Litter Robot 3 Vs LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box

littermaid vs litter robot
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Self-cleaning litter boxes have really changed our daily lives – we no longer have to scoop daily or get frustrated about cat waste! When it comes to finding the right high-quality cat litter box that cleans itself, though, there are so many options and two of the most popular ones are Litter-Robot and LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Obviously, both come with their own benefits and drawbacks so let’s have a look at their differences so you’d know which is best for your household.

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Litter Robot VS LitterMaid Comparison

Design Differences

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Litter-Robot automatic litter box has a cylindrical design that features a rotating globe that separates waste from clean litter. After the cat uses the litter box, the globe rotates, depositing the waste into a sealed drawer for disposal. The globe rotates again, spreading the clean litter evenly across the surface, ready for the next use.

LitterMaid comes in a more traditional rectangular design. It features a rake that automatically scoops waste into a sealed waste receptacle after the cat leaves the box. The rake then returns to its original position, ready for the next use.

While both designs have their pros and cons, the cylindrical design of the Litter Robot allows for maximum use of the litter and minimizes waste, while the compact design of the LitterMaid automatic litter box makes it easier to fit in smaller spaces.

Size Differences

In terms of size, Litter-Robot measures larger, standing at 26 inches tall and having a 20-inch diameter. It’s great for multiple cats too. The LitterMaid is smaller, standing at only 18.5 inches tall and having a length of 17 inches and width of 14 inches.

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Construction and Materials

Litter Robot is made from a combination of high-quality plastics and metal components. The globe is crafted from a tough, clear plastic so you don’t have to worry about scratches and cracks. Meanwhile, the base is a sturdy plastic that is easy to clean. The metal components, including the arm and axle, are made from durable materials that are designed to withstand daily use.

LitterMaid is also made from high-quality plastics and metal components. The base is made from a sturdy plastic that is easy to clean, while the rake and waste receptacle are made from durable metal components that are designed to last.

Both are designed with low maintenance and ease of cleaning in mind. Their removable components can be wiped down or washed as needed. The materials used in both are safe for both cats and humans and are free of harmful chemicals.

You can rest assured that both are made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand daily use and wear and tear over the years.

Smart Features

In terms of smart features, both self-cleaning litter boxes have unique offerings.

Litter-Robot’s smart features include a sleep mode that turns off the lights and reduces noise during nighttime hours. It also comes with a filter change indicator that alerts you when it’s time to change the carbon filter, as well as an adjustable delay timer so you can set the frequency of cleaning cycles. Additionally, the Litter Robot has a safety bar that prevents the globe from rotating if a cat is still inside, and an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the unit if it overheats.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect even offers WiFi connectivity and a Connect App that can display lots of information about your cat and how it’s using the litter box. You can even adjust settings like the self-cleaning cycle, and sleep mode, and more.

LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box doesn’t trail far behind with some smart features of its own. These include a built-in motion sensor that triggers the cleaning cycle after the cat leaves the box. It also has a manual control button that allows you to trigger the cleaning cycle manually, and an adjustable delay timer that sets the frequency of cleaning cycles. It also has a safety bar that prevents the rake from moving if a cat is still inside.

Overall, Litter-Robot offers more options and greater flexibility, while LitterMaid has a simpler design.

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Types of Litter

Both let you choose what litter you want to use, although hard-clumping clay seems to be the best choice.

How Easy Are They To Clean?

Both the Litter Robot and the LitterMaid self-cleaning litter boxes are designed to make cleaning up after your cat as easy and hassle-free as possible. However, there are some differences in terms of the ease of cleaning between the two products.

You’ll find that Litter-Robot is as low-maintenance as they come. It’s super easy to get rid of cat waste as it has a sealed waste drawer that’s also very effective at keeping odors in. The globe itself is also super easy to clean. You won’t find any tricky nooks or corners where litter can get stuck in; it’s all smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe. It also has very low tracking and litter scatter.

Now, on to LitterMaid. It’s still rather easy to clean and you can quickly and easily remove the waste receptacle to empty it. It’s also quick and easy to clean the rake that sweeps over the litter bed as it has a sleek design where no dirty litter or waste gets stuck in. However, keep in mind that it has quite a few moving components that will require you to clean more frequently.

Overall, both are designed to minimize mess and make cleaning up after your cat as easy as possible. But I would say the winner is Litter-Robot.


In general, you can expect Litter-Robot to be more pricey than LitterMaid. Litter-Robot typically costs anywhere from $499, making it one of the most expensive self-cleaning litter boxes on the market. However, to me, this is justified because of its advanced design and features. Plus you also get a larger size, built-in carbon filter, and adjustable delay timer.

LitterMaid, on the other hand, is cheaper and typically costs around $79.99, making it a more affordable option for those on a budget. Despite its lower price point, the LitterMaid still offers a number of features, including a built-in motion sensor, adjustable delay timer, and manual control button. However, bear in mind that the disposable containers may cost about $5 each month if you dispose of and change the waste container one time each week.

Final Verdict: Litter Robot 3 Connect or LitterMaid?

There’s no question that it was a good choice to ditch traditional litter boxes! After considering both their features and pros and cons, my top pick for my cat’s litter box has to be Litter Robot 3. I just really appreciate all its smart features and I don’t even have to replace any disposable waste receptacles often. Its easy setup and simple operation is also a bonus. It’s worth the money! If you’re on a budget, Littermaid isn’t a bad choice. Ultimately, it’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons for your own situation but if you can afford it, Litter-Robot won’t disappoint with its high quality, smart features, mobile app and more. Check out the price for Litter Robot here and get $25 off.

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