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Litter robot connect
(Last Updated On: October 10, 2022)

With a self-cleaning litter box like Litter Robot Open air, you can easily separate clumped waste and deposit it into a tray and refill the box without having any trouble. For those in search of a self-cleaning litter box for their cats, it can be hard finding the best product to suit your cat’s needs. You need to carefully research self-cleaning litter boxes, and as you did, I’m quite sure that you must have come across the Litter Robot 3 Connect.

This is a smart automatic litter box that serves as a bathroom for your cat. If you  hate those unpleasant moments when you have to scoop litter, this awesome device might just be what you need to forget about those painful moments. Here’s a look at the Litter Robot 3 Connect, how to use it and how life-changing using it can be.

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Litter-Robot Connect Review

Setup and cleaning process

The Litter Robot looks more like a robotic cat toilet with technological adjustments to it. Similar to a little space pod, it might seem like a complicated machine but it’s quite easy to set up, use, and clean. Once you have removed it out of its packaging box, you should be able to set it up within 10 minutes.

The setup of Litter Robot Connect is a straightforward and seamless process. It doesn’t resemble a standard litter box and this might discourage your cat from using it. While it might seem complicated to use and rather difficult to convince your cat to pop in and do their thing, the box is a great option for disposing of litter.

Apart from that, the Litter Robot comes with a guide to help you set it up and effectively clean it. In some cases, however, you might have to lure your cat into it, especially if it’s their first time using it.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Litter Robot model, allows you to sync the robot with your phone. You will have to download the Litter-Robot app which has a guide that takes you through the necessary steps. This takes about five minutes to master. Once set up, you can comfortably allow your cat to explore their new toilet robot.

How Litter Robot Connect works

Once your cat steps into the litter robot and finishes its business, the litter box stays for a few minutes after your cat has left before it starts working. You will notice a whirring sound once it starts cleaning by rotating the cat litter, forcing it through a filter that separates the cat waste from the unused litter.

During the rotational movement, the robot drops the waste into a drawer that is underneath the barrel. It then spins in the opposite direction placing the fresh litter back into place.

To maintain a clean and non-smelly litter box, you can line the poop drawer with a polythene bag like a garbage bag or a Litter-Robot litter bag if you have one. One advantage of using the litter robot is that the robot notifies you when the drawer is full and needs to be emptied.

The Wi-Fi enabled version which has an online Litter Robot app will send you a notification on your phone to notify you when the box is full. It also has a smartwatch that tells you when it’s due for a cleaning. You no longer have to scoop poop, once the drawer is full, pull it open, tie off the bag, and you’re done.

You might be worried about the smell since you’re putting cat waste into a drawer for some days and not disposing of it immediately. Thankfully, there is an air filter in the drawer that locks out any bad odor and maintains a clean and odorless environment.


Design of Litter Robot Connect

Litter robot connect is well-built with the look of a futuristic spaceship. It’s well designed to accommodate cats of all sizes but there’s one limiting factor. Your cat needs to weigh over 5 pounds to trigger the sensor though there’s no maximum weight limit. Even your kitties will enjoy using the box.

There are two main pieces made of heavy-duty plastic that make up Litter Robot, a rotating inner globe and the base. The rotating globe is lined with rubber combined with sensors inside that your cat can trigger. Once triggered, they set off and start counting a set amount of time which can either be 3, 7, or 15 minutes.

The Litter Robot globe rotates slowly cleaning the litter through a sieve into a compartment. Any litter clumps and solid waste is left behind as the globe continues spinning dropping waste into the base of the unit. Compared to when you have to scoop away litter, cycling is said to reduce litter usage by up to 50 percent. 

After the waste has been deposited into the base of the unit, the globe then rotates back to its original position. The operation is quiet especially during the rotation there’s no noise and any hums are easily drowned out by ambient noise. Sensors present in the base will send you a push notification when the drawer is full. 

Similar to other devices, a malfunction can occur disrupting the process. Whether it’s due to a malfunction or you simply want to do the cleanup manually, you can use the Cycle and Reset buttons, or use the Litter Robot app to trigger a cycle. Take note of the amount of litter that you put since there’s a max fill line on the rubber globe that you shouldn’t pass to avoid making the globe too heavy to spin. 


