The Quiet Dog Breeds You Should Consider (Especially For Apartments)

silent canine unit apartment
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

Getting a dog is one of the best things that can happen to you. However, if you live in an apartment or a condo, having a dog for a roommate can be hard. Living with a dog in a small place can be difficult. Especially if you live with a breed that loves to “talk”. Some canines just seem to love barking, yet others almost never bark.

While it is true that you can teach your pet not to bark by training him, some actually don’t have the natural tendency to make too much noise (how much more convenient, right?). These are perfect for living in a condo or an apartment where you are surrounded by neighbors.

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If you are thinking about getting a pet, you need to be ready to take a proper care of him. If your canine doesn’t get enough attention or if he is unhappy, he will inevitably express those feelings by barking or displaying destructive behavior. Today we will talk about some known for their silent behavior.

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We will start this list with possibly the quietest dog in the world; the Basenji. The Basenji is a hunting canine that prefers other forms of vocalization over barking. Even though Basenji is highly active, this breed doesn’t know how to bark. Instead, they produce noises similar to yodeling, but they do it rarely. Even though they don’t bark to establish their dominance, they are fearless. Due to their intelligence and yodeling, they are used for hunting lions in Africa.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is probably one of the highest popular ones in the world. It loves to spend its time with its human family, and it will often go out of their way to show you how much it love you. They have a friendly, free spirit thanks to their enormous amount of energy and adventurous nature. You will probably hear Golden Retriever barking only when he gets a little bit too excited about something. However, if you play with him every day and take him for a walk, you probably won’t even know that you have a large canine in your apartment.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Another popular one on this list is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is a playful, small one that doesn’t like to be alone. They get very attached to their human. When it comes to the temperament of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you need to know that even though they are placid and sweet, they also can get really stubborn in some situations. However, you can train it quite easily.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is the first large breed on this list. Larger canines are often known to bark much less than smaller ones. This particular one was bred for herding, cart pulling, and guarding. Today, it is known for his mild temperament. He will bark only when he really thinks it is necessary. Keep in mind that Bernese puppies tend to be quite vocal and playful.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is another large one on this list. They are known for their calm temperament, and people often say that they have a big heart. If you decide to expand your family with this dog, you should be ready to train him if you wish to have a gentle, calm, and protective animal. Even though they are extremely intelligent, they can also be stubborn, but they are generally great family pets.

Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound was created specifically for deer hunting. Since this is a hunting canine, it is not a surprise that they are extremely silent. This canine loves running more than barking so be ready for long walks and intensive play sessions. Even though Scottish Deerhound is a large one, they are very friendly and gentle toward people. Also, they can form an unbreakable bond with their owners.


As you have probably noticed by now, huge breeds usually have mild and calm nature. Leonberger is no exception. This huge canine is very affectionate, and he will consider you as his best friend. The only problem is that you will have to spend more time training them compared to other large breeds. However, they can easily get accustomed to life in an apartment or a condo.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are famous because of their laziness. Because of that, it is not that big of a surprise to see this one on this list. It doesn’t require any special introduction, even children can recognize one when they see one. It is known to be passive, and they don’t need to try hard to remain calm in almost any situation. They spend a bulk of their time sleeping or lazing around. The only time you will hear English Bulldog barking is if there is some kind of emergency.

Great Dane 2

The Great Dane is considered as one of the quietest ones. They are also the largest. This gentle giant has extremely calm nature which makes them an excellent choice for families with children. They are obedient, and you won’t hear a Great Dane bark over nothing. They only bark when there is a need to alert their owners. However, once it barks, you will be blown away by the loudness and the depth of bark.


The Newfoundland is also included in the list alongside the Great Dane. They are extremely docile, intelligent and courageous canines who love their families and children. You will be amazed by the loyalty of a Newfoundland. Also, they are very affectionate toward their owner so don’t be surprised if this large pet tries to sit on your lap.


If you spend your time on the internet than you have probably seen some pretty funny and cute videos starring the Akita. It is known for their pride, and they come from Japan where they are also known as the “Silent Hunters”. They are intelligent, easy to train and fun to spend time with.

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