Litter Robot Vs. Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box

LR VS Lavviebot
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

When it’s time for your kitty to use the bathroom, you may find it a hassle to constantly be cleaning the litter box yourself. Nobody wants their home filled with the odors that may come from the litter box after all. This is where a self-cleaning litterbox comes into play.

Two of the best self-cleaning litterboxes are the Litter Robot and the Lavviebot Cat Litter Box. While offer fantastic features, there are some differences between them that we can compare to see which is the best of the two.

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Litter Robot VS Lavviebot S: Comparison

LR VS Lavviebot

Their Design

Despite both the Litter Robot and Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box being self-cleaning litter boxes, the designs of each one is vastly different from the other.

The Litter Robot has more of a futuristic design. It somewhat looks like a spaceship designed specifically for your cat. It has a much more rounded shape, and it has a more sleek design as compared to the Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box.

Compared to the Litter Robot, the design of the Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box is much blander, in my opinion. It is designed as a rectangular box where your cat can go inside to do their business. It has a hole in the front where your cat can enter and exit, as well as allow for the residual litter to fall off your cat’s feet as they exit.


While both self-cleaning litter boxes have room for your cat to get inside, it may seem that the inside of both can be a little cramped for your kitty.

The Litter Robot has dimensions of 30 x 25 x 27 inches, but the litter box inside takes up space leaving only a 14 x 14 inch space for your cat. This can make your cat feel cramped, so it is best to take this into consideration. I find that cats enjoy having a comfortable amount of space in order to use the restroom, so it is best to consider how much space your cat may need.

The Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box has dimensions of 19.48 x 22.9 x 27.7 inches, so it is a bit smaller than the Litter Robot. It is also important to note that the Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box only fits cats who weigh 22 lbs or less, so it is not suitable for a large cat.

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The LR3 only starts cycling after the waiting time. The great thing about its smart design is that you won’t find any waste particles stuck. The cycle starts with rotation of the globe before the litter is moved down into the sifter. Then, the clump of waste is transferred into the litter drawer.

The Lavviebot cleans relatively well too but there’s somewhat of a design flaw. Some cats tend to pee on the wall, causing wee to be stuck at the back of the plastic component. Sometimes, cat owners have to try to customize the box themselves to direct the cat pee in the tray.

Material They Are Made From

The materials a litter box is made from can help determine which of the two may be best for you. The Litter Robot is made from material that allows it to be used frequently by multiple cats as it has great durability and longevity. The Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box is made from plastic, so it is probably best to be used by a single cat and may not last as long as the Litter Robot.

Features of the Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Each of the self-cleaning litter boxes includes smart features that help the box do as it is designed and makes it easier to use and maintain.

The Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box is used with the Purrsong App. The box includes an automatic litter refill feature, sensors that help detect when cats are using it in order to ensure safety, and a deodorizer that helps to neutralize the odor of the used litter.

The Litter Robot also has an app, the Connect App, which allows for you to change the settings of the litter box, such as updating the self-cleaning cycle.

The Price of Each Litter Box

Both the self-cleaning litter boxes are more expensive than traditional litter boxes due to their self-cleaning feature as well as other features of each. The Lavviebot S Cat Litter Box costs approximately $899. While the Litter Robot seems cheaper at a price of $499, you will need to spend another $499 to be able to use its Connect feature.

Final Verdict

In all the years I’ve reviewed various self cleaning litter boxes, I just haven’t found any that trumps the Litter Robot. Litter-Robot is still the winner. It simply has a better design that works and gives you more features on its app. I’ve never had any odor problems either. Check the price of LR here!

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