Litter Robot Review: Is It Worth It?

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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2024)

Are you looking for the most innovative self-cleaning litter box for your cat? How does an automatic litter box with self-cleaning features sound? I was tired of cleaning my kitten litter and I really needed a good solution. I’m so glad I’ve found a unique, one-of-a-kind automatic litter box called Litter Robot 4. I assure you, it’s one of the most advanced automatic boxes around. You’ll be impressed! Read my Litter Robot review to find out more.

Litter Robot 4 is all about cleaning your cat litter easily to remove odor and feces for felines of any size. It has a patented system that’ll separate cat litter and eliminate the need for you to scoop the litter.

Since the company began, it has been focused on safe ways for cats to do their business so you don’t have to clean up. On top of that, they even make their products right in the US with a focus on environmental sustainability. If you’re on the fence about Litter Robot and want to know if it’s worth your money, keep reading our in-depth review!

Litter Robot Description

Litter Robot 3 Open Air notices when your cat exits, timing the cleaning cycle so that waste will clump before the machine starts up automatically. Litter robot 3 globe will slowly rotate to separate litter from feces, meaning that all you have to do is empty the waste inside the machine. This self-cleaning box works with only a couple of presses and some simple cleaning.

Litter-Robot 3 works great for different cats, saving up to 50% of your litter. With the large entryway and automatic light, you don’t need to worry about your feline getting in and out of it. The durable construction will make sure the litter and the odor stay in with the feces while your pet comes out looking pristine. There’s even a light that’ll let you know when the waste drawer bin is full, so you can empty this litter robot III!

litter robot after unboxing unpacking


  • Self-cleaning tray
  • Even with two cats, you only need to empty the box once a week
  • It stops automatically. So if it’s cycling when your pet goes in, it’ll stop
  • The box is fairly quiet and won’t bother you or your cats
  • Cuts litter usage by at least 75% for some users

Keep In Mind

  • Does require some space
  • A little pricey but most people agree that the quality and convenience more than makes up for it!
  • Sometimes the sheet on the bottom might need to be readjusted

What Comes With Your Purchase

dimensions of litter robot

  • LRII Standard unit
  • Lip Extender
  • Carbon Filter
  • Waste Drawer Liners
  • 12 Volt AC/DC power connector
  • Owner’s Manual

How Does the Litter Robot 3 Connect Work?

official website

The mechanism in this litter robot 3 connect works like other earlier versions. Your cat steps into litter robot 3 connect and does its business. Once they step out, the glove will activate and sift around the litter, so the poop is dropped into a lined bottom drawer.

The whole idea is quite simple. It will work by itself to clear out the litter into the drawer that is lined with a garbage bag. You then dump it out. Depending on the number of cats you have, you should only have to empty the litter robot and replace the liner a few times a week. The only thing you really have to do is click if you want to reset the litter robot, or if you’d like to ask the robot to run an extra round.

Check out the best cat litter for Litter Robot Open Air

Once your cat gets in the kitty litter robot, its weight is identified by an uncommon sensor which triggers a 7-minute commencement after it leaves the unit to begin cleaning.

When the counter hits zero, the constituent of the globe spins and carefully isolates the waste bunches from the spotless litter. These clusters drop into a waste drawer situated at the base of the unit. It contains a carbon channel for better odor control.

For your cat’s safety, the globe turns gradually, and the unit stops consequently if your feline re-enters the box while in cleaning process. The machine will stop for 15 seconds to continue the cleaning cycle.  If the cat is still inside the device, the Globe won’t turn.

This robot is unique because it does not have a rake system and thus does not need to be cleaned and maintained frequently. The highlight is that a simple push of “cycle” is all you need.

Do know that your cat does need to be at least five pounds. It will not work for cats that are too small or young, so you cannot have this with kittens and cat household.

What We Weighed Up: Litter Robot Review

Features & Benefits

litter robot III review

Let’s talk more about what exactly you can expect with your purchase. Generally, it’s obviously self-cleaning box, meaning no scooping, and the shape of it is large enough that your cat shouldn’t be boxed in when they use it.

