Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review 2023

Lusmo automatic pet feeder
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

The Lusmo automatic pet feeder will catch your attention, and at first, that’ll be because of the sleek design. However, as you get to using it, you’ll see how much easier it can make life for you and your pet. It goes beyond just feeding your pet- it also allows you to custom tailor the meals your pet gets from it. If that sounds like a dream come true, then keep reading to see what else you need to know. 

How does the Lusmo automatic pet feeder work?



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You set the automatic pet feeder on the ground with your pet’s food bowl right in front of it, where the dispenser can put the food into it. The hopper is responsible for getting the food to your pet, but there’s a plastic mechanism on the bottom of it that really makes it happen. This plastic mechanism turns around which moves the food from the inner container and into your pet’s dish. 

You can remove both of these inner components as needed, whether for cleaning or maintenance. 

Lusmo feeding features

The Lusmo automatic pet feeder comes with plenty of features that make keeping your fed easy. The feeder is automatically set to dispense food three times a day (which is better, and healthier for your pet than one or two large meals). However, you’ll need to determine which times the feeder dispenses food throughout the day. This is great for pet owners that already know what times their pet is expecting food, and it prevents you both from needing to switch meal schedules because of pre-programmed times. 

You also have a ton of choices when it comes to how much food you want the feeder to dispense at each meal time. The Lusmo feeder allows you to select everything from 1/16 of a cup to a full cup of food. You actually have 17 options, because the choices go in increments of a 16th of a cup, and there’s an option for ‘0’, which is to skip a feeding. 

The LCD display panel makes it easy to program meal times, and the amounts of food to dispense at every meal. Not only that, it will keep the programmed feeding schedule until you change it, whether the feeder is powered on or not. So, if you’re looking to use it as a vacation feeder, just switch it off until you’re ready to go. 

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Other notable features of the Lusmo automatic pet feeder

So now that you know how the feeding features work, what else does the Lusmo feeder have to offer? As we discovered, quite a bit.

Food guards

We know pets can be serious hogs when it comes to food sitting around, so we love the guards that prevent them from getting extra outside of mealtimes. The lid locks, so even a very clever cat can’t open it (and an eager dog can’t knock it over to spill food out). Not only that, but the chute where the food comes out has a special guard to keep pets from getting into it too. 

Easy upkeep

dog eating from lusmo

When you think of moving parts, you probably also think of difficult maintenance. Thankfully, this automatic pet feeder breaks the mould. The outside is easy to wipe down, and the inside is just about as easy too. You can take all of the inner pieces out and give them a quick wipe down, dry off, and put it all right back in again. 


As we mentioned, this feeder’s design is one of the first things you’ll notice. It’s a great looking piece, and comes with a clean, sleek design that’s modern enough to fit in any room or setting. It comes in a ton of different colors too, with some that are bright and eye catching, and others that are more subtle and toned down.

It’s also surprisingly lightweight, at just over three pounds. So you don’t need to worry about bringing a bulky feeder around. Even better, it’s just over a foot tall, so it’s not taking over the room. 

High levels of customization

You can program this feeder as much as you want, or need to. While you can program up to three meals a day, you can program it for as few as one. With 1/16 cup increments, this feeder really allows you to manage your pet’s diet, which is especially helpful if they need to lose weight.

The timer clock works on a 24 hour system, and you don’t have to just program the time in set increments. You can adjust feeding times by hour and by minute, even if it’s not a typical time (for instance, you want to feed your pet at 11:03 am? No problem.). 