The litter robot connect box is big, almost 2.5 feet, over 2 feet wide and a little over 2 feet deep. The whole Litter Robot unit comes pre-assembled and all you have to do is unpack the 24-pound unit out of its packaging box, plug it in, and it’s ready for use. Due to its huge size, the storage of this litter box can be a challenge especially for small spaces since it takes a lot of space and would be noticeable. The main globe has a 10.25-inch opening and a step that allows your cat to climb and straight right in.

Cleaning Process

For those worried about cleaning and maintenance, the Litter robot connect is not only an advanced device but also easy to empty and clean. You’ll receive a push notification informing you that the waste drawer is full. All you have to do is to pull open the drawer, remove the bag of waste and dispose of it.

Afterward, you can line the drawer with a new bag, reset the waste gauge level in the Litter Robot app, and leave it until the next time you receive another notification. Though you no longer have to scoop the litter, according to the brand, you have to empty the drawer at least once a week in case you are not ready to wait for the notification.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the globe once every one to three months and a deep clean twice a year. During cleaning, the unit can be separated into several easy-to-clean pieces that can pop off easily. This applies even to the globe and waste drawer which can be removed, cleaned using soapy water, rinsed and completely dry before reassembling to avoid clumping due to exposure to wet surfaces.

Soap and a mild detergent should be enough to sanitize the components. But, you can also use a disinfectant spray, though during usage try and spray it away from the litter box. The best way is to spray it onto a cloth or paper towel which you can then use to wipe the unit to avoid mistakenly dampening the control panels. After reassembling the parts, add fresh litter. Always take caution during cleaning and avoid getting any of the electrical components wet. 

How to effectively reduce odor

Most litter boxes stink after a week of usage and no disposal. Though the Litter Robot 3 has a carbon filter on the inside of the waste drawer which sieves odors, it still doesn’t do a great job neutralizing odors. Once the waste has accumulated in the drawer for more than a week, it will begin to smell. It’s therefore best to clean it every once in a while.

However, according to the brand manufacturer’s odor control will be determined by how many cats use the box, the kind of litter you use, what your cat feeds on, among other things.

You can also sprinkle some baking soda in the front of the drawer to reduce the odor and how frequently you have to empty the drawer. Also, try and replace the carbon filter once every 3-4 months. 

Additional Features

The litter robot comes with various additional features which include sleep mode, night light, and more. Some are useful and others you might never use but they are worth trying out to confirm how effective and functional the litter box can be. One of the most useful additional features is the 8-hour sleep mode. This feature stops the unit from cycling at night allowing you to sleep peacefully, especially if you’ve placed the litter box in your room. You can also lock the buttons if you have pets or children to prevent kids from pressing them and spoiling the unit. 

Litter Robot WiFi Set Up: Since the box is Wi-Fi-enabled with an app in place, you can remotely control the litter box. The app also makes the interface simple and straightforward with detailed data about your kitty’s behavior at your fingertips. You can track the number of times the robot cycles every day using the app. As it cycles, the app creates graphs of weekly and monthly trends which can be quite helpful in spotting medical issues such as UTIs. You can share this information with your veterinarian making it easier to analyze any underlying issues.

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Litter Robot 3 Enclosure Cabinet Thoughts


· Easy to clean and maintain

· Has push notifications 

· Can be used several times and emptied after a few weeks of use

· Pre-assembled saving you the time and stress from assembling

· Quiet operation

· Uses any clumping litter

· Wi-Fi enabled


· Huge in size

· Costly

· Doesn’t completely neutralize odor

Create Your Own Connect WiFi Litter Robot 3

Have the Litter Robot Open Air and love the Connect functions? Now, you can connect your Litter Robot unit and make your very own wifi version as well.

  1. Do it via the Connect Base Upgrade: Buy the Connect Base Upgrade. Replace the base of your current unit.
  2. Do it via the Connect Upgrade Kit installation: This is the cheaper way to do it. You do have to spend time installing it inside your unit’s control panel. Purchase this kit in the accessories of Litter Robot section.


The Litter Robot Connect is a must-have device in your home, especially if you rarely have time or hate scooping waste. Though it has a huge cost implication, its effectiveness is worth investing in. If you can sacrifice some coins despite the high price tag, this self-cleaning gadget will save you from ever scooping litter again.

Even if you don’t see the use and need of having the Wi-Fi capabilities, you can get a non-connected unit. However, you cannot compare the Litter robot Connect to other alternatives available, especially if you enjoy hands-off cleaning and its smart features.


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