Litter Robot 4 Reviews

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2022)

Ah, the life of a cat owner: scooping cat litter. And as adorable as your kitty is, they inevitably make a whole mess with their litter too.
This is where Litter Robot 4 comes in. The previous Litter Robot 3 has been highly rated for the past few years, so you can expect the new Litter Robot 4 to be just as impressive.

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Litter Robot 4

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This self-cleaning litter box isn’t just about clearing out cat litter. It can actually do a lot when it comes to keeping an eye on your cat’s health too, and yes, it does mean that you can skip the daily scooping too. Customize your unit to suit your preferences, and with the new and improved app, along with new AI features, you should find it much easier to take care of your cat!


How Litter Robot 4 Works?

This machine works as you might expect: it senses when your cat leaves the box and cleans the clumps. Basically, there’s a sensor in the box that tells it when your cat is in there. It can actually keep track of your cat if you happen to have more than one cat. Yes, you can track your cat’s health like this.

But back to the operation of the box: your cat does its business in there and then a timer starts. That timer is to ensure that the litter clumps up properly and that the box will never start working when your cat is inside. Set that timer to your preferences and when it’s up, the box will start cleaning.

Those clumps just go into a drawer that you empty out later. And thanks to the fact that this box has a globe design to it, the whole thing stays fully enclosed and you won’t have specks of litter everywhere!


Set Up

As someone who doesn’t do well with putting things together, I can tell you that the set up is super easy. Everything fits together with just a few parts, which also makes it easy to take it apart for cleaning. Once you have it put together, just fill it with any clumping litter. Yes, you do need clumping litter specifically, because anything that’s too loose or thin will be problematic for you.


I took a look at the Litter Robot 4 and was impressed by its new design. The aim was to improve all the other issues with previous models, so it’s less noisy, it’s not as bulky, and it’s not as smelly either. This is a smaller option as well, so you can fit it even if you live in a small apartment. There’s no weight option for these boxes either, despite their size, but of course, your cat has to be able to fit in the box.

The design is a little more open too, which means that it’s much easier for your cats to fit inside comfortably. The more space you give your cat, the fewer chances there are of any accidents.

Extra Features

There are extra features you can install to make this easier to use for your elderly cats, and you can also use the new app if you want to check on your cat’s health.
For example, you can record your cat’s weight after each time they step into the box. You can view the litter levels in real-time too so that you know when you need to replace them. And use the app to make sure your cat is using the bathroom regularly.

What I Loved

For me, the biggest draw was the box itself, and how easily it worked to get rid of all the clumps without me needing to do anything at all. That waste drawer was completely air-tight too, which means that I didn’t have to deal with any odor even if I had the box in an open room somewhere.


I loved how easy it was to adjust the box to my preferences too. All I needed to do was set a timer and refill the litter every now and again and my cats were happy!
As long as you make sure your cats are comfortable in the box and keep an eye on them for the first few uses, you should hopefully love this new Litter Robot.

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