Modkat Litter Box Review: My Experience

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2023)

Is Modkat Litter Box Suitable For Kittens?

Yes! Most kittens are ready to use a litter box at about 8 weeks. You can help your kitten to get used to the Modkat top entry box by removing the lid first and placing it inside. Hold your kitten’s paws and gently run them through the litter so they feel more comfortable and familiar with how inside the box feels and smells.

Be patient and give it a week for your kitten to understand and start knowing what to do on its own. Also, just make sure the litter is a little higher so it’s easier for it to pop back out.​

General Customer Opinion

In general, customers love the Modkat Litter box. Sara said she was nervous about buying a litter box that’s so expensive just for her one cat to go to the bathroom in, but her only regret was that she didn’t make the purchase sooner. Her larger, more easily confused cats picked up on what to do right away, and had absolutely no problems using the box. She loved how sleek the Modkat litter box looked so her house guests didn’t pick up the “cat lady vibe” right away. Other reviewers agree wholeheartedly, loving the way Modkat litter box keeps litter in while keeping dogs, and small children, out.

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For the most part, the main issue was the price. Brian mentioned that he felt that he could have gotten something a little cheaper that would do the same thing, and that it might be best to buy a cheaper model that’s similar to see if your cat adjusts properly. He loved the Mod cat litter box, but his cats would no longer bury their waste in the cat litter box, leading to a smell problem. Penny agreed with his review, mentioning that she would have been fine with all of that if her cats didn’t still track litter everywhere. According to her, only about 60% of cat litter box tracking was actually eliminated when she paid for 100%.

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Where to buy modkat litter box

You can purchase it on Amazon and be sure to check if there are discounts or promotions as well.

My Verdict On Who The Modkat Suits

If your one cat is a little older and doesn’t jump around as much, I would advise you to consider that the Modkat litter boxesmight not be as suitable. If you have a friend/relative who owns a Modkat litter box, you might want to borrow it to see if your elderly cat will take to the box first.

If your cats loves jumping up on window sills or climbing into boxes, ​your cat will probably love the Modkat! The Modkat litter box was designed based on the principles that cats naturally love to explore and peek inside the box.

My Verdict

The Modkat Litter Box is sleek, simple, and easy for both cats and humans to use. Like any product, there are some issues, but it’s up to you to consider just what you need out of your litter box when you get down to buying. Many people said the cat litter box was more than worth the price, and if it helps keep your house clean, it might be the next great solution for your litter box problems!

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