Litter-Robot III Yellow Light Flashing: Troubleshooting – Hard Reset

hard reset troubleshooting
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

There’s nothing like receiving your first Litter-Robot III! However, it’s definitely a bummer if you see that dreadful yellow light flashing. Sometimes, if you don’t put it back correctly after cleaning, you might have issues with the yellow light flashing and the globe not completing its full cycle rotation. What do you do then? Resetting Litter-Robot might be the trick.

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Here’s How To Hard Reset Litter-Robot:

  1. Ensure that the globe is in the Home position. You will know this if you see a solid blue light (not flashing).
  2. Now, you need to unplug the machine. Wait for 10 seconds then plug it back in.
  3. Let the machine do its usual start-up cycle.
  4. Now, you’ll try these steps. Press the Cycle button and hold it for 5 seconds. You will see the blue and yellow lights on.
  5. Press the Cycle button and hold for 5 seconds again. Now, you’ll see the yellow light go off while the blue light stays on.
  6. Turn on the cat sensor (Press on the globe area above the entrace). You will see the red light turn on.
  7. Let the machine finish the timing cycle and go back to Home.
  8. You’re all done! The machine has reset!


If you’ve tried the above steps and it didn’t work for whatever reasons, try this.

  1. Press the Reset button and hold it for 7 seconds.
  2. The unit should go back to Home setting.

What Does Slow Flashing Mean (1 Flash Per Second)?

This can mean 3 things:

  • The unit sensor has been activated and the cycle is interrupted
  • The bonnet has been removed
  • The bonnet has been disconnected

What You Can Do:

First, don’t panic and wait for 15 seconds. The cycle might just resume. Then, you can see if the bonnet is on the unit in the correct way. Are the front and rear tabs in place? To check, lift the unit in the bonnet area gently. The bonnet should not come off! If it does, it means you haven’t installed it correctly so be sure to put it back on properly.

If the bonnet is definitely fixed on properly, you can try emptying out the waste drawer and putting a new liner in. This might work because maybe the issue was that there was too much weight in the machine.

What Does Fast Flashing Mean (4 Flashes Per Second)?

This can point to a problem with the pinch detector (anti-pinch feature) positioned in the top left of the back of the base.. This is a feature that has two pins that are joined to the motherboard. Take note that they are supposed to be connected/touch each other all the time. If they don’t, then you’ll have the yellow flashing light.

What You Can Do:

First, turn the machine off and always unplug it from the wall before you start troubleshooting. Check that there’s nothing in the way of the waste drawer. Push the pinch detector cover a few times so that the metal component opens and shuts. Remember not to pull on it; just push. Do this a few times so that any dirt or obstacle stuck there can fall out.

Now, plug your unit back in and turn it on. Press the Reset button just once and let the globe go back to Home position.

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Customer Support

The best thing about Litter-Robot is its customer support. If you’ve tried this troubleshooting method (and even tried it a few times) but it still doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to give Litter-Robot a call.

Here are their details:

Litter-Robot Customer Support
Phone: 1-877-250-7729

9am – 7pm ET
You can also email:

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