Luuup Litter Box Review 2023

Luuup Cat litter box review
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

Though we love our cats with all of our hearts, it is almost unanimous that dealing with your pet’s waste is overall an unpleasant experience. From gross scooping, to bad smells, cleaning your kitty’s waste is never a fun chore to deal with. The Luuup offers a solution to these problems with its open, triple sifting tray design. While the Luuup isn’t going to make cleaning out your cat’s waste any more fun, it may make it just a little more bearable.

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The Luuup Litter Box: What Is It?

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The Luuup litter box is identifiable by its unique 3 tray construction . While this may sound complicated, the litter box of cat looks simple and it is not complicated to use at all. The box basically has 3 stacked, identical refining trays, which when lifted will sift out the unused litter to the other trays below and form a solid base. This way you do not have to scoop your kitty’s litter on a daily basis, or actually even scoop at all, as you can easily toss your cat’s waste right into the garbage from the tray.

This Luup litter box amazon was built to be solid, so solid you can really tell it’s made up of multiple removable pieces. When stacked properly the three trays will all line up and to ensure you get it right every time there are tabs on the sides that line up so you don’t have to be worried about the trays moving when in use. After all of the trays are stacked and firmly in place you can put on the spill protector which will prevent litter going over the sides of the litter box.

Once the litter box of the cat is all put together with the trays and spill guard, you can add 15 pounds or so of clumping litter. To make the lift and sift feature of the Luuup litter box functionable, a clumping litter is necessary as this will ensure neat litter can be sifted through, away from your cat’s waste. To prevent any leakage, it is important you maintain around 3-4 inches of litter in the litter box at all times.

The process is simple, neat litter gets sifted through the slits in the trays and like a strainer the large clumps will be all that remain. When the top tray needs emptying, your cat can use the next tray under or you can just give the removed tray a dump, a wipe and just add it right back onto the stack. This loop of refininf trays explains the name of the of the product Luuup, three

“U”s representing the three trays that create the perpetual sifting loop.

The Luuup litter box comes in at about 5.2” tall (7.5” with the spill-proof guard,) 15.4” wide and 20.2” long, making it suitable for every size of cat.

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While daily scooping or any scooping is made no longer necessary with the Luuup litter box, this doesn’t mean you can get away without checking your kitty’s litter box regularly. Luuup recommends you should check and sift the litterbox daily to ensure the slits don’t get clogged.

To toss the clumps, remove the top tray and gently sift out the remaining cat litter into the lower trays. Then take the upper tray and toss the waste right into the garbage. To ensure the tray stays sanitary, safe, and effective, it is essential to clean the tray with a cloth or tissue. No need to viciously wash the tray as the waste should have done most of the work for you. Just gently and quickly wipe the surface for optimal results. Every so often, you can use soap and give the trays a thorough scrub and rinse, just to ensure that all is clean, unclogged, and smelling good.


Fashionable Design

The Luuup cat litter box is not designed to look like your traditional, ugly box that you keep hidden away. The Luuup litter box has a modern and sleek construction, with a bold turquoise and white color combination. When it comes to looks, this is definitely a step above your traditional box, and while you may not want to have your kitty’s litter on display, it definitely does not need to be stored away from everyone’s eyes.

No Need for Scoopers or Liners

Luuup’s three refining trays make scooping a thing of the past. With the triple sifting tray lift and sift design, you can easily remove the top tray carrying your cat’s clumped waste. From here, all you have to do is slide the clumps right into a garbage bag. No scoops, liners, or inconvenience.

Lose Less Litter

The other main attractive feature of the sifting tray construction is that you will save litter. The trays work as a strainer of sorts by keeping the waste in the top section, while all of the unused waste is sifted into the middle tray. Even though you may seemingly shake off all of the loose litter while scooping, generally, a lot of clean litter stays on the scoop and is wasted. Since all of the clean litter particles will be small enough to fall through the slits in the tray, the Luuup will certainly save you some money on cat litter in the long run.

Built-In Spill Guard

While spill control is not completely foolproof, it certainly helps to prevent a lot of mess that can occur from litter spillage. Since cats tend to kick their paws after they use the litter boxes, they can often spill litter all over the floor. The spill guard just adds an extra layer of protection between the boxes and your floors.

Non-Stick Coating

Though it is important to thoroughly clean your cat’s litter boxes periodically, the non-stick coating helps reduce how often these deep cleans need to be done. This coating will help keep waste off the trays and minimize the residue that can often stick to the walls in litter boxes. You will still have to quickly wipe the tray every time it is emptied just for sanitation reasons, but overall this is far less work than what is necessary for other litter boxes.

Durable and Solid Construction

A mistake many manufacturers make is not making their products solid enough when detachable pieces are put back together. Oftentimes grooves just don’t align the way they are supposed to, or worse, it can be difficult to get it right without some wiggling around.

With the Luuup litter boxes, there are tabs that will align, so you know how to get the fit right on the first try. Once all of the trays are snuggly fit together, the spill-guard works as a form of the clamp, holding all the trays together. Though the litter boxes are light, once filled up with litter, it will be quite heavy, heavy enough that your cat won’t be able to shift it around. The Luuup really is designed to last and stand solid, so once all of the pieces are in their rightful place, you will notice no slipping, wiggling or sliding.