  • Save time & money
  • Cleaned automatically and efficiently after each usage
  • Safe to use and reliable. Doesn’t clogged or jammed as it doesn’t have any rakes or wires.
  • Super easy to set up!
  • Saves litter and costs
  • Self-cleaning tray
  • Gets rid of odor very well! No more lingering odor
  • Works with any garbage container
  • Easy to wash and sanitize
  • Use the Litter Robot app
  • A really convenient set-and-forget system
  • Comes with 18 months full guarantee and 90-day return policy

The box is also a litter saver – the filtering framework keeps your cat’s paws clean. Its waste goes into a base for simple stowed transfer. Useful for long outings, it can contain a few days of stowed waste.

7 Minutes Delay

Programmed 7-minutes-delay-cleaning decreases any odors. It highlights manual cycles with a push of a button. Litter Robot also gives you more opportunity to take short outings and it gives you more leisure time to enjoy with your pet. It comes with a 18 month warranty full guarantee. The best rubbish packs are the 13 gallon trash packs but the 8 gallon ones are also great. If you have a few cats, you may need to replace the sacks every 2-3 days, but you will no longer have to scoop the litter up by hand with the 13 gallon trash.

The Litter Robot is a protected unit. It works at 12 volts (AC/DC connector included). Plus, you don’t have to worry about loose or sharp pieces or any electrical wiring that could reach your feline and harm them. It may be used by cats weighing up to 15 pounds, but considering a cat’s flexibility, bigger cats could make themselves fit without any issues.

It is easy to set up and doesn’t require costly plates or expendable containers. It works with clumping litter and successfully eliminates the odor from the box using carbon channels. You don’t need to purchase supplies intermittently to make it work.

Multiple Cats

You’ll be able to use the clean Litter Robot for different cats while still saving about 50 percent on litter every time. It helps that it even includes a lip extender and rubber mat, which will mean that your cat spills less litter when they step out every time. You won’t have to smell your cat either since the connect Litter Robot does include a filtration system with vents in the waste receptacle to reduce the odor.

You also have some additional features, such as the possibility to connect the machine to your Wifi with an upgrade and use the litter robot app with ios and android devices. You don’t have to, of course. All you really need to do is to plug it into the wall. If you do, you can have a notification when the machine needs to be emptied. You can also remotely control the settings from your phone like this, including the mode sleep, wait time, and nightlight.

How Effective Is Litter-Robot For Odor Control?

In a nutshell, it’s great. It sifts the cat litter and holds the waste in the waste drawer, which includes a carbon filter. It’s this carbon filter that prevents odors from leaking out.

How often do you have to empty the waste drawer? If you only have one cat, then you can get away with disposing the waste drawer once each week!

Each time I open the waste drawer, I have to say that I’m often taken aback by the strong odor. All this means is that the odor is really well-retained in the unit. All in all, it’s definitely more effective than a normal litter box.


There are previous versions of the Litter Robot out there. But there are reasons why this one has been improved.

Bigger Opening

First off: this one has a larger opening. The waste-tumbler is slightly bigger, which means that even if you have larger cats, they can use this litter robot comfortably. You can’t use it with different cats at once, but different cats can use it.

Full Indicator Light

There’s also a full indicator light on this one. Litter Robot will let you know when the waste drawer was full. You’ll only need to replace it as often as the light comes on. You’ll also have a control panel outside, an adjustable wait time, and an 8-hour sleep mode if you have the litter robot in someone’s room at night. Basically, you can set this litter robot to work whenever you need it to so it won’t go off at random times if you don’t want it to.

Don’t forget the automatic blue light that will shine in this machine when it’s dark. This is especially helpful for elderly cats that have a hard time orienting themselves.


Stay Connected

You can now stay connected to your box just like you might stay connected to the lights at your home. The Wifi connect feature will give you insight into your cat’s litter box activity using the app. Track your cat’s usage so that you know how often your cat is using the litter-robot. It might not be something that you generally want to know, but if you notice your cat suddenly going to the box more often than usual, it might be an indication of some kind of health problem.

