  • Fully assembled: 32 inches high x 22.5 inches deep x 27 inches wide
  • Each panel is 3/4 inch 

Features and Specifications

The litter robot open air cabinet has two different models: the Bamboo and the Birch Plywood. While they share some general features together, there are some specific features that are unique to each model. Because of this, the price between the two is different as well.

Both of the models are custom built and designed for the Litter Robot automatic litter box. They fit perfectly over the Open Air and the Smart Robot 3 Connect, so if you have either of those, you are good to go. The top of the cabinet is built to hold up to 25 pounds of weight so you can stack extra litter or other things for your cat right on top. The cabinets also come with a cat foot sensor at the back of the cabinet and they are made in the USA.

The Birth Plywood model is made with typical cabinet-grade birch plywood. It is unfinished and uses environmentally friendly materials. It also weighs about 30% less than the Bamboo model and is less dense.

The Bamboo model is built from environmentally grown bamboo and finished with two coats of water-based varnish both inside and out. The varnish is eco-friendly and not harmful to humans or pets, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in an area your cat will be in often. The Bamboo is about 30% denser than the Plywood model and more premium quality, so it will be a bit more expensive, but you’ll get a good quality cabinet.

What Comes With This Litter Robot Furniture?

cabinet enclosure

When you purchase a Litter Robot 3 storage cabinet, it does not come assembled. The furniture does come with all the parts you need so for example, it comes with all the hardware nails you need, three panels for the top and sides, the back support, and the cat foot sensor bar. 

The cabinet comes with directions and the setup is pretty easy. Once you’re all finished, simply place the cabinet over the litter box and you’re all done!

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Why Should I Get It?

It is a little pricey, especially if you purchase the bamboo option, so why should you purchase it? There are several situations where the litter box cabinet may be useful and it’s not just because you lack space. 

If the litter box is right under a window, then putting the cabinet above it will give your cat a new place to look out and watch from. Cats like high spots so if they don’t have many other places they can go, this cabinet gives them an easy place to lay or play on. It’s also a great way to make easy storage for extra litter or other cat care items as you can put them right on top thanks to the provided platform. 

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Pros & Cons

Every product has pros and cons, even those that seem great like the Litter Robot 3 Storage Cabinet. Here’s a list of some of the things we really liked about it as well as a couple of parts that we think could be better.


  • Custom built to fit the Litter Robot machines already, specifically the Litter Robot 3 or the Litter Robot 3 Connect 
  • Both of the cabinet models are well made and sturdy. They’ll survive a move or two for sure
  • The cabinets are super easy to assemble even if you aren’t particularly skilled in the handyman area
  • It has a protection bar to keep the cat sensor from getting damaged during use and preventing the litter box from malfunctioning
  • Provides a sleek enclosure for the litter box and looks more like furniture than a hastily used cover-up
  • Opens up usable space and provides an extra shelf for storage
  • Provides your cat with an extra high place to explore


  • The Bamboo model is pretty expensive
  • If you don’t have basic assembly tools, you won’t be able to put it together once the cabinet comes


Overall, the Litter-Robot cabinet is a great investment and can make storing litter box tools or extra litter easy. It opens up space in your house and gives your cat a special place to jump onto and look around. If you can afford the price, it’s definitely worth it.

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