Battery powered

Unlike a lot of automatic pet feeders, this one actually works on standard alkaline D size batteries. A lot of pet owners find this to be a big benefit, because if the power in the mains goes out, and that’s the only power source, it means your pets aren’t getting fed. With a feeder that runs on batteries, like this one, whether you experience a power outage or not you don’t have to worry about your pet missing meals. You might be worried about the batteries running low, but you don’t need to. The LCD screen will tell you as soon as the batteries start getting low and need to be replaced. 

buttons on lusmo

Key features:

  • Easy to use LCD screen
  • Runs on D size alkaline batteries
  • Dispenses food in 1/16 cup increments
  • 24 clock for programming feeding time
  • Set for 3 meals a day
  • Guards against spilling and stealing food
  • Lightweight with a small footprint
  • Comes with a wide variety of color choices
  • Clean, modern design
  • Removable inner components for easy cleaning


  • High level of customization to fit a variety of pet needs
  • Offers reliable feeding solution for pet parents
  • Fairly easy to clean and maintain
  • Typically feeds pets for up to 10 days
  • Looks good and doesn’t take up much space


  • Not as accurate with some sizes of kibble
  • Doesn’t allow power from mains alongside batteries
  • Inner components can’t go into the dishwasher

Who should get the Lusmo automatic pet feeder?

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We’ve gone over all the details and features of the Lusmo automatic pet feeder, so you’re probably wondering if it’s right for you. Who should get the Lusmo pet feeder? 

If you need to feed your pets up to three times a day, and you won’t be home (or sometimes have trouble staying on schedule), this feeder fits the bill. Likewise, if your pet only eats up to a cup of food at once (or less) than this Lusmo feed gets the job done. Now, if you’re going on vacation, can’t find a pet sitter to come by often enough to feed your pets, and need to keep them on schedule, you should check out this automatic feeder. It allows a lot of customization too, so if you need to feed your pet different amounts of food for different meals, this handy helper takes care of it. 

Best for people that:

  • Need help feeding their pet on a schedule
  • Feed pets a cup or less of food per serving
  • Have curious pets that get into food outside of meal times
  • Live in areas with frequent power outages
  • Feed pets three meals or less daily
  • Use kibble food for pets

Not ideal for people that:

  • Feed pets more than three meals per day
  • Need to feed more than a cup per meal
  • Want to plug feeders into main electric power source
  • Feed pets wet food or long/large kibbles

Our thoughts on the Lusmo pet feeder

First, we love being able to choose the meal portions in 1/16 cup increments. If you have a chubby kitty or pooch, you know how important portion control is. This automatic pet feeder takes all the work out of measuring food for each meal. 

Next, even if your pet is on a less than typical feeding schedule, the feeder caters to that. A lot of pet feeders restrict meal time programming to certain intervals, whether it’s every hour, half hour, or five minutes. This feeder lets you program meal time down to the minute. 

The design is far beyond that of most automatic pet feeders. We’re concerned about function of course, but it doesn’t take long to get sick of pet gear that’s also an eyesore.

We know the appearance of a feeder shouldn’t be your first concern, but a good looking feeder is definitely a huge bonus. With the Lusmo, you get a classic modern form and some different colors to fit wherever you put it. 

We like how durable and user friendly it is, although figuring out the feeding portions can take a little time. For example, to choose a 1/16 cup portion, you have to enter F01, and for a 1 cup portion, you have to enter F16. It follows this pattern from start to finish, except that to skip a meal you have to enter F00. All in all, it’s not overly complicated, but it does take a little time to get used to typing in a code rather than a quantity. 

Another problem some pet owners might come across is that you can’t program more than three meals a day. If your pet eats more than that, you’ll need to take care of the extra feeding yourself. However, we’ve found that three meals a day is typically sufficient for most pet diets. 

We like that the Lusmo feeder is easy to maintain too. You can take all the inner components out and wipe them down, just don’t put them in the dishwasher. One of the really great things the Lusmo automatic pet feeder includes that you might not notice right away is the warranty. It covers your new pet gear for up to 12 months, so you know the manufacturer backs their products.

We’ve found that overall the Lusmo is a great pet feeder for people that want a simple solution for pet meal times. Even if you only use it for the times you’re away, you can have peace of mind knowing your pet isn’t going without a meal.

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