Beyond checking the frequency, you can use the Litter Robot app to adjust your mode sleep settings, turn the light on and off, and even lock the control panel so that you can prevent any changes to the settings.

Set Up

When your Litter Robot arrives, you’ll be glad to know that the entire box comes fully assembled. This means that it’s ready to use. You can take the ridged rubber matt right out of the globe and slip it out, and also slip out the cardboard separators that sit inside.

You even have a waste liner already installed, and two extra liners for future use. of course, it’s easy to purchase liners too, and it’s easy to take a look at the instruction manuals if you’re having a little trouble getting started.

Once you have the litter-robot out of the box, you just need to plug it in and fill it. If you’re looking to use it with your smartphone, connect it to your house’s WiFi and then connect it to your phone. Litter-Robot Connect Review

Phone Controls

You might never want to go near your box to adjust the controls, but with this machine, you never really need to. You can control pretty much all of the settings right from your phone.

If you have your unit near your bedroom, turn on sleep mode during the night. Your robot won’t clean through the night, but it will resume in the morning when you’re awake.

You can even set up a wait time so that your unit doesn’t cycle immediately anyway. For example, you might not want your robot to immediately cycle after your cat uses it. You can set it to wait a few minutes after your cat uses it, either 3 to 15 minutes – just in case you have a cat that comes back or if you have many cats that are going in at the same time.

You can also set the light to come on automatically at night. Your cats might not actually need the light to help them along, but if you want the night light turned on inside, this unit comes with that light option. Just set it up from your phone or manually on the unit.

Safety Precautions

You might wonder what happens if the litter-robot tries to function while your cat needs to go to the bathroom. This is one thing you don’t need to worry about though since this machine includes a cat sensor. If you have a cat that jumps in while it’s trying to cycle, it will stop so that your cat can use it safely. When it senses that the cat has left, it will resume cleaning on its own.

You can actually get notifications if your cat interrupts the process, too, although you might not want your cat’s habit clogging up the notifications on your phone.

Do be aware that while it can detect when your cats get in and out of the cat box, this works with a weight limit. Your cat has to weigh at least five pounds, or the machine won’t detect it being in there, which is why you cannot use the litter robot with a kitten. You’ll have to make sure that you train your kittens to use a traditional box before you try and introduce them to it, and that they are heavy enough to set off the censors. Otherwise, it could start because it doesn’t sense your kitten.

The litter robot can also have issues when it comes to detecting lighter cats, even cats that are above the 5-pound limit. It won’t have any issue detecting heavier cats, but you may notice problems like the litter box not detecting cats that are only a little bit heavier than 5 pounds.

General Customer Impression: Benefits

Most customers are incredibly pleased with the Litter Robot. For more benefits, check out my post on why it’s simply the best litter box.

It is a little large, and many people note the price, but the product completes blows them away.

Lance was so happy that it worked for multiple cats easily, and that it was able to “sleep” for 8 hours during the night. He loved how well-made the machine was, so it was straightforward to empty the automatic boxes cleaning tray, and dump.

Cassie loved how everything clumped together, and many customers noticed how this reduced litter usage by as much as 75%. Some cats even become obsessed with their new box as they adjusted quickly! If they try to go in while it’s cycling, it’ll even stop just to let them do their business.

Of course, there were a few issues, although most people didn’t consider them deal breakers. The litter robot box does self-clean and deposits the feces into a container you empty, but some buyers wish it was bigger. This would let you wait just a little longer to clean the litter.

Other than simple things like this, the price was the main issue. It was a lot for most people, although each of them found that the price was completely worth it when considering what you’re getting. The plastic liners add a bit to the cost too, and the noise can be annoying if the box is in your room. You can always just place it in the living room, though. As long as the model is working correctly, people love it.

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Litter Robot 3 vs Litter Robot 2

The new and improved version is definitely an advancement over the Litter Robot 2. How, you ask? Well, it may not be worlds apart, but there are some new features that people find to be very useful when reviewing their new litter robot.

Read more about Litter Robot 2 Vs Litter Robot 3

One of these features is the light on the waste drawer that tells you when it’s full. You won’t need to guess anymore, and can just empty it out when you see the flashing. Older litter robot models were also more difficult to see easily. They were a little lower and had a very small door.

