Litter Robot App Not Working: How to Connect Litter-Robot to Phone (SOLVED!)

app not working
(Last Updated On: February 11, 2023)

In this digital age, everything needs an app – especially Litter Robot. As the futuristic way of handling your kitty’s business, you need an easy and convenient way to remotely control the Litter Robot’s settings and features. However, it can be tricky to pair the Litter Robot with the app sometimes. If you’re having the same issues, then this article will guide you.

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How to Connect Litter Robot to Phone

  1. First, make sure your Litter Robot is a model that can connect to a smartphone via the app. These models include the Litter-Robot 3 Connect and the Litter-Robot 4.
  2. Download the Litter-Robot Connect app from your respective app store. iPhone users should be able to find the app on the App Store, while Android users should find the app on the Google Playstore. 
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and sign in with your Litter Robot account. If you do not yet have a Litter Robot account, you can proceed to create one first. 
  4. Once logged in to your account, you can proceed to connect the app with the Litter Robot. It is recommended to remove your cat from the room if they are easily frightened as the process will force the Litter Robot to cycle through its functions. 
  5. First, enable the Wi-Fi on the Litter Robot. This is done by pressing the Cycle and Empty buttons simultaneously. You should see the Power button turn from white to blue. This signifies that the on-board Wi-Fi hotspot has been activated.  
  6. Once the Power button is blue, press Next on the app.
  7. The app will then ask you to scan the serial number/QR code on the Litter Robot. It should be at the back of the machine, and on the outside of the box it came in. 
  8. You can name your Litter Robot from the app. This makes it easier when you have multiple Litter Robots in your home. 
  9. Next, go to your phone settings and look for the Litter Robot Wi-Fi. If it prompts you for a password, enter “neverscoop.”
  10. Back at the app, the setup will then ask you for your home network password to allow the Litter Robot access. 
  11. You have successfully paired your Litter Robot to your phone. 

Litter Robot App Not Working: Troubleshooting

For most people, pairing the Litter Robot with the app will have no problems at all. However, there are times when it can get pretty tricky. Here are common methods to try and fix the issue. 

  1. Difficulty Scanning

Some people find trouble with scanning the QR code or the serial number. It is highly recommended to do this part of the setup in a well-lit room to ensure that the camera has sufficient light to capture all the details of the QR code. 

  1. Restart Router

Connectivity is another issue some users have reported. A number of them suggested that restarting the network router inside the home can be a quick fox for them.

  1. Restart App

Aside from the router, success can also come from restarting the app. Simply close the app entirely which means you might have to swipe it off the phone’s task manager.

  1. Restart Phone

The trouble in setting up the app might also come from a bug in the phone. Try restarting your phone if the other methods did not work.

  1. Restart Litter Robot

Turning electrical devices on and off to fix them has been a solution since the early days of technology. If you have problems pairing your app with the Litter Robot, restarting the Litter Robot might help things work.

  1. Be Vigilant

Oftentimes, people leave their smartphones unattended when setting up apps. It is possible that the problem is that setting up is taking too long because it is being left unattended. Be vigilant and prompt when setting up the connection. 


There are a wide array of potential fixes that you can do to troubleshoot problems when connecting the Litter Robot to your phone through the app. Hopefully, these tips can help you solve your issue and let you begin enjoying your Litter Robot. 

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