Litter-Robot 8-Hour Sleep Mode: Great Litter-Robot 3 Feature

night mode
(Last Updated On: February 10, 2023)

When I first got Litter-Robot 3, I was already pretty wowed by all the features it came with. One of these helpful features that deserves a blog post on its own is the Sleep Mode, which helps conserve energy and reduce noise when the litter box is not in use.

Basically, Litter Robot’s 8-hour Sleep Mode is meant to save energy and reduce noise at night. This is especially useful for units located in bedrooms. When this Mode is activated, the machine enters a low-power state and operates quietly to minimize disturbance. The Litter Robot’s automatic cleaning cycle is temporarily suspended while in 8-hour Sleep Mode, but will resume when the mode is deactivated. You can manually activate or set it to automatically activate during designated sleep hours.

How do you put Litter-Robot 3 in 8-Hour Sleep Mode?

To enter Sleep Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the control panel
  2. Scroll to “Sleep Mode” using the arrow buttons
  3. Press the “Enter” button to activate
  4. The Litter Robot will now enter a low-power state and operate quietly
  5. To deactivate, repeat the process and select “Sleep Mode” again.

How do I get my Litter-Robot 3 out of Sleep Mode?

To exit Sleep Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the control panel
  2. Scroll to “Sleep Mode” using the arrow buttons
  3. Press the “Enter” button to deactivate
  4. The Litter Robot will return to its normal operating state, with its usual automatic cleaning cycle.

Why is my Litter-Robot in Sleep Mode?

You probably activated it without realizing it. It is great for night time when you don’t want the robot to run since it cycles automatically. It’s great when you may not want any disturbance. This 8-hour period is repeated every 24 hours. Bear in mind that it will keep repeating until you deactivate or shut it.

How Many Hours is Litter Robot Sleep Mode?

8-hour Sleep mode allows you to adjust the duration. You can set it in increments of one hour. By default, you can activate it for a period of 8 hours each night, but you can change this based on your preferences and what works for your family. You can set the length of this Mode between 1-12 hours.

Why is Sleep Mode Changing the Time by Itself?

If this has happened to you, just know that it was a temporary bug that has since been fixed. This was an issue that some owners faced a few years ago but there hasn’t been a complaint about it lately.


Sleep Mode is useful and a great Litter-Robot 3 feature. Whether you like it for energy conservation, lesser noise, increased durability, better user experience, or ease of use, this feature is just beneficial overall.

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