With the machine, you won’t have any trouble seeing inside, and multiple cats or larger cats can fit in without any sort of problem. The higher model also allows you to read the print on the buttons with greater ease, without constantly bending over and getting too close.

Cats are even known to love it, whether they jump up or on a stool. The litter robot 3 new LED light is a little dorky for some people. But if your pet can’t see well or you set the machine in a darkened area, it’ll help them find it easier. Overall, the new features make the entire product worth it.​

Cat Genie vs Litter Robot

cat genie

Cat genie: Cat Genie is also an automatic cat litter box that rinses waste away and cleanses itself. It uses washable granules to satisfy your pet’s need and urge to burrow and cover. Ideal for cats of normal size and 6 months or more seasoned, Cat Genie also requires to hook up to cool water and electrical outlet. When you purchase the Cat Genie, it also comes with biodegradable, recyclable SaniSolution cartridge.

Cat Genie Versus Litter Robot

Litter Robot: Automatic box saves time and cash – Patented filtering process cleans litter naturally after every use – Deposits waste in huge drawers lined with kitchen junk sack – Reliable and safe; works without rakes or wires that could stick, stop up, or break – Measures 24 by 22 by 29 inches; 18-months full guarantee.

Litter Robot

  • A rotating automated machine that operates by spinning
  • Washes the waste in only 7 minutes!
  • Simple to use and needs less time to wash
  • Separates litter after use
  • Known to be extremely durable

Cat Genie

  • Self-flushing toilet
  • Features a push button to enable owner to manually flush
  • Features a separate button to prevent children from using the machine wrongly
  • Biodegradable suppliers are required to operate Cat Genie

Is Litter Robot Worth It?

Yes. It’s pricey but worth it for the quality.
  • Quieter than other brands, more reliable and made sturdy to last a long time.
  • You get to save by using lesser cat litter since you don’t have to refill it as much.
  • Doesn’t spill as much. Less mess!
  • I find that this is the closest to ‘no more daily scooping’ as possible! I only have to empty it once every 6 to 7 days!
That being said, you should know that, yes, this unit can be a little bit loud. It’s not super loud, but it’s not quiet either. You’ll likely get used to the sound after a while though, and if you don’t want to hear it cycling at night, it’s simple to turn on the sleep mode.
Your cats also shouldn’t stay startled by the noise for long. It may be an adjustment for them, but in time, they should get used to it.
Be aware before you buy this unit that it is a big little robot. It’s a very solid machine that takes up a good chunk of space. It’ll make it much easier for you to clear out your litter, but it won’t help you if you don’t have the space.
Measure your space to ensure that you can fit it in your home even when you’re placing it somewhere other than a corner. The machine tends to perform better when they’re not boxed in. Just like your cat needs to be okay with using the litter robot, you also need to be okay with the space that it takes up and the sort of space-age look to it. It certainly is a conversation piece, although you might find that it clashes with your home.

How Long Do Litter Robots Last?

They are very long lasting, with a minimum 5 year lifespan from experience and hearing from other customers. Mine is still going good after 7 years. If it does break, you can repair it. No issues there.

How to Clean the Litter Robot

You’ve got your cat using your Litter Robot and it’s scooping up everything automatically so that you don’t need to do it. It can’t get any better than that but you still need to clean it at least once every 3 months.

Read more about how to clean Litter Robot

It’s important to keep your litter robot working and smelling like new, and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

This might seem obvious, but you can start by making sure that you always empty out the waste. The sensors inside will detect the level of waste inside, and you can see the blue light flash when it’s time to empty it out. If you only have single cat, you’ll need to empty it maybe once per week, and twice a week if you have two cats.

All you need to do is pull out the drawer, unlock the edges of the liner, and dispose of the waste. Install a new liner and you’re done. Just make sure that you press the reset functionality and that the control panel blinks blue, and that you don’t have the unit against the wall. It’ll have trouble detecting your cats.

What Makes the Litter Robot Special?