Antimicrobial Surface and Open Design

Though this often goes unbeknownst to cat owners, litter boxes gather a lot of bacteria that can both be smelly and harmful to your pet. The Luuup’s antimicrobial surface ensures a far cleaner litter boxes as it prevents the growth of microorganisms because it is easy to clean.

Along with the antimicrobial surface, another feature that helps prevent foul smells from developing is the open design. While it may not be preferred to have a view of your cat’s litter box, the open design opens up the litter instead of allowing smells to fester and build within closed walls.


Not 100% Non-Stick and Anti-Microbial

Though the Luuup has non-stick and anti-microbial coatings, they are certainly not 100% effective. It is possible that liquids, especially those that do not clump immediately, will create an unpleasant stickiness on the trays that will need to be cleaned off immediately.

Even if the coatings are pretty effective, this box still requires a light cleaning every time you dump the waste, which can create more work than just using a scoop. For the most part, it is safe to assume that these non-stick and anti-microbial coatings help make a difference. That being said, do not put all of your trust in these coatings and give the trays a wipe down every empty and a thorough cleaning occasionally.

Only Comes in 1 Color Scheme

Though this may seem far less important than the other disadvantages, for many, this may make a huge difference. While the turquoise may be a plus for many, the bright color may clash with your home decor, and if your box has to be out in the open, this alone may be a deterrent.

The Spill Guard is Not Perfect

While the spill guard certainly helps trap some of the potential litter that comes out of the box, it is not a perfected system. Since you use quite a lot of litter for the sifting design, it is pretty easy for it to be kicked out.

Some other boxes actually have a kind of sticky spill protector that will pick up litter on your cat’s paws. As the Luuup’s spill protector is not very sticky, there is a very good chance your kitty will have some litter left on their paws which will then end up on your floors. To protect your home from a mess, it may be essential to add a mat beneath the litter box, which just adds an extra purchase that wouldn’t be necessary with an effective spill guard.

Doesn’t Work With All Types of Litter

The Luuup’s sifting trays only work with a clumping litter, do not try it any other way as this will undoubtedly lead to a big mess. This may be a downside for many who have preferences towards a specific brand, type, or smell of litter or those who have a bag of litter to finish.

Even if you have a clumping litter, if it doesn’t work fast enough with liquids, you will have quite a big mess as the Luuup requires a good clumping litter to prevent leaks. This may mean you have to do some trial and error, which is not cheap, especially when big bags of litter are needed to do a proper test of the Luuup.

Requires a Lot of Litter

With the three tray design, the Luuup litter box requires a lot of litter to get it filled up and functioning, which may be a downside for those on a budget. Though the litter lasts a long time, purchasing more at once can be a big upfront cost to those used to buying smaller bags. Though it may seem like a good idea to remove one of the trays so less litter is needed this will very likely lead to leakage from the bottom. The design of the Luuup box depends on being full with a lot of litter to prevent leaks and messes.

Not Suited to “Scaredy Cats”

While the open design does prevent bad smells from developing, it doesn’t offer the privacy that enclosed litter boxes can. This can be an extremely big issue for cats that are shy and if you were previously using closed litter boxes, this might be something you won’t know until you buy the Luuup. This can very easily lead to your kitty holding in their pee which can lead to accidents and health problems.

Sifting Slits Can Clog

Since the Luuup’s efficiency completely depends on the sifting holes, if they are clogged, it makes the whole design ineffective. Clogging can occur if you are low on litter and the liquid has the chance to reach the sifting slits in the trays. This can be a pretty big issue if you do not have the chance to pick up new litter when the top tray empties out. Since the Luuup box requires quite a bit of litter, picking up new litter in time may not be economical, convenient, or easy for everyone. Not only clogged holes make sifting practically impossible, it will also make for a very difficult and quite frankly gross clean-up.

Is Luuup Right For Me?

Assuming your cats are not nervous to use their litter boxes without the privacy of walls, the Luuup are pretty normal litter boxes. The Luuup box is pretty well suited to all cat sizes, though some very large cats may be cramped, so check the dimensions in comparison to your furry friend. As the spill guard is not too high, it is okay for older cats who cannot jump as well.

Though the litter boxes hold a lot of litter, the top layer only contains a fraction of it, meaning it is only meant for one cat’s use. If you have many cats in your household, the Luuup litter box may not be the best option, unless you will be able to empty it constantly or invest in more than one. The Luuup is a great box option however, whether the Luuup cat litter box is right for you will really come down to your cat and living situation. Make sure you carefully go through the advantages and disadvantages of the Luuup to ensure it satisfies all of your needs.


The Luuup is a great option for anybody looking for a high-quality litter box for their cat. The three tray, sifting design means emptying out the bin only requires sliding the waste into the trash. This is a major plus to those who detest scooping litter. The sifting trays also ensure you can save as much of the unused, clean litter as possible, which will save you some money.

While it may not be meant for shy cats or multi-cat households, the Luuup is a good product that will suit many owners’ need. Remember, no matter what product you are buying, your situation and cat are unique. What works for some may not work for others. The Luuup is a durable, efficient box, but it has some quirks so do some research to ensure you find a litter box that meets all of your and your kitty’s needs.

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