You already know that there are tons of litter machines that will work automatically to ensure that your cats don’t have to come meowing to you for a clean box.

The litter robot is unique though, in part because of its design. There are no rakes that might become clogged up or laden with litter, and you might need to manually clean off. There aren’t even any special bags you might need for this option, meaning that it’s easy for just about anyone to use.

Of course, also, thanks to the design, the odor control is excellent. If you do notice any problems with smell, it’s likely because the seal strips are not working as well as they should be or that your litter is not quite clumping litter correctly.

Litter Robot Price

Litter Robot 3 is priced at $549, and Litter Robot 4 is priced at $649. Get $50 off and check the current prices here. You might know that Litter Robot tends to be more expensive than your traditional boxes. It does come with a significant price tag, but if you plan on buying more than one unit for different cats, you can use discounts for buying multiple (two or three) units.

For example, you can get 15 percent off three units and 10 percent off two units. This might not seem like a lot, but when you’re buying a couple of units and even an accessory pack, saving a little money means a lot, and it’s worth the money.

You may even try emailing their service team to see what kinds of discounts you can avail of. Their team is very responsive and helpful.

Litter Robot Promo Code

Save $50 when you check out. You don’t need a specific Litter Robot coupon or discount code. It will be applied automatically when you check out! Also check their website from time to time for any Litter-Robot deals.

Litter Robot Vs. Other Brands

Litter-Robot FAQ

Will Litter Robot Turn On When My Cat is Inside?

It’s totally natural to imagine this terrible scenario but luckily, the simple answer is that this wouldn’t happen. The Litter Robot has really effective sensors that will detect the presence of any cats. It won’t turn on the cleaning cycle if there’s something in the unit.

Is Litter Robot Good For Multiple Cats?

Quite simply, yes. Litter Robot multiple cats actually works extremely well. In fact, I would even go so far as to call it the best litter box for multiple cats. Many people tend to have multiple litter boxes for different cats, which makes a lot of sense. However, since the LR cleans automatically, you may wonder if you really need more than one in your home.

Well, it’s true that you don’t need as many units. If you have different cats, you can use one robot for all of them, although you might also want another one if you have more than three cats. They work so easily that it won’t be a problem to clean more than one of them, although you may not want to pay for more than one. Too many cats will feel uncomfortable, so don’t try to push the limits. If you have multiple cats, I can tell you now that LR is the best secret. You won’t even be as bothered with litter boxes that seem to fill up so quickly endlessly!

Can Litter-Robot be Placed on Carpet?

The official recommendation is to position it on a firm and level surface. If you choose to place it on carpet, the unit’s sensitivity may be affected. Just to be safe, I would recommend not to place it on carpet. If you really have to, then give it a try and make sure that the sensors work well.

Final Verdict

No more scooping litter! The Litter Robot self-cleaning box is the perfect solution for any cat owner to never have to manually clean up again. Spend minimal time cleaning the litter box and scooping. Spend more time enjoying time with your cat. You can use this programmed box with any plastic rubbish bag and it will work.
Overall, Litter Robot 4 is a great fit to automate your cat litter problems. It might also save your back, and for people with disabilities or mobility issues, it’ll be much easier to take care of your cats without having to struggle. The hands-off operation really reduces the overall burden that you have to deal with.
Grab $50 off from Litter-Robot. With a 90-day money-back guarantee and an 18 months full-year warranty, you have nothing to lose.

Litter Robot 4 is my top recommendation, so do give it a try.  Click here to read more & order yours!



  • pilch92 says:

    That looks like a great product.

  • Jasmine says:

    I first saw it at a convention and I did not think cats would like it much or want to explore in there. Proven wrong though! It seems ideal solution for multiple and indoor cats.

  • Lori says:

    This is the best litter box! I purchased it for our cats and they love it too! No need to be scooping out poop everyday! I recently had an issue with the product, contacted customer support and they replied immediately stating they would be sending out a new base. I was expecting a long wait as the e-mail said 3-5 weeks. It already arrived today after only a few days! I cannot express my appreciation for such awesome customer support! I highly recommend this product! A+

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